Privacy Policy

At Regain Software, we are engaged in protecting the privacy of all our users navigating at our site and partnering with us as customers. We maintain record of information of each user to improve our services for our customers. We give top priority to our valued customers. We are proud as a customer-oriented company and take all the important steps to protect your information.

We keep all the information available from the customers strictly confidential and never use this information for commercial purpose, or disclose that information to third party. At Regain Software, we store customer information only for internal review and to enrich content on our pages and discard it later.

Customer information may also be used for new users at our site that is not disclosed earlier in our privacy policy. In case our information approach changes at some point of time anyhow in future, you will be informed and notified with the change in policy before using data for any other purpose.

At Regain Software, we already know the importance of customer information stored in our database and we are very strict regarding the safety of our site. So, we abide by the strict security measures regarding protection of our information against misuse, loss or alteration of any kind.

Information we collect from our buyers will be used for these domains
Tech Support Tech Support

We use the personal details of our customers to respond to their queries related to our products. Your email details will be used by our Tech team to respond to your queries to resolve your doubts and to contact through email.

Safe and Secure Online Purchases

We use the credentials of users given by them while placing order to deliver their shipment and to send confirmation emails. We may further use the contact information of the user to seek clarification on any related correspondence or on the order.

Emails Emails

When you subscribe for newsletters at our website, our newsletter desk will send emails to keep you informed about new website changes, new product releases, special discounts on services, and products, and promotional offers. With every email, one can easily unsubscribe from future mails.

Info To Inform about Changes

In case any change in our practices and/or our privacy policy affects your personal information in future, we will keep you informed through email.