Import PST to Office 365 – Quite Simple Procedure for Outlook Users

Nowadays, it is very common among users to migrate Outlook mailbox data information to Office 365 OWA. This is because the cloud platform gives users a wide range of functions and features.

There is no doubt that, the best is Office 365. Most users are familiar with the user interface and application. Office 365 is just a web-based version of desktop Outlook with more features.

The problem, however, is that importing Outlook PST into Office 365 is not an easy task if you don’t know the right approach. To make it easier for users to simplify this task, we have written this technical article.

This article will show you how to easily import PST files to Office 365 mailbox Before proceeding to the manual solution of importing PST to Office 365 account, the first thing you should know is why you should migrate PST files to Office 365. Continue reading “Import PST to Office 365 – Quite Simple Procedure for Outlook Users”

How to Convert EDB to PST Manually? Follow Step by Step Guide for Simple Conversion

EDB is a file format used by Exchange Server database to stores all its directory, mail and public folder information. This file contains all the user mailboxes data items such as emails, calendar, calendars, attachments, tasks, notes and journals.

All communication that takes place in the organization where Exchange Server is set up is stored in the EDB file. Whereas, PST is also a file format used by MS Outlook that contains a specific user’s mailboxes on the client computer. MS Outlook can also be used as a stand-alone application or work together with the Exchange Server.

What are the possible reasons to convert EDB to PST?

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Want to Convert Outlook PST to MBOX? –Know the best solution

Want to Convert Outlook PST to MBOX

Have you ever experienced the situation when you wanted to switch from PST to MBOX? Here is my blog. We will shed some light on the “why” and “how” of the given aspect. We are going to discuss the situation of converting PST to MBOX without any data loss or technical issue. And I hope it will prove to be beneficial for all the users looking for PST to MBOX conversion.

Let’s focus on the situation that users face most often

Users query – Due to the nature of my job, I moved from one location to another without further notice. I’m working on an Outlook profile and it’s really difficult to work on a completely different platform. I am currently working on Thunderbird but have made a backup of my PST file. Can someone help me resolve the situation?  Continue reading “Want to Convert Outlook PST to MBOX? –Know the best solution”

What is the best possible solution to Export MAC Outlook Emails to PST?

Export MAC Outlook Emails to PST

Outlook for Mac stores all its mailbox items in OLM file format, which Outlook for Windows does not support. Therefore, it is not possible for users to open an Outlook for Mac (OLM) file into Windows Outlook. If users want to move their entire mailbox data from Outlook for Mac to Windows Outlook, then they must need to export Mac emails to PST file format.

After receiving the many user inquiries about the best possible solution to Export Mac Outlook Emails to PST, we began our research. After analyzing various sites and trying many programs, what we find will definitely help you to find the right solution to export Mac Outlook emails to PST. We found that many experts recommend Regain OLM to PST Converter to export MAC Outlook emails to PST. We tried the software personally many time to check its performance & capability and the results are amazing. This software efficiently and effectively exports the entire MAC mailbox items to PST with no change in mail contents.  Continue reading “What is the best possible solution to Export MAC Outlook Emails to PST?”

How to Convert OST to PST Manually?

Hey friends, do you have face any difficulties whenever you manually convert OST to PST? Or you have not yet found a simple way to convert OST file to PST, EML, MSG, Office 365 and Live Exchange Server.

If so, friends you don’t have to worry about it! After reading this article, you will be able to manually convert all your OST files to PST. In this article you will get feasible manual solutions with step by step procedure to manually convert OST to PST. These solutions are absolutely free of cost which can easily performed by any users but some technical expertise is always required.  Continue reading “How to Convert OST to PST Manually?”

How to Convert MBOX to EML File

As we know that MBOX format is supported by various email clients like – Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Entourage, Eudora, Pocomail, which use MBOX format files to store and organize mailbox data. Whereas, an EML file is an email message saved by an email program, such as Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express. It can also efficiently works on Windows Mail, Apple Mail, etc, and contains the content of the message, along with the subject, sender, recipient, and date of the message. It comes in its original HTML format.

Whenever users want to change the email client, first they have to change the file formats. Therefore, here we have mentioned some manual as well as automated solution for converting MBOX into EML file, which will help you in this task. To successfully convert MBOX to EML files, follow the various methods given below:  Continue reading “How to Convert MBOX to EML File”

Import PST to Outlook Web Access (OWA) Office 365

Microsoft Outlook is a popular email application that is used by most users worldwide. But nowadays, users prefer to open their PST files on multiple platforms instead of just MS Outlook. Outlook Web Access (OWA) is a web based email client that runs on a browser. It is very similar to Outlook and gives you the flexibility to access your mailboxes, irrespective of your location and without requiring the installation of Microsoft Outlook or other email clients on your system. Outlook Email can be accessed through Outlook Web Access (OWA) when configured in Office 365. Hence, in this article we are going to elaborate some useful methods to import PST to Outlook Web Access (OWA) Office 365.  Continue reading “Import PST to Outlook Web Access (OWA) Office 365”

Export EML to Office 365 Professionally

Do you know, what trends nowadays – Migration between Office 365 and file formats. Now most of the users are prefer to move towards the best options available in the market instead of continuing with their current email client. We all already know that Microsoft has captured most of the market with its latest and modern software and applications. Office 365 is popular web-based email client provided by Microsoft Corporation and businesses are moving toward it without a second thought.

Users must go through the conversion process to move data, as Office 365 has its own file format and is not compatible with other formats. So, if you want to migrate EML files to Office 365 account and looking for a reliable method. Then, your search is now on end. As we have come up with the authentic solution to make the migration process stress-free and effortless. Continue reading “Export EML to Office 365 Professionally”

How to Convert PST Data to MBOX Files?

In this days, there are many email and email handling software that offer users to work with any email client, if we talk about them, it is impossible not to have heard of Outlook – it is one of the most popular and especially preferred email clients for Windows . And Outlook is the best email client for businesses, corporate, organizations, individuals who manage more than 1000 emails a day. Although MS Outlook is also a version for the Mac platform, it is not very popular among Mac users.

Reasons Why You Need to Convert PST to MBOX

Let’s focus on the most common reasons why many users want to convert Outlook PST files to MBOX file format that is supported by various email clients including Thunderbird, Spice Bird, Eudora, Apple Mail, etc. Here we have mentioned a few reasons below, so after reading all these reasons, you will know very well why users need MS Outlook to MBOX conversion. Continue reading “How to Convert PST Data to MBOX Files?”

How to extract attachments, contacts, calendars, & email addresses from OST?

As we all know, an OST file is a data storage file used to store offline data in an Outlook profile on users’ local device. It is also known as the Offline Storage Table, which contains complete Outlook data such as email, contacts, calendar, logs, tasks, and more. At one time or another, it generally happens with Exchange users that they need to extract data or export it from OST file via Microsoft Outlook. This can easily be done with the MS Outlook Import / Export feature, but for this. Outlook should be connected to the Exchange server and it should be accessible.  In this blog you have been told about a paid third party tool, which can help you to extract emails, attachments, contacts, calendars etc. from OST files, even when the file is orphaned or corrupt. However, it also works when Outlook is not connected to the Exchange server. Continue reading “How to extract attachments, contacts, calendars, & email addresses from OST?”