Regain Gmail Backup Software

Tool to Backup Gmail Account to Local PC

Regain Gmail Backup software is a well-coded and recommended software to backup Gmail mailboxes in PST format. It is a DIY utility, and you don’t need to share your Gmail account password with anyone.

Download trial version and migrate 30 items per folder free

  • Backup Gmail emails without any risk of data loss and hassle.
  • No bar on adding large and multiple Gmail mailboxes simultaneously.
  • Backup Gmail mailboxes in several file formats; PST, EML, MBOX, PDF, HTML and more 
  • You can have a preview of added Gmail mailbox folders before starting the backup. 
  • It allows to include or exclude Gmail folders from the backup process.
  • There will be no modification in the Gmail metaproperties and folder hierarchy.
  • The software offers a convenient GUI, and even newbies can backup their Gmail mailboxes effortlessly.
  • A picture-perfect windows utility to backup Gmail emails in all windows operating systems.
  • Being a professional choice, we offer a free demo version and lifetime technical support.

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Regain Gmail Backup Software
How to Backup Gmail to Local System?

Regain Gmail Backup Software professionally designs to save backup of all Gmail mailbox folders at user selected location. The tool does not require any technical skill to save backup of Gmail account.

Easiest and Do-it-yourself steps to backup Gmail emails into a local drive:-
  1. Step 1: Install and open the Regain Gmail Backup software in your system.
  2. Step 2: Provide the email address and password of the Gmail mailbox.
  3. Step 3: Now check/uncheck folders/subfolders to backup into PST.
  4. Step 4: In the following wizard, choose a backup option and click Next.
  5. Step 5: The Gmail email backup process will start, and the software will display a live log report to you.

Prominent Features of Regain Gmail Backup Tool

Backup Gmail emails into PST

Regain Gmail backup tool is an effortless and no-time utility to backup Gmail emails into PST format. You can simply provide the username and password of the Gmail mailboxes and choose folders to backup. The process of backing up Gmail is straightforward, and a few clicks matter. 

Backup Gmail emails to other formats

Apart from the PST format, Regain Gmail backup tool offers several other popular file formats to backup Gmail emails. You can backup Gmail emails into EML, MSG, MBOX, PDF, etc., file formats. By backing up Gmail emails in these file formats, you can access them with several email clients. Read more...

Convenient GUI

Not everyone is a tech geek, and Regain software knows this. We’ve coded the Gmail backup tool with an advanced algorithm that provides it with several user-oriented features and a convenient GUI. The tool is a perfect choice for everyone, regardless of their technical expertise and setup. You don’t need any technical expertise or assistance navigating through the software backup Gmail emails.

Preview Gmail folders

Once you log in with the Gmail account, the software fetches data from the server and displays a preview of your Gmail folders. You can easily expand the folder view by clicking the + sign. By having Gmail folders preview, you can get assured that the software has fetched all your Gmail mailbox data accurately.

Filter unwanted Folders

Besides Gmail folders preview, you can choose selective folders to backup Gmail emails. You only need to check the adjacent folder’s checkbox to include them in the backup process. You can effectively boost the processing speed and reduce the PST file size by filtering unwanted folders.

Most-trusted tool

Regain Gmail Backup tool is one of the most trusted and secured tools to backup Gmail emails of professionals. The software completely eliminates the risk of data loss and data breach. As mentioned above, it is a do-it-yourself utility which means you don’t need to share your Gmail credentials to backup them into PST format. Learn more...

Maintains Folders Hierarchy

Being a professional in the email niche, Regain software knows how crucial is folder hierarchy and meta-properties of emails. Other software in the market can mess with your folder hierarchy but Regain Gmail backup tool is one that keeps both folder hierarchy and data integrity intact. All your data will be in the same format as the Gmail mailbox.

Live Log Report

Once you configure the backup process and start the backup process, you’ll get a live log report of the process. In the live log report, you can track the complete process. The live log report displays the backup file name, ongoing Gmail folder, export items, etcetera. By ch3ecking the live log report, you can ensure that all your data has been backed up successfully.

Perpetual Licensing

Regain software knows that backup need stays always, and Gmail is here to stay. That’s why Regain Gmail backup tool offers perpetual licenses to users. Perpetual license means you need to buy a tool’s license once and can use it lifelong. Also, all the latest updates of the software will be provided for free.

Free demo and assistance

We have tried to make it convenient, but if you still face any issues during the backup or have any questions regarding the Regain Gmail backup software, our technical experts will guide you. You can even ask for technical assistance without purchasing the software. Our technical team is available 24×7.

Regain Gmail Backup

Technical Specifications

System Requirements

  • Processor - Pentium Class
  • Operating System - Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
  • Memory - 512 MB
  • Hard Disk - 50 MB of free space

Version Supports:

  • MS Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013 (32 bit and 64 bit versions)/ 2010 / 2007/ 2003/ 2002/ 2000

Installation / Uninstallation

Installation / Uninstallation EULA

Get A Free Trial of Gmail Backup Software

Software Features

Trial Version

Full Version

Add Personal Gmail Account
Save Gmail into PST, EML, EMLX, MSG, HTML, MHTML, PDF, MBOX format
Backup Google Drive data
Selective Gmail folder backup
Show Preview of Emails before Backup
Maintain all email properties and folder hierarchy
Free Technical Support
Saving Capabilities Save 30 items/Folder Unlimited

FAQs - Gmail Backup Software

How can I use Regain Gmail Backup Software to create a backup of my Gmail account data?

You can chase the steps-by-step procedure of Regain Gmail Backup software to backup your entire Gmail account data successfully:

  1. Download and install Regain Gmail Backup Software on your system
  2. Now, enter login credentials to Backup your G-mail account data
  3. Show Preview of all available Mailbox Folders
  4. User can Select or De-Select folder on User Interface
  5. Select "Email Format" in which you want to backup Gmail data
  6. Now software will shows the backup progress report in details
  7. Click on "finish" tab, once the backup process completes

Can interrupted backup be resumed afterwards using this tool?

No problem while taking backup of Gmail email to PST and other format, the software comes with pause and resume options. You do not need to restart the backup process from the beginning. Click the "Resume" button to start where you left off.

How Much Time Does Software Take to Backup complete Gmail Account?

The time it takes to backup your Gmail email account depends entirely on your internet speed and the amount of data being backed up.
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Is there a limitation on the number of email accounts that I can backup?

No, there is no limit to the number of Gmail accounts you can backup with Regain Gmail Backup software.

I have lost my Gmail account password. Can I recover it using this software?

No, Regain Gmail Backup Software does not recover lost Gmail passwords as it is intended for backing up your Gmail account data, such as email, contacts, calendar, and documents, and requires account holders email ID and passwords to store Gmail data into PST file format.
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Can I save Gmail Backup into my Personal Computer?

Yes, Regain Gmail Backup software saves Gmail data to a personal computer, hard drive, and other external drives.

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