How to Recover Deleted or Lost Outlook Emails

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In this post, I’ll provide three ways to recover deleted or lost Outlook emails. These techniques will assist you in recovering deleted or lost Outlook emails on every version that run on Windows system.

I am frequently asked concerns regarding deleted or lost Outlook emails recovery. The majority of my audience members do not know how to retrieve their deleted emails.

Sometimes, you erase your emails or another thing intentionally or unintentionally out of the Microsoft Outlook account; there are some changes happening that you’ll be in a position to restore. In the beginning, you have to search for the deleted files or emails in “Deleted Items Folder”, If for some reason you can’t find the email or file first, look for it in the ‘Recoverable Item Folder’.

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But there are certain aspects to keep in mind before you perform this type of Microsoft Outlook email restoration or recovery from your account.

  1. You can recover your deleted or lost files or emails if they are in the deleted Item the folder.
  2. However, if it’s not there, the process to recover deleted Outlook emails or files will require more experience to be restored.

Note: Be aware that these two options are focus on recovering your emails from normal deletion. The third method of recovery will help you restore forever deleted, lost or destroyed MS Outlook messages or data.

3 Simple Methods to Recover deleted or Lost MS Outlook Emails

  1. Recover Outlook emails when available in Deleted Item folder
  2. Recover Emails when not available in Deleted Item folder
  3. Recover Permanently Deleted Outlook emails by using Professional tool

Method 1: Recover MS Outlook emails when available in Deleted Item folder

  1. Start Microsoft Outlook, click on the “Deleted Items folder.
  2. Find the particular deleted email. Right-click on the file , and move it to the next Folder.
  3. To move it into the folder called ‘Inbox’ click on the ‘Inbox’ folder and click on OK.
  4. In addition to email, by using the method you also restore several other items in your mailbox as well.
    • Contact recovery: Click right-click on the file, then click on Move to select Contacts.
    • Calendar item recovery: The process is to right-click on the file, then click on Move and then click on Calendar.
    • Task item recovery: The process is to right-click on the file, and then select Move and then click on Tasks.

Method 2: Recover Emails when not available in Deleted Item folder

It is basically hidden folder and file which is the place where most deleted emails or files are moved into this directory. If the deleted files or emails aren’t within the Deleted Item folder or in the Recoverable Item folder, they may be deleted permanently or be accessible through the Recoverable Item folder. After you’ve completed one of the following:

  • Unfortunately, it is impossible to delete anything from the folder Deleted Items.
  • Deleted any file or email permanently with Shift+Delete.
  • Intentionally or accidentally, you have cleared your deleted Item folder.

Steps to restore permanently deleted Outlook emails:

  1. Start your Microsoft Outlook and go to the folder for email lists.
  2. Navigate to the Deleted Items folder.
  3. Then you can go to the Home tab and select the option “Recover Deleted Items Server”.
  4. The next step is to search and select the document you wish to restore After that, clicking on “Restore Selected Items’ and click on the OK button.

Note: When you restore or retrieve emails from “Recoverable Items folder“, following this, the chosen item will automatically transferred to the ‘Deleted Item the folder‘. To retrieve the specific file from the deleted Item folder, you need must follow our first procedure step-by-step.

Method 3: Recover Permanently Deleted Outlook emails by using Professional tool

There are certain situations in which you can’t locate the PST folder in your Recoverable Items in the folder. The only way to retrieve or recover deleted emails from Outlook is to use a professional Regain Outlook PST Recovery software.

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Professional Solution

Regain Outlook PST Repair tool is one of the most sophisticated software and also highly effective. The tool assists you not only to restore deleted or lost emails or files but also assists you in recovering or repair damaged Microsoft Outlook PST files. This tool is best for recovering contacts, emails, tasks, calendars, and other mailbox items. The best part about this program is that it doesn’t damage the original data or file which means that it safeguards your data from loss, corruption as well as any changes.

The software integrates a powerful recovery technology that has an extremely high ratio of compatibility. It works with any version of Windows Operating System as well as all versions of Microsoft Outlook.

However, the only one flaw: it isn’t compatible with MAC and Linux operating systems. It is hope that it will be available to MAC as well as Linux very soon.

This is how you can recover your lost or deleted Outlook emails on Windows effortlessly. This article hopefully will help you.

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