Regain PST Splitter - Key Features

Regain Split PST File Software Features
Split PST File tool

Divide PST File by Date

Regain PST Splitter software efficiently split the large size PST file in small fragments on the bases of date. If you want to split your files then choose this option. With this option you can easily split your one or multiple PST files based on a date range.

Break Huge size PST file

Cut PST File by Size

Use Split PST File tool to breaking the large size Outlook PST file based on size. For this task, you just need to select a custom size of files before running the process to get the desired or select size of PST file in the end. This feature avoids the corruption issues that arise due to oversized PST files.

Divide Large PST file

Truncate PST File by Year

If you need to split Outlook files year wise, then this option proves to be more helpful in splitting the Outlook PST file on the bases of each year mentioned in the email messages after asking for date range. You can easily access this newly created PST files in any version of Outlook.

Regain PST Splitter to break PST file

Split Outlook PST File by Email ID

The Regain Split PST File software permits you to split oversized PST file by Email ID. Using this feature, you can create new Outlook PST files along with all email messages which are having a specified Email-ID, like To, Cc or Bcc that are present in the MS Outlook emails.

Split PST file by selection

Break Corrupt & Protected PST File

Through this software you can split a corrupt PST file without any data loss. It is capable of splitting a password protected Outlook PST file. For this, you just add an appropriate password integrated with the PST file and this software will split the oversized PST file with encryption.

Divide Large Outlook PST file

Split Outlook Archive Files

Regain Split PST file tool gives you permit to split an Outlook archive file and folder, as it has the option to split Outlook PST archive file by date, size, year, or folder, after you import it into Outlook can be managed easily.

PST Splitter

Oversized PST File Corruption Issue

The Regain Split PST File tool has the capability of splitting oversized PST file which are found anywhere in the system. The software helps to protect the PST file that is get corrupted due to over sizing. Although, you can easily divide PST file which are corrupted due to large size or any other issue.

Split PST file tool

Log Report to Compare PST File

As soon as the splitting pst file process gets completed, software creates a log report and saves in CSV format, so that you can see or use this report later. This report contains all the valuable details like: Folder name, Folder path, Number of items in source PST files each folder, sum and difference of items before and after PST file splitting.

PST Splitter Tool

Make New Folder to Save PST

It is easy to save Outlook data file to any location of your choice after splitting. Also, if required, you can create a new folder directly from software panel and saves the files into it. By default, you can also save the CSV file report at similar location.

Show preview of emails before splitting

Option to Choose Outlook Format

Regain PST Splitter tool supports Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and other Outlook versions. Thus, you need not to specify the Outlook version, so that the software automatically detects the format of PST file and easily split PST file into smaller one.

Outlook PST Splitter

Support Corrupted or Inaccessible PST File

PST Splitter software supports to split corrupted or damaged PST file into smaller files without any complications. It is capable enough to split multiple PST file which gets corrupted due to various reasons such as hardware issues, virus issues, abnormal shutdown, large size of PST file.

Split PST File Tool - ScreenShots

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Outlook PST Splitter
PST Splitter
Break PST File
Reduce PST File Size
Split PST File Software
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FAQs – Regain PST Splitter

How to Split Huge Size PST file by using Regain PST Splitter software?
  • First of all, Run Regain PST Splitter Software
  • Select PST file for Scanning
  • Select the given option to Split PST file
  • Choose the Destination location to save Split PST files
  • Click Next to Complete the Process.
How much of time software will take to split 50 GB PST file?

The Regain Split PST File tool has been developed by the technical expert and it is being included with all latest features, which let it to work faster with 100% correctness. That’s why it only takes couple of minutes to split 50 GB PST files.

Is it possible for me to access the newly created PST file in an old version of Outlook?

Yes, it is possible with this software, you can easily access the newly created PST file in the Old version of Outlook without any obstacle. This tool actively works and supports all the editions of MS Outlook.

What will happen to the original file, when we complete the splitting process?

The Regain Split PST File tool merely takes data from PST file without defaming and alteration in the prior Format. So there is no need to worry about the security of files.

How many PST files can upload into the software interface at once?

PST Splitter software allows you to upload one file at once without any file size limits. Don’t worry if you need to split more than one file, this software executes faster than the alternative options.

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