Creating App Password for Office 365 Account

Follow the below steps to create the App Password for Office 365 account in the Office 365 Admin Center:

Note: If the above option does not appear in the admin portal, sign in to Azure portal --> navigate to multi-factor authentication settings page --> select Allow users to create app passwords. By performing this, you will be able to see the specific option in the portal.

1. Sign in to your user account --> navigate to Admin Center --> click Admin icon in the Apps launcher.

2. Navigate to your account --> select My account.

3. Click Security & privacy.

4. Click Additional security verification.

Note: This option appears only when Admin has configured multi-factor authentication for your account.

5. Click Create and manage app passwords.

6. Click Create.

7. Enter any name and click Next.

App password is created successfully.

Click copy password to clipboard to copy the generated app password.

8. Launch the software and use the app password to login to your Office account.