Import PST Files into Gmail

Updated on May 30, 2023 by Deepika Singh

At the current time, if you look for the popularity of the email clients between MS Outlook and Gmail, then it is usual that the Gmail email client will win. It is the base reason why users import Outlook PST files to Gmail.

PST is an internally developed format for Microsoft Outlook, one of the most prevalent personal and business email frameworks. Aside from email, it has extensive functionality for scheduling and work collaboration. Some users, however, prefer browser email clients. You can obtain your texts, contact information, calendar, and other information from any internet-connected smartphone if you have a Gmail account. In this article, you will get knowledge about importing Outlook emails into Gmail. Keep reading.

Why do you need to import Outlook PST files into Gmail?

Usually, Gmail has some extra benefits over MS Outlook. If you look through the benefits, I think it will be clear why you need to import PST files into Gmail. Here are some advantages.

  • Gmail provides ample storage space, allowing you to save vital emails for free.
  • Gmail enables you to use multiple apps with a single Gmail ID.
  • You can access it from any device, no matter the time or location. It can be easily synchronized whether it is an Android or an iPhone, Windows Office Suite or Mac OS.
  • Gmail includes a chat messenger with which you can communicate using its amazing stickers.
  • Compared to other email clients, Gmail is free and simple to use. You don't need to be a computer whiz to use Gmail.
  • Have you forgotten your Gmail passcode? Don't be concerned! With Gmail, account recovery has become far more advanced and simple. You can easily recover your Gmail account by entering your phone number (or following some simple steps).
  • You can transfer an email in less than a minute (it's fast), and it's secure.
  • In contrast to MS Outlook (where buying a licensed version of Microsoft Suite is necessary to use Outlook). Gmail does not charge any such service charges.

If you have read the above advantages of Gmail, then I think there is no need to describe the reasons for importing PST files into Gmail.

Effective Ways to Import Outlook PST Files to Gmail.

Actually, there are both manual and automated processes in this regard. You can use any of them, and you will be able to import the PST files into Gmail. First, you will get the manual ways, and finally, we will talk about a third-party software.

2 Manual Methods to Import PST File into Gmail

Method 1: Set up your Gmail in MS Outlook

For this purpose, it is necessary to have the Outlook application installed on your device. If it is, then follow as below.

  • 1. Firstly, navigate to the file tab and then press the "Add Account" icon.
  • Manual Steps to Setup Outlook emails into Gmail
  • 2. Input your Email address and press connect.
  • Step by step guide to Import PST files into Gmail
  • 3. Provide password and again press connect.
  • Manual ways to Access Outlook emails into Gmail
  • 4. Outlook will alert you when your Gmail account has been successfully set up. To finish the procedure, press Done.

Method 2: Repair your Gmail settings

Somehow, you can import your Outlook emails to Gmail by modifying some settings of your gmail. Read the step as follows.

  • 1. First, navigate to your Gmail account and sign in.
  • 2. At the top right corner, you will find gear icon. Just press it.
  • Steps to Access Outlook Emails into Gmail
  • 3. Then press on the settings icon.
  • 4. On the dropdown list of settings menu, press on the "forwarding and pop/imap" option.
  • 5. Activate the IMAP feature from the imap access setting.
  • 6. After that choose the save changes button.
  • 7. Paste the link into your browser "". Then choose the "Turn On" feature for less secure applications.

Automated process - Use Regain Outlook PST Converter

The above two processes are completely manual, and there is a huge chance of fault while performing these methods. Besides, there is not any default process to perform this. In this situation, third-party software has great importance.

Generally, there is no direct way by which you can directly import PST to Gmail. You need to convert your Outlook PST files into Gmail-supported format, and then you can easily view and use your Outlook emails in Gmail. The Regain Outlook PST Converter software is made for this purpose.

How to convert PST files using the Regain Outlook PST Converter Software?

  • 1. First, download and install the Regain PST Converter software on your pc or Desktop or whatever you are using.
  • 2. Then navigate to and select a PST file for scanning.
  • 3. Take a preview of all the scanned mailbox files.
  • 4. After that, Click "Cloud Migration" button and Select "Gmail."
  • 5. A pop-up window will appear, Enter 'Login Credentials of your Gmail
  • Regain PST to Gmail Migration
  • 6. Now, Import the PST file into Gmail


  • Allows adding and converting multiple Outlook PST files of any size into EML, MSG, MBOX, HTML, PDF, VCF, EMLX, and TGZ file format.
  • Allows migrating PST to Office 365 and Live Exchange mailboxes, Gmail, Amazon Work email, etc.
  • Effectively recovers corrupted PST files and deleted items of PST files.
  • Displays a preview of added PST file data along with the meta properties.
  • Allows selecting specific folders/subfolders, filtering unwanted emails and empty folders of PST files to make the process smooth.
  • Comes with Split feature to set up a size for resultant PST files.

In this article, we have mentioned above that you will get an automated solution to perform the import. It is the software by which you can easily convert PST files and use them in your Gmail.

The best thing about this software is that you can export PST files into Gmail and multiple formats. Besides, you have the opportunity to repair PST files and more.