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Complete Account Backup

The Regain Backup tool has remarkable features and simple interface that helps users to backup complete webmail account data including emails, contacts, calendars, documents etc. to local hard drive storage. It also allows users to download the complete account data in PST, EML, MSG, MBOX, HTML, ICS, VCARD and other technical formats without any data loss issues.

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Backup Hotmail account data locally

This Regain Backup software quickly performs backup process of Hotmail email messages and save all Hotmail emails to hard drive. It backup each and every email folder present within the Hotmail account by providing the email ID and Password. The tool offers two different languages such as German & Spanish according to which user interface face can be set.

Tool to Backup Outlook Emails

Save Mails in multiple Formats

Regain Backup is all-in-one tool that enables users to export emails to various useful emails formats. Users can easily export emails data to PST, to EML, to MSG, to MBOX, to HTML, to ICS, and to vCard file format. Users can easily transfer Hotmail emails in these file formats to the location specified by them. Later, you can import these files into any email client that supports these formats to view the full information in the file.

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Retains Original Structure of Mailbox

No users wants to loss their valuable emails data, keeping in mind this point we have designed this software. The software automatically protects all the internal formatting of the emails as original during the backup process. At the end of the backup process, users will get metadata and all Hotmail emails properties such as To, Cc, Bcc, Subject, Email Sent Date, in absolutely original form without any editing.

Tool to Backup Hotmail Emails

Option for selective mailbox migration

This Regain Backup software is equipped with dynamic features that allow users to backup data corresponding to their own choice. For this task, users need to check or uncheck the mail folders from the user interface. Once users have checked the related folders (eg, inbox, outbox, sent items, etc.) that they want to backup, the software downloads only the checked folders in the desired file format, leaving unnecessary/ unchecked folders.

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Save attachments in original format

Email attachments, which are an important part of any email, this Regain Backup software take a good care of them throughout the backup process. The software also creates the backup of all emails attachments and save them along with their respective email messages in completely original form. Backup tool

Facility of Pause & Resume

Regain Backup software offers an "pause and resume" functionality that helps to secure backup process from catastrophic disaster such as loss of an internet connection. In case users lost internet connection in between the process, they can use this feature to pause or stop the ongoing backup process at any time. Users can resume it anytime later on when they are connected to the internet. The software start the process from where it was last stopped.

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Windows Platform Compatibility

This Regain Backup software smoothly works on all the latest & previous editions of Windows operating system. Moreover, the software also supports Windows OS having 32 and 64-bit processor heads.

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FAQs - Regain Backup Software

Does the number of emails affect the working of Regain backup software?

No, it does not limit the number of emails; users can easily export Email to Outlook. The backup program works well, regardless of the number of emails.

Is this software needs internet connectivity to backup Hotmail emails to Outlook?

Yes, high speed internet requires backup Hotmail ( database on Windows Outlook desktop.

If my emails contain attachments, then will the program also take the required backup for them?

Yes, no need to be worry. If your mail carries attachments, then the Regain Backup tool will automatically backup email with attachments accurately. The software will take care of all the details of the attached file content, such as hyperlinks, images, formatting features.

I do not hesitate to buy software because I cannot take risks with my database. Is there any free version to test the software?

Yes, you can test and experience the functionality of the software by downloading the free trial version from its official website. It allows you to backup 30 files per folder to the required account for free.

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