Migrate Office 365 mailbox to other Office 365

Easy way to Migrate Mailbox from Office 365 to another account

Updated on July 28, 2023 by Deepika Singh

Migration can be such a daunting task for any business organisation. Enterprises may need to migrate mailbox from Office 365 to Office 365 for a multitude of reasons, including mergers and acquisitions, data localization, rebranding, or securitization.

It is frequently useful to conduct batch migration from one Office 365 account to another. A single authorization account manages a large number of users. As a result, the need to move these inboxes gives rise frequently. The post discusses the best solution for performing Office 365 to Office 365 migration. So, let us get start...

Some precious things you need to know before migrating Office 365 to another

Admins should use a cut-off date to cap the amount of migrated data for Office 365 migrations with fewer than 500 subscribers. Administrators can use a multi-pass approach for migrations with more than 500 users, in which the connections, calendars, and email data from the previous week are migrated first. Older data can be migrated within the next few working days. Similar considerations apply to other migration modes, such as Office 365 tenant-to-tenant migration OneDrive or when organizations move an Office 365 membership to another tenant.

Office 365 to Office 365 Migration - Manual guide

Organizations should be conscious of the outages involved in the Office 365 tenant to tenant migration because it is a complex process. The enterprise may be temporarily hampered as a result of the communication breakdown. It is recommended that the transfer be carried out only after careful preparation and comprehension of the risks involved in the transitional phase. Office 365 to Office 365 migration can be accomplished in two ways: manually or through an automated remedy.

Manual methods to export Office 365 Mailbox data

As far it's possible that the Manual procedure is divided into two stages, one at The source tenant end and the another at target tenant end. Before beginning the procedure, the MX record on the source tenant must be changed to an unreachable domain. During the migration phase, it will send a Non-Delivery Report to the senders.

Following are the steps for source tenant end:-
  • 1. Eliminate the basic domain from all source end structures.
  • 2. Remove the Lync Sip address from the source tenant domain.
  • 3. Change the primary email address for all Office 365 Mailboxes, Distribution Lists, Assets, and Rooms to the original source tenant domain.
  • 4. Delete any secondary domain emails with the @sourcetenant.com prefix.
  • 5. In the source tenant, configure a routing domain to forward emails to a different valid email address.
Read as follows for target tenant end.
  • 1. On or around the target tenant Exchange panel, confirm the source domain. It could take a bit of time.
  • 2. Optionally configure the auto-discover CNAME.
  • 3. Established the AD FS in the target tenant, if necessary, with a new domain configuration.
  • 4. Each new user account in the target tenant should be given an Office 365 license.
  • 5. To have the source domain as the main address, use Windows PowerShell or select and edit unlicensed new subscribers.
  • 6. Placed the passcodes for the target tenant's mailboxes.
  • 7. Configure the old domain's MX record to point to the new one to route emails from the old mailbox to the new one.
  • 8. In the target tenant, check the mail flow.
  • 9. Lastly, begin the migration.

Professional tool for Office 365 Migration

The conventional method clearly has a number of criticisms and complications. Organizations can use a third-party Office 365 migration tool to transfer or merge Office 365 tenants in a systematic and trouble-free manner. Email migration services are provided by a plethora of professional tools, such as Office 365 to Office 365 migration and so on.

If you just do a simple research, you will find a lot of useful softwares for this purpose. Simply go to Google and search for the office 365 to office 365 migration software and then you can choose your desired one.

But before starting the migration, always keep a backup of your office 365 mailbox. Because there is a huge chance of data loss during the migration.

Do you need a backup tool for Office 365?

It doesn’t matter that you need to migrate your Office 365 or not. If you are using Office 365 for email communication then keeping backup is really necessary for all other situations.

But there is not any built-in facility provided by Microsoft to backup your Office 365 mailbox. In this situation, using a tool can be a second life for you.

For the demand of technology, various tools are available online at the current time. In this post, you will get recommendations about the Regain Office 365 Backup Tool.

Generally the easy interface and the excellent performing quality are the most attractive things of this software.

How to keep backup of Office 365 mailbox using the Regain Office 365 Backup Tool?

  • 1. Firstly, download and run the following application.
  • 2. Input your Office 365 account's "registration details."
  • Office 365 migration by using Regain Office 365 Backup tool
  • 3. From the Office 365 mailbox, choose any mailbox assets.
  • Steps to migrate Office 365 mailbox to other Office 365 account
  • 4. Choose your desired "file format" in which you would like to backup your data.
  • migrate Office 365 mailbox to other account
  • 5. Lastly, after selecting the destination location, click the "Next" button to save.
  • Migrate Mailboxes from Office 365 to Office 365
  • 6. Then the backup process will occur.
  • Office 365 Migration complete
Regain Office 365 Backup Software Features
  • Export Office 365 Mailbox data to Outlook PST file along with all folders without any data loss. The tool maintains read/unread status; email properties, folder structure and data integrity.
  • Export primary mailboxes, shared mailboxes, archive folder and public folders, live exchange, hosted exchange, etc. completely to Outlook PST file.
  • Export multiple Office 365 mailboxes to PST format in one go. Also, prevents duplicate item export and facilitates option to skip time-taking items.
  • Save Office 365 backup into Microsoft Outlook PST, Windows EML, Mac Mail Message EMLX, Thunderbird Mail Message MBOX, Outlook Mail Message MSG, and Windows Contact vCard (VCF) file formats.
  • Automated multiple Office 365 as well as Exchange Server mailboxes migration using CSV file.
  • Offers filters for converting selective files (by Folder, Date, Item Type, etc.) and displays progress while performing the migration from Microsoft Office 365 account to Outlook PST file format.


This article discusses the need for migrating Office 365 mailbox to another Office 365 account. To do so, we have discussed manual steps in order to achieve successful migration but since manual method is complex and does not ensure accurate migration, we highly recommend using a third-party professional Regain Office 365 to PST tool for accurate email conversion without any data loss.