How to Recover Permanently Deleted Outlook Emails?

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The most disastrous thing that can be fall anyone is to permanently lose all their vital email accounts and then being unable to recover the emails. Sometimes, we accidentally empty our mailboxes of junk mail which destroys all of important messages.

If you’ve done similar things as mentioned earlier in the use of MS Outlook and are in a position to not recover deleted file, this article is ideal for you. There is no need to be worry at all because you’re not the only person living on the planet. You, as huge users, did this. Experts have therefore come up with various solutions.

Case 1: Recover Recently Deleted Outlook Emails

If you delete a mail message in Microsoft Outlook, it is transferred to the email’s “Deleted Items folder.” The folder is kept there until completely removed after a specific period of time. Are you worried about when you’ll get the email returned? Click on the Deleted Items folder, then right-click on the email you’d like and press Transfer to folder you want to move it to.

Recover deleted Outlook Emails

However, keep in mind that deleted emails are stored within the Deleted Items directory for one month, whereas emails that are in the Spam folder are retained for just 10 days.

Case 2: Recover Permanently Deleted Outlook Emails

If you’ve accidentally deleted important emails, It is important to retrieve them. If you’ve got an understanding of technology and are comfortable using manual methods, you can learn the procedure here. Additionally, you’ll be introduced to an automated method.

Outlook Can Help You to Recover

However, even if you’ve deleted the ‘deleted items folder’, there’s a way to work around it. When you erase mail, contacts, or other items from your inbox as well as your deleted items folder in Microsoft Outlook, it keeps them for a certain amount of time, before completely deleting the items.

Another security feature offered in Microsoft Outlook is that if you delete the message from both the inbox as well as the directory for deleted items. You can still recover permanently lost emails from MS Outlook. To find out how, go through the following procedure.

  1. If you open your deleted items folder upon login to Microsoft Outlook, it is empty because you’ve deleted all your emails from it.Recover lost Outlook Emails
  2. Select to restore deleted items by clicking the directory feature on the toolbar.
  3. MS will then pull completely deleted emails from their Exchange server and provide the user with an inventory with lost emails as well as the time you dealt with them.Recover Permanently Deleted Outlook Emails
  4. Choose the email you would like to retrieve by clicking the Recover icon that is located in the upper left hand corner.
  5. The email that you have recovered will be saved to the lost items folder in which case you can transfer it back to your mailbox or to any other folder.

Be aware that Microsoft cannot restore lost mail or calendar entries or contacts. Based on the preferences of your system the possibility is that you’ll only be able recover deleted messages recently.

If you remove an accidentally deleted folder, you’ll need to restore it because you won’t be able to retrieve the mail you have selected from the directory deleted file.

Case 3: How to Recover Data from PST Files

PST stands of “personal database table.” Within Microsoft Outlook, a PST file is a personal folder. It has the limit of storage that is 2GB in MS Outlook. It can be used to store duplicates of personal email messages as well as calendar events contact information, reminders, as well as other information.

If you’ve accidentally erased the PST file, you can restore it using an automated program. You can also fix damaged or corrupted PST files.

Use Professional Solution to Recover Data from PST files

Regain Outlook PST Recovery seems to be the most reliable option with a straightforward and simple interface through which anyone can easily recover permanently deleted Outlook emails with just a couple of simple steps. The basic steps to recover Outlook emails are as follows.

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  • Install and start Regain Outlook PST Recovery program.Regain Outlook PST Recovery Tool Screen
  • After that, run the program and visit the home screen of the software.
  • Then, browse and then add your Outlook PST file to be to be scanned.Select PST file for Recovery
  • Examine the previews of every scan of mailbox entries.Show preview of recovered Outlook emails
  • For saving the PST file, click “Destination Directories” as well as “Saving Format.”
  • Choose “Save Now” to save the newly restored PST file.Select file format to save recovered Outlook data

Software Features:

  1. By using it, you will be able to get back email in a period of time and without worries about losing your data.
  2. It is able to retrieve the entire mailbox.
  3. User can save Outlook emails to many other email formats as well
  4. Allow user to Export Outlook emails to Office 365, Gmail and other cloud platforms.
  5. Absolutely, you are able to recover all deleted messages.
  6. It is easy to use that includes an easy to use GUI.
  7. There is no limit to the size of files here.
  8. You will receive a preview prior to you save the email.
  9. It’s a high-quality recovery tool that can recover emails that have their original structure.
  10. There is a feature where it is possible to save files in a variety of formats.

We would like to note that, as we mentioned earlier you can choose between an automated and a manual procedure to recover Permanently Deleted Outlook email messages. You are able to apply for either one, and there’s a good possibility that you’ll succeed.

The manual is likely to be a challenge for you, and there’s a good chance that you’ll not be able to complete the task correctly. If that happens take advantage of the third-party software that we listed above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques1. I accidentally deleted an important email in Microsoft Outlook. How can I recover it?
Ans. If the email was recently deleted, you can find it in the “Deleted Items” folder. Right-click on the email, select Move to,” and choose the desired folder. Remember that items in the “Deleted Items” folder are stored for one month.

Ques2. What is a PST file, and how can I recover data from it in Outlook?
Ans. PST stands for “personal database table” and is a personal folder in Microsoft Outlook. You can use automated programs like Regain Outlook PST Recovery if you’ve accidentally erased a PST file. Follow the steps mentioned in the blog to recover data from PST files.

Ques3. Why should I use Regain Outlook PST Recovery to recover permanently deleted Outlook emails?
Ans. Regain Outlook PST Recovery is a reliable option with a simple interface. It allows you to recover deleted Outlook emails quickly. The software supports scanning, previewing recovered emails, saving in different formats, and exporting to cloud platforms like Office 365 and Gmail.

Ques4. Is there a size limit for files when using Regain Outlook PST Recovery?
Ans. No, there is no limit to the size of files when using Regain Outlook PST Recovery. It can handle large files without any restrictions.

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