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Zoho Mail Backup Software Features
Backup Zoho Mail Features

Download Multiple Zoho Mailbox Items

Regain Zoho Mail Backup Software provides various facilities to back up all necessary information available in Zoho Mail account simultaneously. The software is capable enough to create backup files for complete Zoho mailbox elements like Inbox, Drafts, Trash, Spam and so on within few steps. It will create one archive file of each folder item in the selected file format.

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Supports Zoho Business Email Backup

Regain Zoho Mail Backup Software can also create a fully efficient backup for a Zoho business account in a short time. Through the incredible features provided in the software, users can easily save Zoho Mail Business Backup in many different file formats like PST, EML, MSG, MBOX, HTML, ICS, VCARD formats without any data loss.

Tool to Backup Zoho Mail

Single Zoho Mail Account Backup

Zoho Mail Backup Software permits the users to take backup of only single Zoho Mail account (individual mailbox). Users need only to provide valid Username & Password of their account. Afterward, the software generates the backup of Zoho mail to Outlook & other file format quickly, it also assure users that it never saves any Zoho Mail Username & Password in any of our database during the complete backup process.

Zoho Mail Backup Software

Backup Multiple Zoho Mail Accounts

The best thing about using this software is that it also allows users to make backups of multiple Zoho Mail accounts one by one, without manipulating any data contents. It is specially designed for the professional user who needs backup Zoho Mail account in bulk without any issues. First, after backing up one account, the software continues the backup process one after one by providing account credential.

Zoho Mail Migration Tool

Migrate Zoho Mail to Office 365

Regain Zoho Mail Backup Software offers direct option to migrate Zoho Mail into Office 365 & Live Exchange Server. Users are just required to fulfill the necessary login details of their respective accounts and then within few second, the software exports all the Zoho Mail data into users Office 365 & Live Exchange Server account respectively.

Save Zoho Mail Backup

Provides Multiple File Saving Options

The Regain Zoho Mail Backup Software easily export Zoho Mail to PST, MBOX, MSG, EML, EMLX, HTML, ICS, VCARD file formats. Afterward, users can easily import these file on its supported email clients such as Zoho Mail to Thunderbird, Zoho Mail to Outlook, Zoho Mail to Apple Mail, Zoho Mail to Opera Mail, Zoho Mail to Excel etc, to access the information stored within the respective files.

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Perform Selective Zoho Mail Backup

The main problem is users face during backup process is that, whenever users want to backup some specific data from their account, they have to backup their entire Zoho mail account. But don’t worry, this software comes with selective mail backup feature that allows users to check or uncheck mailboxes for selective backups of data. "Check" mailbox folder for selective backup and "uncheck" mailbox folder which does not require backup. The software itself will do the rest work.

Zoho Webmail Backup Tool

Maintains the Mailboxes Folder Structure

The Regain Zoho Mail Backup Software maintains the data integrity of all your Zoho accounts data during the conversion process so that users can receive the resulting data without changing anything in the original formatting. This software keeps information of all the mailbox items of Zoho Mail such as email, folder, attachment, header, sender information, hyperlink, signature, inline image etc.

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Pause and Resume Downloading

Zoho Mail Backup software provides a pause and resume feature that helps users in a situation when they lost their internet connectivity during the ongoing backup process for any reason. Users can use the pause feature anytime when they face this situation and resume the process again after getting the internet connection. This software prevents the process from being getting started from the beginning, and starts the process from where it was stopped last time.

Backup Zoho Mail Account

Incremental Backup

Zoho Mail Backup software has added an incremental backup feature to the software, so that users who are backing up for the second time will be able to easily create a backup copy of Zoho Mail emails which are added to the account after the previous backup. The program has the ability to automatically create only a backup of the additional email added to the account and to exclude other remaining extra data that has already been backed up.

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Save Export Report

Regain Zoho MAIL Backup Software shows you an export report at the end of the Zoho Mail Backup process. It includes all the information related to the activities performed during the complete backup process such as Destination path, backup types, current folders, export items, etc.

Zoho Mail Backup Software

Compatible with Windows OS

This software allows you to backup emails from unlimited Zoho Mail accounts on all versions of Windows such as Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista etc. Moreover, there is no need to install MS Outlook for performing the Zoho Mail backup process.

Screenshots of Regain Zoho Mail Backup Software

Home Screen of Regain Zoho Mail Backup Software
Enter Login Detail of Zoho Mail Account
Show all Folders of Zoho Mail account
Select 'File format' to take Backup of Zoho Mail account
Zoho Mail Backup Process Initiated
Zoho Mail Backup Process Completed

FAQs - Zoho Mail Backup Software

Can I export Zoho contacts to Outlook 2019 using this tool?

No, Regain Zoho Mail Backup tool does not support contacts, but you can back up Zoho Mail to Outlook PST, then you can drag / drop this file into Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 & 2019.

Is there any option to get a backup copy of Zoho mail for small business?

Yes, Regain Zoho Mail Backup tool can back up your Zoho Email Business perfectly. It also provides various file formats for backup.

We want to move from Zoho to Thunderbird. Can this be done using Regain Zoho Mail Backup Software?

Yes, Regain Zoho Mail Backup software can transfer Zoho data to MBOX files for access to Thunderbird. This allows users to easily switch from Zoho Mail to Thunderbird for a backup of Zoho Mail.

How many mailboxes can I backup with this software?

There are no such restrictions imposed by the tool. You can back up as many mailboxes as possible.

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