AOL Mail Backup Software - Features

AOL Mail Backup Software Features
AOL Backup Software Features

Backup All Mail Folders

Regain AOL Mail Backup software specifically concentrates on backing up all AOL files on your local device. During the backup process, the software tracks all email folders from your Verizon mail account, such as a inbox, sent, spam, trash, saved items, etc. which is added to your profile. This handy software comes with a life time validity that helps users in backing up unlimited AOL emails quickly within few steps.

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Multiple Backup Formats

This Regain AOL Mail Backup Software offers several file formats to take the back up of targeted account mailboxes such as emails, calendar events, contacts, tasks, notes, drafts etc. users are able to see various file formats under the saving option such as PST, EML, MSG, MBOX, HTML, ICS, VCARD formats, they can freely choose any file format of their choice to create the backup of AOL emails to the desired format without creating any alteration in the data items.

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Maintain Folder Hierarchy

Regain AOL Mail Backup Software does not harm any AOL Mail data contents throughout the backup process as it strictly maintains the folder hierarchy and Meta data properties of emails (Subject, Cc, Bcc, etc.), Email Formatting, Hyperlinks, and Attachments. The software also keeps the read/unread status of AOL mail unchanged during the complete process.

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Incremental Backup

The Regain AOL Mail Backup Software introduced an incremental feature, which plays an important role when creating backups of AOL mail for a second time. This software is efficient in backing up only newly added data instead of full AOL mail data that users have already backed up. In short, the tool only backs up data that has been added to the AOL mail account since the last backup.

Backup Archive AOL Mailboxes

Backup Selective Emails

This Regain AOL Mail Backup Software also provides selective backup facility. Users using this software can easily select the desired AOL mailbox folders, such as inbox, spam, sent, draft, etc. which are listed on the software interface. Users are only required to check or uncheck folders for backup, checked folders will be successfully backed up on the local machine. The software does not create any backups for unchecked folders.

Save AOL Mail to Desktop

Option to Save AOL Mail Credential

This AOL Mail Backup program saves a lot of users time and effort as it provides the ability to store AOL mail credentials. When users add a login to sign in to an AOL account, the program automatically saves AOL mail credentials, and when users log in again to that particular account, the software automatically uploads the credentials and allows users to quickly sign in to the account instantly in seconds.

AOL Mail Backup Software

Export AOL to Office 365 or Live Exchange Server

Users can use this Regain AOL Mail Backup Software to directly export entire AOL mails to Office 365 & Live Exchange Server, by just sharing their correct login details of respective accounts. The migration of AOL mail to Office 365 is accurately performed by this software and it also assures users that their shared login details will be kept safe and secured throughout the migration process.

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Select Destination Path

Users can use file destination option available within the Regain AOL Mail Backup Software to store all backed up AOL data on user specified location. Once user choose the destination location, all the data folders will be saved on local machine at specific location defined by users itself. Using this software user can also change destination location anytime according to their requirements by clicking on the change button and choose a new destination path for data storage.

Screenshots of Regain AOL Mail Backup Software

Home Screen of Regain AOL Mail Backup Software
Enter Login Detail of AOL Mail Account
Show all Folders of AOL Mail account
Select desire 'File format' to take Backup of AOL Mail account
AOL Mail Backup Process Initiated
AOL Mail Backup Process Completed

FAQs - AOL Mail Backup Software

Is it necessary to share our certificates with a third party application to back up AOL account?

Yes, it is mandatory to enter credentials on the AOL Backup tool login page. Before that and if you do not share account certificates, then how will the software be able to back up your account data. It is true that a certificate is mandatory, but we assure you that your credentials will not be stored in any data system and will not appear before any other person.

Does this attachment be included while downloading AOL Emails to Outlook?

Yes, email attachments are included a lot when downloading AOL Mail Outlook. None of the data is compromised when creating a backup, and attachments are embedded in the email backup system.

Is it possible for me to perform Verizon AOL mail backup using this tool?

Yes, previously, through Oath Inc., AOL Mail acquired Verizon Communications Inc. AOL Backup Tool can perform backup of this mail in all conditions.

How many emails does this software backup from an email profile?

No such restriction is imposed by the software. Software support backing up an unlimited number of emails immediately.

Can I backup contact from AOL account while downloading emails to hard drive?

No, the software is specially designed to backup AOL email data only. You can easily download & save AOL Mail to hard drive/PC/Computer in PST, EML, MSG, MBOX, HTML, ICS, VCARD file format.

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