Regain Outlook Duplicate Remover

A perfect utility to clear & handle duplicate items of Outlook PST files

Regain Outlook Duplicate Remover software is specifically designed to counter the duplicate files/emails in MS Outlook. The software presents multiple features to clear duplicate emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, etc., from Outlook mailboxes.

Want to migrate 30 items per folder for free? Download the trial version of Regain Outlook Duplicate Remover software.

  • Comfortable GUI to clear duplicate items from Outlook PST, OST, and BAK files
  • Auto search for identical items in numerous Outlook PST files
  • Locates duplicate content by text, contact, subject, sender name, recipient name, etc.
  • Offers easy elimination of duplicate items across and within the Outlook folder
  • No limit on file size for PST files to clear duplicates
  • Operable on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc
  • Supports Outlook PST files in ANSI and UNICODE format
  • Compatible with most Outlook versions, including 2019, 2018, 2016, and earlier versions.
Outlook duplicate remover Screenshots
Superior Tool to Locate & Clear Outlook Duplicate Emails

Regain Outlook Duplicate Remover is a secure and excellent PST Duplicate Email Remover utility that locates & clears duplicate emails of MS Outlook. It allows users to remove the Outlook duplicate items based on the date range.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to get rid of Outlook duplicates:
  1. Firstly, users should Install and Run Regain Outlook Duplicate Remover.
  2. Then they should click on the "Add PST" button to open the PST file of MS Outlook.
  3. This would locate the PST files from the local system when the Search PST button is pressed.
  4. Users can preview the Email Items of the PST file by clicking on the Preview button.
  5. They can then Select the Comparison Criteria for removing duplicate email items.
  6. After Clicking on the Run Task button, the job is done, and the Regain Outlook Duplicate Remover software removes duplicate Outlook emails.

Outlook Duplicate Remover - Key Features

Quick Searching of Duplicates

Regain Outlook Duplicate Remover tool is embedded with an advance algorithm that searches duplicate items, contained by same folder or the entire selected folders automatically within a second. Once you upload your PST files into the software, it allows you to search duplicate items immediately without any delay. For this task, you need to set the priority of folders to find and evaluate the duplication of items in the mailbox.

Easily Removes Duplicate Emails in Outlook

The software provides you an easy solution for removing duplicate data from Outlook PST files completely in easy steps. Using this tool, you can clean up the duplicates items as per your choice. For this, you just have to choose the check / uncheck option while performing the process to remove duplicate emails, attachments, calendars, contacts, notes etc from multiple folders of Outlook without slowing down the performance. Read more...

Batch Data De-duplication

This Outlook Duplicate Remover tool is a proficient utility that focuses on best results equating with ease of users. The batch system empowers you to eliminate the duplicates from multiple MS Outlook PST files at once. You need to gather all PST files in one folder and choose "Add Folder" option to add multiple PST files and software will remove duplicates from each PST file as well as the folders in it.

Diverse Option to Remove Duplicate Items

This tool comes up with various options to remove duplicate entries from your Outlook mailboxes. The software offers several options such as - Delete Permanently, Move to Folder, Put Flag, Mark as Expire and Move to Deleted item folder. So, you can easily choose these options, as per the requirements for clearing the duplicates items from all the PST files uploaded to the software. Read more...

Save Data in New PST File

Outlook Duplicate Remover tool allows you to save the new PST file to the desired location in the computer, after removing duplicates from your selected PST files. Users can select any location of their choice in the machine to save de-duplicated PST data, so that they can easily navigate to the saving location to get the de-duplicated PST data for further use.

Split Outlook PST File

The newly updated version of this Outlook Duplicate Remover tool also supports splitting of PST file by size. With the help of this latest feature, you can easily split your large size PST files while performing the duplicate remover process. The maximum size limit supported by this tool is 200 GB, so you are able to freely split PST files around this limit without interruption.

Preserve Meta Properties

This tool is an reliable and powerful solution that maintains the accuracy, reliability of data and attributes during removing the duplicates from Outlook PST, OST and BAK files. The software preserves folder and sub-folder emails of Outlook files and provides the data in the same format along with its original attributes such as To, Cc, Header, Bcc, Message size, etc.

Show De-duplication Status

Another remarkable feature of this software is that it demonstrates you the current status of each file, when you add the PST files for removing the duplicates contents from it. Once this Outlook Duplicate Remover tool starts to remove duplicate items from selected Outlook mailbox folders, it will show you the complete status along with the number of items processed by it.

Supports Outlook 2019 & Below Version

You can load required PST file from any versions of Outlook like Outlook 2019, 2016, 2010, 2007 etc. Moreover, you have the full rights to download this Outlook Duplicate Remover software on any editions of Windows. The tool supports all Windows edition like Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, etc.

Regain Outlook Duplicate Remover

Technical Specifications

System Requirements

  • Processor - Pentium Class
  • Memory - Minimum 128MB RAM (512MB recommended)
  • Hard Disk - 50 MB for Software installation
  • Disk Space - Enough space to store recovered output

Version Supports:

  • Windows OS Platforms - Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista
  • Windows Server - 2012/2008 R2/2008/2003 R2/2003
  • MS Outlook - 2019/2016/2013/2010/2007 and 2003

Get A Free Trial of Outlook Duplicate Remover

Software Features

Trial Version

Full Version

Remove duplicate items from PST files
Display duplicate items by Email, Subject, Mail Sender, Mail Receiver etc.
Maintain all email properties and folder hierarchy
Support all latest MS Outlook versions
Free Technical Support
Saving Capabilities Displays only Duplicate Items No Limitation

When should you use Regain Duplicate Remover tool?

We all know that searching for duplicate emails is a problem affecting a large percentage of the population. Regain Software has thought about this problem and created a program to remove identical messages from Outlook. Multiple modes to pick PST files are available in the Software (Outlook Duplicate Remover) for deleting duplicate emails.

It's very uncommon for Outlook users to look for a program to find duplicate emails within the email client and delete them all at once. Users who use the Regain Outlook Duplicate Email Remover Tool can efficiently delete duplicates from their inboxes and make more room. This program is 100% virus-free and runs flawlessly on any Windows machine.

If you've been trying to find a way to remove several Outlook calendars, your search can end here. Best and most reliable Software (Regain Outlook Duplicate Remover) for clearing out many calendar entries at once in Outlook. An intuitive user interface (GUI) simplifies the procedure for both technical and non-technical users.

Why Should you Pick Regain Outlook Duplicate Remover tool?

Regain Outlook Duplicate Remover Tool allows users to search for and delete identical messages from a user's chosen Outlook PST files. In addition, it cleans up your inbox, calendar, tasks, and contacts by removing any unnecessary duplicates. In addition, the app provides a means of previewing the contents of the chosen PST files.

We've built a preview function into the Outlook duplicate email removal tool. It's one of the most sought-after functions among customers. This tool can preview the selected PST files and their attachments entirely. Read more...

In addition to its user-friendly interface, Regain Outlook duplicate remover program allows for separating PST files based on their sizes. Splitting your large PST files into multiple smaller ones is now a breeze with this advanced function available with the duplicate remover. This utility allows you to split PST files up to 200 GB in size without restriction.

When you add the PST files to the Software to remove the duplicate contents, it displays each file's current state. As it processes duplicates in your Outlook mailbox, the Outlook Duplicate Remover tool will update you on its progress and the total number of items it has removed.

Benefits of Removing Duplicate Emails in Outlook

Multiple identical emails need to be clarified. The user needs to be made aware of the status of an emailed response. Your repeated responses to the same email will further perplex your colleagues and customers. Know more...

Outlook data files grow in size unnecessarily due to duplicate messages. Outlook slows down over time. This has a chilling effect on corporate output. Responding to and checking for new emails now takes longer.

Duplicate items will cause your Exchange or Office 365 mailbox to grow if your Outlook is set up to use either service.

Outlook backups are large files, so if you store them in a cloud service other than Microsoft's OneDrive, you'll have to pay for the extra space.

FAQs – Outlook Duplicate Remover Software

How to remove duplicate contents from Outlook files?

Follow the step by step guide to remove duplicate items from Outlook PST –

  1. Download and run Regain Outlook Duplicate Remover tool on your system
  2. Now, click 'Add File' to upload PST files for scanning
  3. Show preview of duplicate items after scanning
  4. Purchase the license for deleting duplicate items from MS Outlook PST or OST files

How many duplicate emails can I remove?

Regain Outlook Duplicate Remover is a very efficient and reliable utility that can be used to remove 'n' number of duplicate items from an appropriate Outlook email profile.

Do I need to install MS Outlook on my computer before I can use this tool?

Yes, MS Outlook should be installed on your running computer and one of the two profile types should be configured. POP3 or dummy. However, the version of Outlook (32-bit) can be any.

Can I remove duplicates from multiple PST files at the same time?

Yes, you can use the 'Add File' or 'Add Folder' option to upload a full file with multiple PST files to the software at the same time. This way, you can remove duplicates from multiple PST files at the same time.

Does software capable of removing duplicate emails and calendars from Outlook files (PST)?

Yes, It is specially designed for this task only. With this tool you can easily removes duplicate emails from MS Outlook and also eliminates calendars, contacts, journals, tasks and notes.

Does software makes any changes to the source PST file after processing?

No, Outlook Duplicate Remover software is based on advanced algorithms that ensure that the source PST file is not modified. Rather, it will create a new PST file in a destination of your choice with no duplicates.

Is there a file limit on removing redundant emails from MS Outlook?

No, there is no such file limits for deleting duplicate items from PST files.

Why and what is the need to clean duplicate Outlook mails?

With each day passing by, our mailbox grows, and the mail access speed decreases. The MS Outlook stores the mail items in a PST file with a maximum permissible size limitation. If the PST file size goes beyond the maximum permitted size limitation, the files get corrupted, and all the mails become unavailable. Regain Outlook Duplicate Remover assists in removing unwanted duplicate emails, which lowers the overall PST size and makes the Outlook run faster.

What can the users do with the demo version of Regain Outlook Duplicate remover?

The Free version of this software reviews the selected Outlook mailboxes and provides the users with the total number of duplicate emails. To remove duplicate emails, users need to buy and activate the full version of Regain Outlook Duplicate remover software.

Can the software locate and remove Outlook duplicates of a single mail?

No, the software provides the alternative to choose the folder and not an individual Outlook mail.

Is it possible to eliminate all the duplicate emails into a different folder?

Yes, it is possible to clear all the duplicate emails to a separate folder. To do this, the users must choose the 'Copy to folder' option of Regain Outlook duplicate remover software and provide the path of the folder in the 'Folder' text box.

How can the users remove Outlook duplicate emails, as they might not know the period to locate the duplicate emails in the software?

Users can select the 'Anytime' option from the list of 'Time Span,' and the Regain Outlook duplicate remover software will list all the duplicate emails to date.

Can the deleted Outlook emails be tracked?

Yes, users can track all their mails that they had deleted last time from the software Log Report. Regain Outlook duplicate remover software generates and provides the alternative to save the detailed log report of the entire process. Users can open the last saved log report and find out the emails they deleted.

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