Fix Outlook Inbox Not Showing All Emails Issue

Updated on November 09, 2023 by Nasir Khan

In today's digital age, email has become the lifeblood of our professional and personal communication. For millions of users around the world, Microsoft Outlook stands as one of the most trusted and widely used email clients. Its intuitive interface, robust features, and seamless integration with Microsoft Office make it an indispensable tool for managing our daily correspondence. However, even the most reliable tools can encounter occasional glitches, and one of the most frustrating issues Outlook users may face is the perplexing problem of the Outlook inbox not showing all emails.

As a result, most users who operate the Outlook application after a while or who have a hectic schedule may experience this difficulty. In this article, we will talk about several possible reasons and solutions to the issue.

Imagine this scenario:

You're expecting an important email, but it's nowhere to be found in your inbox. You know it has been sent, but Outlook seems to have hidden it from view. You may have encountered this issue before, or perhaps it's your first time dealing with it, but rest assured, you're not alone. Many Outlook users have faced this predicament, and in this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the reasons behind the Outlook inbox not showing all email issues and provide you with practical solutions to resolve it.

Reasons that lead to the Outlook inbox not showing all emails issue

There might be two reasons individuals need to receive all their emails in their inbox. Either the inbox is not synchronizing on a real-time basis and is not downloading emails from the server, or the inbox is not displaying emails that have already arrived. The following are among the most prevalent factors:

Email Filters and Rules: One of the most common reasons for missing emails in Outlook is the presence of email filters or rules that automatically move or delete certain messages. Check your Outlook settings for any active filters or rules that could be affecting the visibility of emails in your inbox.

Focused Inbox: Outlook's "Focused Inbox" feature automatically categorizes emails into "Focused" and "Other" tabs. Sometimes, emails may be sorted into the "Other" tab, and you might not see them in the main inbox. Review your Focused Inbox settings to ensure it aligns with your preferences.

Sorting and View Settings: Incorrect sorting or view settings can lead to emails not being displayed where you expect them to be. Ensure that your sorting criteria are set correctly and that no custom views are hiding emails.

Cached Exchange Mode Issues: If you're using Outlook with Exchange Server, issues with the Cached Exchange Mode can lead to synchronization problems. Try disabling and re-enabling Cached Exchange Mode to refresh your mailbox data.

Mailbox Size Limitations: Outlook has a default mailbox size limit, and if you've exceeded this limit, some emails might not be displayed. You may need to archive old emails or clean up your mailbox to resolve this issue.

IMAP or POP3 Configuration: If you're using IMAP or POP3 to access your email, improper configuration can lead to synchronization problems. Double-check your email account settings and ensure they match your email provider's recommendations.

By identifying and addressing the specific cause of the Outlook inbox not showing all emails issue, you can ensure that your email communication remains efficient and reliable. Depending on the underlying problem, you may need to follow different troubleshooting steps to resolve it successfully.

7 Verified Solutions to Fix Outlook Inbox Not Showing All Emails

For these reasons, there are several appropriate solutions to fix the problem. But before starting any fixes, pay attention to the junk folder too. If Outlook marked those spam emails, they should be in your Junk folder.

However, to search for emails, choose "Focus" and "Other." Perhaps the emails you're searching for are in the "other" folder.

Fix Outlook inbox Not Showing All Emails Issue

Read more effective solutions as follows and try fixing them until you get the result.

Solution 1: Analyze your internet connection

You may only receive the emails on time if your internet service is stable. To guarantee that you receive emails in Outlook, you must have reliable internet access. Try disconnecting and reconnecting your internet connection to see if that is the source of the problem.

Solution 2: Check the Outlook folder view settings

Outlook not showing all emails might be caused by the default view settings. Filtration, sorting options, and other settings, for example, may conceal some emails in the default view. To resolve the issue, you can reset the view settings. Follow the steps as mentioned.

  • 1. Run Outlook and navigate to the View tab.
  • 2. View Settings should be selected.
  • 3. Choose Reset Current View in the Advanced View Settings box that appears.
  • 4. In the popup, click OK.
  • Tips to Resolve Outlook inbox Not Showing All Emails errors

Solution 3: Review the Sync Settings

If you have Outlook configured to show emails after a specified amount of time, this might explain why not every one of your emails is appearing in the Inbox folder.

  • 1. First, Log in to your user account in Outlook.
  • 2. Then select Change mailbox sync settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Outlook not Showing All Emails
  • 3. Enable Outlook to retrieve and sync messages as soon as they come. Then, restart the program and go through your inbox.
  • manual steps to fix Outlook error

Solution 4: Turn off the auto-archive options

Activating the Auto Archive setting may also contribute to Outlook not showing emails in the Inbox problem. To deactivate this option, take the following steps:

  • 1. Open the Microsoft Outlook program.
  • 2. Go to the Inbox tab and right-click it.
  • 3. Then, choose Properties. This will bring up a new window with Inbox Properties.
  • Repair Outlook Not Showing All Emails
  • 4. Pick the "Do not archive anything in this folder" option and hit OK.
  • Process Initiated to Repair Outlook Emails not showing Issue

Solution 5: Review your email preferences

You can deactivate or remove all the filters you have set for your inbox. Perhaps you can put up some filters to automatically remove some incoming emails. If you're using a personal account, follow these steps:

  • 1. Using Outlook Live, navigate to your Outlook settings.
  • 2. Press on mail, then rules.
  • Fix Emails not showing in Outlook
  • 3. Analyze your rules. Remove any restrictions that may prevent fresh emails from arriving in your inbox.

Check your POP settings if you added your Outlook account to another mail app. Check that your POP and IMAP settings are accurate. Check to see if you have any settings set to delete or archive fresh emails automatically.

Solution 6: Check and resolve the PST file corruption issue

If your PST file gets damaged, you may have a variety of problems with your Microsoft Outlook account, like Outlook not showing emails in the inbox and Can't read the body of email in Outlook . You can use MS Outlook's Inbox Repair Tool (Scanpst.exe) to repair the damaged PST file.

First, go to the following location (C: Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice1X) on your device, and here you will find the tool.

  • 1. To launch Scanpst.exe, double-click on it.
  • 2. Select the PST file from your device. The program will look for faults in the file.
  • Follow steps to repair Outlook inbox Not Showing
  • 3. If any errors are presented, press "Repair" to resolve them.
  • Manual steps

However, the Inbox Repair Tool may be unable to repair badly damaged PST files, as well as those larger than 2 GB in size. In such a situation, you can get help from third-party software.

So these are the few solutions that you can use in case your Outlook does not show all emails. Apart from these solutions, you can use an automated tool named Regain Outlook PST recovery tool.

An Automated tool for Outlook Repair

The software is specially coded to repair Outlook PST files and resolve these types of errors effortlessly. This software repairs corrupt PST files in real time. This utility resolves all PST file issues and allows users to access emails in Outlook. The tool restores lost data with the original structure, such as email attributes, layout, data formatting, or mailboxes. The easy steps to repair corrupted PST files are:


  • 1) First, install and launch the Regain PST Recovery Tool.
  • Fix Outlook Inbox Not Showing All Emails error using Regain PST Recovery tool
  • 2) Browse and select the PST file that you want to recover.
  • Step 2
  • 3) Now, the tool will recover the inaccessible PST file and preview it.
  • Step 3
  • 4) Please select the destination path as well as select the PST file format to save the data. You can also select the other file format to save data if needed. You can also set the PST size by providing the size limit.
  • Step 4
  • 5) As the saving process is complete, you will get the message “ file conversion process has been completed”. Click OK at the end.
  • Step 5


While the Outlook inbox not showing all emails issue may have cast a shadow on your email experience, armed with the insights and solutions provided in this guide, you can confidently step into the light of a more organized and efficient Outlook inbox. Your email communication is too important to be hampered by technical glitches, and now you know how to overcome them. Embrace the full potential of Microsoft Outlook, and may your inbox always be a reflection of your productivity and communication prowess. In this blog, we ventured into practical solutions to resolve the issue. From analyzing your internet connection's stability to using the Regain Outlook OST recovery tool, we left no stone unturned.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Can cached Exchange Server mode also lead to Outlook inbox not showing issue?

Ans: Yes, cached Exchange Server led to this issue. It is because caching leads to synchronization issue.

Q2: Will after recovery of inaccessible PST file items, the folder hierarchy remain same?

Ans: After the recovery of the PST file, the folder hierarchy will remain the same. There will be no difference/ alteration in the data structure.

Q3: What other file formats this professional utility offers to save the recovered PST file data?

Ans: Along with the PST file format, some prominent file formats like MBOX, EML, EMLX, MSG vCard, and vCal are also available to save the recovered PST file data. It can recover permanently deleted emails as well.

Q4: Is there any way that can ensure the effectiveness of this professional tool over the inaccessible PST files?

Ans: If you want to check if this professional tool recovers the inaccessible PST file then you can simply download and install the free demo version. The free version allows you to explore the tool by allowing you to save the 30 items per folder.