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Nowadays, Gmail is ruling the email niche, and almost every businessperson scrolls through their Gmail inbox multiple times a day. Several doctors, students, teachers, and business organizations prefer Gmail to collab and communicate with colleagues and clients. Today, Gmail has the most active users, but it is still not free from an error like many other email clients and online services; it also faces downtime and different errors. In this write-up, today we’ll discuss the most common error faced by several users in recent times is that is not working. Before diving into the solutions, we’ll know the primary cause of this error. So, let’s start with the same.

Why does isn’t work

Most of the time, the error happens on mobile devices like iPhones. Even though these errors happen on desktop platforms, they don’t happen as often on mobile devices. After carefully looking at some of the most likely reasons for this error, we’ve come up with many ideas.

  • The error state of the application is: This error can happen if the application’s network interface is in an error state. In this case, this can be fixed by quickly refreshing the apps.
  • Turned off SSL: This is an important part of security. Many network connections won’t work without SSL. One of these is Gmail’s IMAP, which doesn’t work if the SSL is turned off (in some cases).
  • There was a problem with the email: There are a lot of parts and settings in the email that you have added. It might not be working right because the configuration files are bad.
  • No longer relevant: When this error started happening to many people, big software companies, like Apple, Blackberry, etc., just released an update that fixed the problem.
  • Network error: If there are network restrictions on your end, the app won’t be able to talk to the right servers in the first place.
  • Server outage: Google’s servers may be having trouble in the background. If that’s the case, the only thing you can do is wait until the server problem is fixed. Once the servers have been fixed, the email client will work independently.

These are some of the most likely reasons why “ is not working” might happen. Now that we know why it happens. let’s look at how to fix it when can’t be verified.

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Let’s look at how to fix this mistake ( is not working)

  1. Check your Internet connection

The email clients get the messages from the server and save them to the user’s mailbox. You need a fast internet connection to finish the whole process in seconds. Before trying another solution, check the internet cable, Wi-Fi router, Hotspot connection, or other media you currently use. If there are any differences, change to one stronger and more stable. You can check your Gmail account later by restarting the email client.

  1. Check Email Client Version

Sometimes, nothing is wrong with your Gmail account. Instead, the problem is with the email client you’re using. Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird are clients with more than one email account. The modules and variables they use are also different. If any other account is broken or has an old client version, it will also cause problems for the accounts. For Outlook, you can fix this by clicking File and then going to the Office account. If there are updates that need to be done, it will show you the option to do them. It can be used to update Outlook to the most recent version.

Also, if the email client is in a bad state, it might not be able to connect to any web servers. If there are signs of corruption, you shouldn’t update the app. Instead, you should try to fix the corruption and save your account’s data.

  1. SSL Settings

The SSL certificate gives incoming and outgoing messages the security they need. Check the current SSL certificate and update it if the settings have been changed badly or if the license for a professional SSL certificate has expired. Many third-party companies sell different types of certificates for business use. Anyone can be bought and added to your email client.

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  1. Turn on Gmail’s IMAP settings

The Gmail IMAP setting is like a bridge that makes sending and receiving emails easy. It is turned on by default, but users can turn it off if they want to. If you have turned off your IMAP settings, the error will appear. You can turn it on by doing the following:

  • Open your Gmail account and go to the Settings page.
  • On the tab for Forwarding and POP/IMAP, click the “Enable IMAP” button. fix is not working
  • Click the Save button. You should now link your Gmail account back up with the email client.
  • Log out of your Gmail account and log back in.

It’s the last way to eliminate the error with IMAP accounts. If the account gives you an error message, you can delete it and try again.

  1. How to Remove Gmail Account from Outlook

  • Go to File > Account Settings > Account Settings.
  • Pick the account and click the Remove button.
  • A warning message will appear saying that if you delete the content, its offline cached content will also be deleted. Choose Yes.
  1. Connect your Gmail to Outlook

  • Go to File > Account Settings > Account Settings > Account Settings.
  • Select the option “New.”
  • You need to give an email address and password under “Advanced options.” Let Outlook connect to the account.
  • When you choose “Manual,” you need to give an email address, a password, an incoming web server, and an outgoing web server.
  • Once you’ve connected your account, you can click Send/Receive All Folders to see if any new messages have come in.

Personal Suggestion

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