How to Import your Gmail Contacts to Outlook

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Summary: We all have been a victim of the situation wherein the entirety of our Gmail data such as contacts has been destroyed by a virus attack. But little did we know that this situation could have been easily avoided if we had shifted our contacts to MS Outlook. Here we will discuss some common methods to import our contacts all the way from Gmail to MS Outlook. We will also discuss a professional solution to this issue.

Gmail is a great email platform and most of us must have had email accounts in this email client. But now that we are moving to a more professional email client such as MS Outlook, we always face the need to transfer all our contacts from Gmail to MS Outlook. Of course, no one wants to repeat the tedious process of saving each and every contact in MS Outlook. That is why importing contacts to MS Outlook is also easier and a quicker method. The requirement to import contacts to MS Outlook is increasing day by day. Let us find out how.

Why do you need to import contacts to MS Outlook?

There are several reasons due to which you need to import contacts to MS Outlook from Gmail. Here are some of them.

  • Users depend on both Gmail and MS Outlook. Importing contacts from Gmail to MS Outlook helps to consolidate the contact list and avoid confusion.
  • It helps the users who are willing to send a personal email from MS Outlook.
  • It is a great way to back up the contacts so that even if Gmail is attacked, we have MS Outlook with all our contacts.
  • MS Outlook is always a better way of storing your contacts than Gmail. MS Outlook comes with an easy interface and a great storage of 5 GB which can be extended further. It can be integrated with other applications as well. One can seamlessly customize the entire set up for a personalized set up.

2 Verified Methods to Import Contacts from Gmail to MS Outlook

This method require two steps to import contacts from Gmail to MS Outlook.

Step 1: Export Gmail Contacts to CSV

  1. Login to your Gmail account with your credentials – email ID and password.
  2. Select Gmail and then go to Contacts. Steps to Save Gmail Contacts into CSV file
  3. Select More and then click on Export. Step 3
  4. Now, select the contact group that needs to export.
  5. Export format as Outlook CSV for importing Gmail contacts into MS Outlook 2016 application. Step 5
  6. Click Export.
  7. Select Save As and provide the location to save the file.
  8. In this step, your Gmail Contacts are exported as a .CSV file. This .csv file needs to be imported in Outlook 2016.

Step 2: Import CSV Files (Contacts) to MS Outlook

  1. Select File. Then click on Open & Export and then Import/Export.
  2. Select Import from another program or file. Click Next. Steps to Import CSV Files into MS Outlook
  3. Select Comma Separated Values and then click Next. Step 3
  4. In the Import a File box, click Browse to select a .csv file in which you export your Gmail contacts in Step 1. Step 4
  5. Select an option for how MS Outlook should handle duplicate contacts:
    • a. Replace duplicates with items imported.
    • b. Allow duplicates to be created.
    • c. Do not import duplicate items.
  6. Click Next.
  7. In the Select a destination folder box, select Contacts folder. Click Next.
  8. Click Finish.
  9. Now, in MS Outlook, select Address Book, select the name of your mailbox and select Contacts. Your Gmail Contacts will appear in the MS Outlook Address Book.

Export contacts from Gmail (CSV) to Outlook Web App

  1. Select People from the app launcher.
  2. Now Select settings gear and then click Options.
  3. Select Import contacts under People.
  4. Click on Browse button to select the .csv file in which you exported your Gmail contacts.
  5. Click Import.

Challenges while importing contacts to MS Outlook

These methods that we have explained above are not without challenges. Here are some of the limitations of these methods.

  • These manual methods always display the translation error or MS Outlook is unable to retrieve data error.
  • They are complicated and usually difficult for the beginners.
  • Cross checking that the .csv files contain the contacts is very important.
  • This process can only be done for one account.
  • It is a time consuming process.

Regain Gmail backup software: A professional way to backup the contacts

If you are willing to overcome the limitations of the manual methods, then here is your solution. Regain Gmail backup software is the best tool that you can use to backup your contacts from Gmail and export to MS Outlook. One can backup not only the contacts but each and every component of Gmail such as calendars, tasks and notes. It easily converts Google contacts to MS Outlook PST file and other file formats such as MSG, MBOX, EML, EMLX, HTML, MHTML, PDF.

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Features of Regain Gmail backup software
Here are some of the common features of Regain Gmail backup software.

  • It supports multiple Gmail accounts.
  • It downloads the documents in their original format.
  • It displays a preview of the entire process.
  • It selectively backs up the data.
  • It helps to support only the incremental backup instead of taking up the whole backup every time.
  • One can pause and resume the process.
  • It is easy to understand and perfect for beginners.
  • It retains the integrity of data.
  • It works with all the versions of Windows and Mac.
  • It is safe and secure and comes with a paid and a trial version.
  • It protects all the Gmail passwords.

Steps to export Gmail contacts using MS Outlook using Gmail Backup Software

    1. Enter valid login details of your Gmail account.
    2. Regain Gmail Backup software displays previews of all available Gmail folders.
    3. Select Saving File format among the supported file formats:
      • PST – To export to Outlook PST file
      • EML – To export to Windows Live message
      • EMLX – To export to Mac EMLX message
      • MSG – To export to Outlook message
      • HTML – To export message to HTML file format
      • MHTML – To export message to MHTML
      • PDF – To export message to PDF file format
      • MBOX – To export to MBOX file format


Therefore, one is able to understand that these methods are very easy and the users can pick and choose any methods for the best results. But even if you are not able to follow any of the methods, then the best solution is to rely on Regain Gmail backup software. It helps to get a backup of Gmail contacts in a hassle free manner.

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