How to Fix Outlook IMAP Error 800ccc0e-0-0-560

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The Outlook error code 800ccc0e-0-0-560 is generally a synchronization issue. It appears mostly during the IMAP sync. In this post, we will provide a clear concept of the error as well as its reasons and also discuss the possible methods to fix Outlook IMAP Error 800ccc0e-0-0-560.

What is Outlook Error 800ccc0e-0-0-560 and its impact?

MS Outlook is an excellent email program that is widely used by both casual consumers and sophisticated corporate enterprises. It is not limited to Microsoft accounts, although any email account user can set up a profile on it. Outlook allows these mailboxes via the IMAP, POP, and SMTP standards, and every account may be configured with the appropriate receiving and outbound email servers and open ports.

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However, utilizing similar mailboxes in Outlook is often not easy. Whenever you launch the program, it syncs your mailboxes with the email server and informs you of any new arriving emails. Outlook occasionally displays a synchronizing problem with an IMAP connection.

In layman’s terms, the error 800ccc0e-0-0-560 indicates that the IMAP directories have not been correctly synced, preventing you from sending and receiving email messages via your profile.

It also has an impact on the program’s performance. The PC’s performance decreases, and it is possible that Outlook will malfunction as a result of this problem. As a result, we should correct the issue immediately and seek a remedy because it contains all of the crucial and sensitive information.

Factors that cause the Outlook Error 800ccc0e-0-0-560 are?

The Outlook syncing issue (800ccc0e-0-0-560) is not a typical mistake that occurs as a result of simple operator error, but rather as a result of account configuration errors. Some reasons include the following:

  1. IMAP credentials from other providers, such as Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, AOL, and others, are not entirely synchronized with Outlook.
  2. The user’s “account settings” are altered.
  3. The user mailbox cannot be saved because there is inadequate memory space.
  4. whenever users construct subdirectories within the IMAP account’s inbox rather than beyond the root destination.
  5. Because of an unexpected problem or infection, the Outlook data source (PST) has become damaged.

Manual methods to fix Outlook IMAP synchronization error: 800ccc0e-0-0-560

1st Method: Using Outlook’s in-built feature

In Outlook, there is an inherent way to change the base directory location for the user profile.

  1. To begin, launch Outlook and select the “File” menu.How to Fix Outlook IMAP Error 800ccc0e-0-0-560
  2. From the appeared wizard, tab the “Account Settings” feature.Fix Outlook IMAP Error 800ccc0e-0-0-560
  3. Select the account displaying the problem, then hit the “Change” button.Manual Tips to Fix Outlook Error 800ccc0e-0-0-560
  4. As a result, more options will be shown.Step by step guide
  5. Navigate to the “Advanced tab”, then to the “Folder” option, and finally to the Root Folder Location. In this field, enter “inbox” and press OK.How to Fix Outlook IMAP Error 800ccc0e-0-0-560
  6. Quit Outlook entirely and relaunch it.

2nd Method: Create a fresh OST file.

As you are still struggling to synchronize directories, your.ost document is most likely destroyed. You must make up a new record for it.

Steps to fix Fix Outlook IMAP Error 800ccc0e-0-0-560

  1. Quit all open applications and press the Start button.
  2. Navigate to “Search” and select “Files or Folders.”
  3. Tap on all the files and folders in the search field.
  4. In the section, input *.ost—all or portion of the document’s name.
  5. Select the hard drive from the “Look in” selection.
  6. Tick the “Include subfolders” tick-box in “More advanced choices,” and afterward just press the “Search” icon.
  7. In the “Name” field, search for the most recent document.
  8. After right-clicking the .ost file, select “Rename.” Make sure to give it a unique suffix, such as “old” instead of “old.”
  9. Restart Outlook, but before that, select “Close” from the File panel.
  10. Navigate to the “Tools” menu, then to the “Send/Receive” choice, and finally to “Send/Receive All.”

Check the under-right corner of the display. You can now view the syncing stage as well as your new .ost document. Because it is a replica of the preexisting data in a Microsoft Exchange mailbox, the entire operation does not harm the data.

Recommended tool to Fix Outlook IMAP Error 800ccc0e-0-0-560

Have you tried the two manual methods described above and received no results? You can try the Regain Outlook PST Repair software. Why are we suggesting professional PST repair software? Actually, sometimes the error 800ccc0e-0-0-560 occurs due to the corruption of PST or OST files.

Yes, there are also manual methods (scanPST or scanOST) to repair a corrupted PST or OST file. But, as previously stated, their software is too basic. You sometimes need to run the tool multiple times to repair it, and often it can’t identify any advanced corruption.

About the Regain Outlook PST Repair software:

It is an advanced PST Repair utility that can identify all the critical corruptions and repair the corrupted files in just a few single clicks. It also has a lost data recovery facility. The most interesting thing is that you don’t need to have any technical expertise to run this software.

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For more details, like its pricing, trial conditions, installation guide, and software operating tutorials, you can visit the official page of the Regain software. Overall, if you are looking for reliable PST repair software, it is more than enough for you.


Outlook IMAP Error 800ccc0e-0-0-560 can be frustrating, but with the above-mentioned steps, you can resolve the issue. Always ensure that you have a stable internet connection and that the IMAP settings are correct. Additionally, check your antivirus and firewall settings to make sure that Outlook is allowed to communicate through them. If all else fails, use Regain OST repair software to resolve the issue.

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