How to Fix Hyperlinks are Not Working in MS Outlook

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Microsoft Outlook is a widely-used email client that allows users to communicate and collaborate effectively. It comes with many features that make email management a breeze, including the ability to add hyperlinks to your emails. However, sometimes hyperlinks in Outlook may stop working, which can be a frustrating experience. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some common reasons why outlook hyperlinks not working, and how to fix them.

Let’s briefly talk about the Outlook hyperlinks not working error

Generally, when you try to open any hyperlink from any of your Outlook emails, all of a sudden you may get an error. The error may appear to you with different messages based on your Outlook versions.

When you try to open a hyperlink in Outlook 2010 and 2007, you may see the error message given as follows.

How to Fix Hyperlinks are Not Working in MS Outlook

But for Outlook versions 2013 to 2019, there are some unique alerts in the messages. Find the error alert in the image given below.

Hyperlinks error

Quick steps to get rid of the outlook hyperlinks not working error

  • Simply open the email in your device’s default search engine.
  • Attempt to open it in another browser or on a different machine.
  • Examine additional emails that contain a hyperlink. Just because it’s on an untrustworthy mail server doesn’t mean it shouldn’t function.
  • Try using Microsoft’s fix it tool.
  • Make sure you have removed all the suspicious add-ins from Outlook.

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Probable reasons behind the “hyperlinks are not working” error in MS Outlook

  • This problem usually occurs after removing Google Chrome or altering the default browser from Internet Explorer to Firefox or Chrome.
  • Your operating system’s primary Web browser is not legally registered.
  • Your Outlook has been infected with malicious add-ins.
  • The email message may get corrupted by any malicious attack.
  • Your Outlook’s PST file may become corrupted.

Manual methods to fix Outlook hyperlinks not working

1st Method: Reset the settings of your device’s default browser

Generally, on Windows operating systems, Internet Explorer is the default browser (for old versions). However, in newer versions, Microsoft Edge is the default browser. Sometimes, because of any settings-related changes, hyperlinks may fail to open in your browsers. Simply reset the settings to fix the error.

Don’t know how to reset the settings of the default browser? Here, as follows, we have shown how you can reset the Internet Explorer settings.

  1. Start Internet Explorer on your device.
  2. Navigate to Tools, and then Internet Options.Fix Hyperlinks are Not Working in MS Outlook
  3. A new pop-up window will appear soon. Choose Advanced, and afterwards, Reset.Manual guide to repair hyperlink error
  4. Choose to delete personal settings, then tap Reset in the Reset Internet Explorer Settings screen.Resolve Hyperlinks are Not Working in Outlook
  5. Once you’re finished, click “Close.”
  6. Internet Explorer should be closed and restarted finally.

In the reset settings, also reset the default programs

  1. From the Tools tab, find and reach for the Internet Options in Internet Explorer.
  2. Then go to the “Program Setup” wizard.
  3. Customize your default applications by clicking the “Set your default programs” button.Hyperlinks are Not Working in MS Outlook
  4. Choose Microsoft Outlook from the Applications column and make sure to add this software as the default.Free Guide
  5. Return to the top of the default applications list, mark Internet Explorer, and then choose Set this program as default.
  6. Exit the Default Programs pop-up window by clicking OK.

2nd Method: Check and fix your mail servers

If the hyperlink still does not work after you have altered browsers and examined a new email, the problem may be with the email server. A few major ones, like Gmail, Hotmail, and others, are trustworthy, but other local businesses may provide facilities without the ability to access hyperlinks. In such a scenario, we are unable to remedy the problem.

Basically, there is a rare chance that the “hyperlinks are not working” issue occurs because of the mail server-related issue. As we have been in this field for a long time, we can confidently assure you that the mentioned issue mainly occurs because of the default browser settings related issue.

Sometimes, Outlook’s corruption-related issues as well as corrupt PST-related issues are also responsible for this error. Read the next methods to repair your Outlook as well as Microsoft Office to get the additional fixes.

3rd Method: Try to repair MS Office from the control panel

If you have got an error in your Microsoft Outlook desktop client, we strongly recommend reinstalling or repairing the entire Microsoft Office suite or MS Professional plus whatever you are using. Otherwise, you can use Microsoft’s fix it tool that we have mentioned previously.

  • Firstly, access your device’s control panel and, from there, go to the programs and features section.
  • Locate the MS Office 365 package or Professional Plus (depending on the edition you’re using) and click the right mouse button over it.
  • Then you will find two options: uninstall and change. You can, however, uninstall it and reinstall it (which is the better option). But you can also go for the change option.How to Fix Hyperlinks are Not Working in MS Outlook
  • From the change option, select the repair option and proceed with the institutions that appear one by one. It will find general flaws and solve them automatically.
  • Then just restart the system and you may get the additional fixes.

4th Method: Use Microsoft Offcat (Microsoft Office Configuration Analyzer Tool)

There are several automated tools available that can help resolve hyperlink errors in MS Outlook. One such tool is the Microsoft Office Configuration Analyzer Tool (OffCAT).

OffCAT is a free tool from Microsoft that scans your Outlook installation for known issues and provides suggestions for resolving them. It can help identify and fix issues with hyperlinks, as well as other Outlook-related problems.

To use OffCAT, simply download and install the tool from the Microsoft website. Once installed, open OffCAT and select the “Outlook” option. OffCAT will then scan your Outlook installation for issues and provide recommendations for resolving them.

OffCAT can be a useful tool for automating the process of resolving hyperlink errors in Outlook, as well as other common issues. However, it’s important to note that it may not be able to resolve all issues, and some problems may require manual intervention or advanced troubleshooting.

Use Regain Outlook PST repair tool to repair corrupt Outlook profile and PST files

Regain Outlook PST Repair tool is a great option for resolving hyperlink errors in MS Outlook. It can help repair any corrupted or damaged PST files that may be causing the hyperlink errors.

To use Regain Outlook PST Repair tool to resolve hyperlink errors, follow these simple steps:

  • Download and install Regain Outlook PST Repair tool on your system.Regain Outlook PST Repair tool to Fix Hyperlinks in MS Outlook
  • Launch the software and browse and select the PST file that is causing hyperlink errors.Step 2
  • Click on the “Next” button to start the scanning process. The software will scan the selected PST file and identify any issues that are causing hyperlink errors.
  • Once the scanning process is complete, the software will display a preview of all the recovered data, including emails, contacts, calendars, and other Outlook items.Step 4
  • Select the emails or items that contain hyperlinks and click on the “Save” button to save them to a new PST file.Step 5
  • Finally, import the new PST file into MS Outlook, and the hyperlink errors should be resolved.

Many times, your PST files get corrupted for any suspicious reason. Regain Outlook PST Repair is a professional software that you can use to easily repair your inaccessible PST files.

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Hyperlink errors can be frustrating and can disrupt your workflow in MS Outlook. There are several manual methods that can be used to resolve outlook hyperlinks not working error, including changing the default browser and resetting the internet settings. However, an automated tool such as the Microsoft Office Configuration Analyzer Tool (OffCAT) or Regain Outlook PST Repair tool can save you time and effort by automatically identifying and fixing the issues causing hyperlink errors. Regardless of the method you choose, resolving hyperlink errors in MS Outlook is essential for maintaining productivity and ensuring a seamless user experience.

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