How to Migrate or Transfer Outlook Emails to Office 365 Account

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Migrating personal or professional email to office 365 from any email client allows you to access email from any device connected to the Internet. Office 365 also has many services that enhance the productivity of your email. MS Outlook is the main email client and most of the users want to migrate emails from MS Outlook to Office 365 account.

Outlook has an Export/Import option where you can export your email to an external PST file. Later, you can import this PST file into Outlook again or Office 365 account. 

Reasons to Migrate Outlook Emails to Office 365 account

1. Conversion of emails accounts

When you use an email like yahoo (test… or AOL (test…, you want to change a new email account like test…
Although you can create a new test in the … Outlook app, it will not have an email from the old account.

2. Change of PC to PC

When you change your computer from old to new, you need to reinstall Outlook. In this case, you want your old emails as well. So you need to export your email to the PST file and import PST file to that new computer.

3. Periodic Backups

Large inbox backups reduce the size of the entire mailbox, and period backups increase data security. After downloading the backup of the data in the PST file, you need to save the File to any external location, such as another computer or USB drive.

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The Outlook Migration Process requires you to move your email to an external PST file and then import the PST file into another Outlook program with an Office 365 account.

An Easy Way to Migrate Outlook emails to Office 365 account

1st Step: Migrate Outlook Emails to PST

  1. First go to the top of your Outlook ribbon, and click File.
  2. Choose Open & Export > Import/Export.
  3. In “Import and Export Wizard” choose ‘Export to a file’ option and Click Next.
  4. Select the Outlook Data File (PST) and click Next.
  5. Select an email account to export. Make sure you check ‘Include Subfolders’ to get everything out of the account. Select Contacts, Calendar, Boxes, Magazine, and click Next
  6. Click the Browse button to select the location of the PST file where the file will be saved. Click the ‘OK’ button to proceed further.
  7. If you want to export data to an existing PST file, then click Options and specify what to do when exporting data already exist in the file.
  8. After that just Click Finish.
  9. The Outlook starts with the export process.

NOTE: When you run the export process at this time, if you choose a password-protected option, it increases the security of your personal PST file, so in most cases, you have to choose to place the password in the PST files.

Once you export the mailbox data into PST file, you will still be required to go to MS Outlook and upload PST file into Office 365 account mailbox.

2nd Step: Import Outlook PST to Office 365

  • Click File tab, click Open & Export, and select Import/Export.
  • Import and Export wizard will appear on the screen.
  • Choose ‘Import from another program or file’, and then click Next.
  • Now choose Outlook Data File (PST) and click Next.
  • Browse the PST file that you had exported earlier, and then under the Options, there are three options –
  1. Replicate duplicates with items imported.
  2. Allow duplicates to be created.
  3. Do not import duplicates.
  • Select the option among the three and click Next.
  • If you specify a password in the PST file, you must enter the password and click OK.
  • Choose the Import items to the same folder in option and select the Microsoft 365 mailbox, Click Finish.
  • Outlook will start importing PST file content into Office 365 mailbox. Later, you can open all the contents of the mailbox.

Final words

When you want to export and import a PST file into Office 365 mailbox, you can use this inbuilt Import/ Export method that proves to be most appropriate for one mailbox. If you want to migrate multiple Outlook PST files to Office 365 account, you will have to spend a lots of time to migrate each mailbox. Moreover, there is no significant email filtering and exclusion of unwanted emails as well. Thus, if you want to conduct safe and secure migration, you must go for a professional Regain PST to Office 365 Migration tool with adequate features. This tool is embedded with a free trial version, which allows users to import the first 30 emails per folder free of cost.

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