Fix Unable to Open Outlook Attachment

Updated on April 27, 2024 by Armaan

In this post, we explain how to fix Unable to Open Outlook Attachment. Read all manual and automated solution to fix the issue.

Microsoft Outlook is an engaging email client with a plethora of helpful functions. Although it is beneficial, it can also cause problems.

Users of Microsoft Outlook have experienced a problem that stops them from reading email attachments. Due to this issue, users are unable to view Outlook attachments by double-pressing on them. Then you can just simply save the attachment to your local drive by clicking the right button of your mouse.

Rather, the program displays an error message that says, "Unable to Open Outlook Attachment". Simple workarounds such as rebooting your Outlook application do not resolve the issue, and the attachment remains unavailable even after the application is restarted. What should you do after that? There's no reason to be concerned. Keep reading and you will get the solution.

But before getting to know the solutions, it is necessary to learn about some important things.

What exactly is an email attachment?

How to Fix Unable to Open Outlook Attachment issue

The term itself is rather an identity. This is more than simply an email attachment delivered with a message. This is a basic method for sharing documents and photographs. Email attachments can be used to distribute one or even more files. Emails are mainly text files, but when attachments are added, they become numeric or structured files.

Why can't you view attachments in Outlook?

Email attachments are among the most valuable assets to an organization since they can be used to send invoices and other critical information. A few of the reasons why you can't access Outlook attachments are as follows:

Totally corrupted files: When viewing a mail attachment in Microsoft Outlook, a warning notice appears that states, "the file is corrupted and cannot be opened." This implies the sender must check to see if the email attachment is operating correctly on their side, and if it isn't, the sender must resend it.

Unexpected characters: In the file title If a mail attachment has a question mark and a plus sign in the document name, the user is unable to access the information.

Faulty add-ins: If you are using MS Outlook and are unable to view a document attachment, you may have to deactivate add-ins. Whether you are not really aware how, then follow the directions below.

  1. Press File > Options > Add-ins in Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Under Manage, choose COM Add-ins and then press "GO."
  3. Disable all of the add-ins now.
    Manual steps to repair Unable to Open Outlook Attachment
  4. When all add-ins have been deactivated, click "OK."
  5. Lastly, shut and re-open Microsoft Outlook, and then download the associated file once more.

This usually prevents users from opening attachments to email files in invalid file formats. To view the extension with the appropriate format extension, one must obtain the specific program.

A person may be unable to access attachments for one of two reasons: either the file linked is incorrect, or there is an issue with the software that requires the attachment to load.

Manual Ways to Fix Unable to Open Outlook Attachment Error

Experts have found some legit solutions to this error. Keep reading Below, we have added Four effective manual methods to resolve the Unable to Open MS Outlook Attachment error.

Method 1: Set Microsoft Email as the default email address

If you are incapable of reading Microsoft Outlook attachments and receive an "access is denied" message, it is probable that you have made a non-Microsoft email account your default email address. Perform these procedures to convert your default email account to your Microsoft email account:

  1. Sign in to your Microsoft account on the Microsoft account webpage.
  2. Navigate to your information and then press the "Submit" button. Adjust your sign-in email address or phone number.
  3. Enter a Microsoft email address in the Make main section.

Method 2: Open the attachment by right clicking on your mouse

If double-clicking Outlook attachments does not open them, you might try an alternative technique. You may open an attachment by right-clicking it rather than double-clicking it.

The main reason why double-clicking an attachment does not function for certain people is the mouse's double-click frequency. If your mouse's double-click velocity is increased, you may fail to access attachments by double-clicking them. You may manually slow down the double-click speed by navigating to the Control Panel, then Mouse, and then Buttons.

Method 3: Update to the latest version of your Outlook

If you are unable to open attachments in Outlook, you may be missing certain critical Outlook updates. Follow these procedures to install the most recent Outlook updates:

  1. Pick the File tab in Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Press the Update Options button on the Office Account page.
  3. Choose Update Now from the menu bar.
    Fix Unable to Open Outlook Attachment
  4. Lastly, restart Outlook.

Method 4: Perform the"Save As" command

It is a basic method, but most of the time it works. To use this approach, follow the instructions beneath.

Through right-clicking the document and picking Save As, you may save it.

Simple and easy way to Repair Unable to Open Outlook Attachment

Choose a destination different from the default download folder or the computer.

Give the attachment a name and then save it.

Professional Solution: Regain Outlook PST Repair

If you are still struggling to view attachments in Outlook after attempting the options listed above, investigate the PST file's condition. If your Outlook data file (PST) is faulty, this might be the cause of your inability to access attachments. The Inbox Repair Tool, which is available in the default Outlook configuration file, may be used to fix the file.

But sometimes it happens that the built-in PST repair tool fails to fix it. At that time, you can use a powerful PST file repair tool.There are numerous tools accessible on the internet for this goal. Regain Outlook PST Repair is one of them. You can use it.

Regain Outlook PST Repair tool home screen
The benefits of using the Regain Outlook PST Repair Tool

Using this tool, you can easily retrieve your inaccessible and lost mailbox items. It has the facility to recover permanently deleted emails. Using this software, you can fix any additional issues caused by a corrupted PST file.

However, if somehow you need to recover your deleted PST files, then this software is for you. Besides repairing a PST file, it can also complete some additional tasks, which are more effective benefits of this tool. Actually, the best thing about the software that you are going to love is its simple and excellent interface.