Step-by-Step Guide: How To Configure Gmail In MS Outlook

Updated on Jan 25, 2024 by Nasir Khan

In this article, we learn why user imports their Gmail mailboxes to Outlook and explain how to set up/ configure Gmail into MS Outlook.

There seems to be no doubt that organizations have begun to shift toward Cloud computing solutions, particularly Office 365. However, this does not imply that enterprises should quit their existing email service providers. Many businesses, for instance, rely significantly on Google apps such as Gmail to manage their emails, schedules, and conferences. Many of them also utilize G Suite.

Usually, many enterprises rely on Google and Microsoft to perform their regular online activities. But the difficulty is that both platforms are not attached. That's why users have some difficulties. Using Gmail email addresses in Microsoft Outlook is one of them.

However, after understanding the issue, experts have found some solutions. Users may now connect a Gmail account to Microsoft Outlook. The change allows workers to manage many Gmail accounts from a single location without missing a beat. And there's more. You may read your email when offline, which is not possible with web-based mail services such as Gmail.

Do you know what Gmail is?

Google Gmail is a popular web-based email service that provides GBs of file storage for communications and data storage. Any user can gain free access to this storage by creating a Gmail account.

Another feature distinguishing Gmail as a superior email service provider is its ability to identify suspicious emails, meaning all spam emails are immediately routed to the trash without your intervention. Like other email services, Gmail may be customized for email clients such as MS Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.

As we have also talked about Microsoft Outlook, it's sure that you have the curiosity to know about it. Actually, MS Outlook is also an email client through which you can do email communication. But MS Outlook is paid, while Gmail is free to use.

Why do users want to setup Gmail into MS Outlook?

Setting up Gmail in Outlook may be useful for people using numerous email accounts. Additional reasons for requesting Gmail setup with Outlook include:

  • Managing texts and emails in Gmail may be difficult.
  • Gmail makes it difficult to handle many email accounts, but Outlook makes it simple to manage several email accounts.
  • Gmail does not allow you to work in offline mode.

However, MS Outlook is paid and has a dozen benefits, and that's why many users prefer to configure Gmail in Outlook.

Steps taken before, you start to configuring Gmail into MS Outlook

Before configuring your Gmail account with MS Outlook, ensure IMAP/POP is enabled. To make it possible, read all steps as follows:

  • Sign in to your Gmail account and then press the settings icon in the upper-right corner.
  • To access the POP/IMAP settings, go to Settings and afterwards tap Forwarding POP/IMAP.
  • Check Enable IMAP, then press the Save Changes option.

However, if you enable the POP option, you can also set up Gmail in MS Outlook.

Simplifying The Process: Configuring Gmail Into MS Outlook

If you have enabled the IMAP or POP option (whatever you like), then there are a few manual steps. Read them as follows and apply.

  • 1. Navigate to the File menu in Outlook and then select the Add Account button in the details column, directly over Account Settings.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Configuring Gmail in MS Outlook: A Step-by-Step Tutorial
  • 2. In the opening wizard, select Manual Setup and press Next.
  • Manual Steps to Configuring Your Gmail Account in MS Outlook
  • 3. To set up your Gmail account, pick POP or IMAP from the choices and then hit Next.
  • Step-by-Step Instructions for Setting Up Gmail in Outlook
  • 4. It's the most important part. You'll need to provide IMAP account setup information here, including such:
    • Your details and the information of the host server
    • POP or IMAP account type (for now, choose IMAP).
    • The incoming mail server.
    • The Outgoing mail server.
    • Gmail username and password.
  • Comprehensive Configuration guide
  • 5. Once you've filled out all these fields, press More Settings and then the Outgoing Server option. Select the check mark "My outgoing mail server requires authentication" and just choose "Use the same settings as my incoming mail server".
  • Integrating Gmail with MS Outlook
  • 6. Press the "Advanced" tab and enter the information given in the following picture:
  • Setting Up Gmail in MS Outlook
  • 7. After providing these details, press OK to save them, and then hit Next from the previous window that will display again.
  • Synchronize Gmail with MS Outlook
  • 8. If you input the necessary information for the outgoing and receiving servers, the status of both activities will be accomplished as indicated below. To proceed, hit close.
  • Step 8
  • 9. The "You're all set" screen will be displayed; hit Finish to complete the procedure.
  • Step 9

However, several users might have to adjust their Gmail security settings to configure it with Microsoft Outlook effectively. In most cases, you must activate "allow less secure apps" in the connected apps and sites' settings.

As the above process is completely manual as well as critical, those who don't have any technical experience can make additional mistakes that can result in data loss in Gmail. If you have already kept a backup, it is a golden moment in that situation for you.

But if you haven’t kept a backup facility yet for your Gmail, then you can try out the Regain Gmail Backup software. It is expertly designed to store a backup of all Gmail inbox folders in a user-specified place.

Steps for creating a backup of your Gmail account with Regain Gmail Backup software

  • 1. Firstly, download and run the tool on your device.
  • 2. Then input your Gmail account's "sign in details."Regain Gmail Backup Tool Home Screen
  • 3. Afterwards, you will get a preview of all accessible Gmail folders.Display Preview of mailboxes
  • 4. To save Gmail data to your device, select the "Saving File" format and then press "Next."Select Saving File formats
  • 5. After the backup process completes, the emails will be downloaded to your given location.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Ques1: After configuring Gmail with Outlook, can I use multiple accounts in Outlook, unlike Gmail?

Ans: Yes, Outlook allows you to manage multiple accounts; however, it is not possible with Gmail. After configuring Gmail with Outlook, you can use other email accounts too with Outlook.

Ques2: I aim to access Gmail emails (email data) in Outlook; if I use the professional tool mentioned in this write-up, how can I access the Gmail data after having a backup in PST?

Ans: If your ultimate goal is to access the Gmail data in Outlook, you can do so by having a backup in PST file format. You can simply add a PST file to any Outlook account. Go to file tab > Open & Export >> Open Outlook Data File >> Open.

Ques3: Should I turn the IMAP option on or off in a manner to configure Gmail in Outlook?

Ans: Must enable the IMAP to configure Gmail in Outlook. Leave the POP option and check the box next to IMAP.

Ques4: Can I also backup in MBOX file format as it allows me to add MBOX to Thunderbird and use Gmail by configuring?

Ans: It is up to you in which format you want to back up as needed. However, the professional utility developed by Regain allows for backup in PST, MBOX, and EMLX-like file formats. And yes, you can simply add a Gmail account to Thunderbird but need a PST file to access the Outlook data.