Import PST Files into Gmail

Updated on November 17, 2023 by Deepika Singh

Summary: Outlook is the most helpful email client nowadays. Everyone has a Gmail account to store all their necessary emails, photos, calendars, tasks, and other information. Many people want to import their PST files into Gmail, and in this article, we have covered all the essential methods to import Outlook files into Gmail.


With Outlook PST file, you can backup and sync your older data into another Outlook profile and Gmail. Importing PST files into Gmail is crucial work but not impossible. Are you also searching for legitimate methods to import PST files into Gmail?

When you want to switch your email client from Outlook to Gmail, it is necessary to keep all your previous data in Gmail. This article covers all the possible methods to import Outlook emails to Gmail without losing data. Also, we will suggest why importing PST files into Gmail is necessary.

Reason to Import PST File into Gmail

  • To migrate emails to Cloud system for accessing anywhere
  • Backup of previous Outlook files.
  • Prevent from being Corruption in OST files.
  • Stores in an external hard drive to use in other compatible devices
  • For a safe sharing file

2 Verified Manual ways to Import PST to Gmail

Two methods help us migrate our PST data from Microsoft Outlook to Gmail. The first one is to import PST files to Gmail manually. The second method uses the Google Workspace Migration for Microsoft Outlook, which is easy to implement. The last one is to use a third-party tool for this job.

Method 1: Set up your Gmail Account in Microsoft Outlook

Manual import lets you specify the type of data you want to Import to Gmail –emails, contacts, or notes. It enables you to decide which data should be considered during the import.

First, you need an Outlook and an existing Gmail account. An import is only possible by connecting the two email clients.

  • 1. Launch your Gmail client and select "See all settings."
  • 2. In advanced settings. First, you must enable Outlook access to your Gmail profile. For this, select the "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" option.
  • 3. From this section, select "IMAP access," Mark "Enable IMAP," and click "Save settings."
  • Manual Steps to Import Outlook emails into gmail
  • 4. After preparing the Gmail account, switch to Outlook in the "File" status bar and click "Add Account."
  • Step 4
  • 5. Enter the email address belonging to the account and click "Connect." Type the Gmail password and click "Connect" again. In the last dialog box, confirm the process and complete the setup.
  • 6. To import the data, you must first define which data should be archived and saved by Outlook. For this, create a PST archive.
  • 7. Open the "File"> "Open & Export"> "Import/Export" to start the wizard.
  • Step 7
  • 8. In the wizard, choose "Export to a file" and after that, "Outlook data file (.pst)." Confirm the actions with "Next >."
  • Step 8
  • 9. Outlook now queries which emails, folders, and other information will become part of the PST archive and where they should be stored. Now, select a suitable location to complete the export.
  • 10. To transfer the data to Google, import the folder we saved as an archive into Outlook. Select the top item "Import from another program or files."
  • Step 10
  • 11. You will be asked to import your files. Once again, select "Outlook data file (.pst)" and the folder you saved.
  • 12. Here is the last step: select the email account where the PST file should be imported via a drop-down arrow. Select the Gmail account and confirm the import with "Finish."
  • Step 12
  • 13. By linking Gmail and Outlook, the PST folder you just imported will be automatically connected to a folder in your Gmail app or browser, and you now have direct access to all the data you just imported.

Method 2: Google Workspace Migration for Microsoft Outlook Tool (GWMMO)

Google Workspace Migration for Outlook lets you import all the files you need from a PST to Gmail with a few steps. You can import all the files in an archive or select files or groups, for example, only emails.

Download the Google Workspace Migration tool. Before downloading, verify the version of Outlook in your system that you used to save the PST archive – 32-bit or 64-bit. The Google Workspace Migration must match the Outlook version into your system.

Import PST to Gmail using Google Workspace Migration for Microsoft Outlook Tool

  • 1. After downloading Workspace Migration, open the application. Fill in the email address credentials of the Google account to which you want to import the PST archive.
  • 2. A new login window for the "Google Workspace Migration for Microsoft Outlook" will appear. The account should already be pre-listed. You can change the account's address if you selected the wrong email address in the previous step. Confirm the use of the Google account by clicking on the appropriate tab.
  • 3. Confirm usage of Google in the next step. It gives Google Workspace Migration for Microsoft Outlook permission to read, write, send, and delete Gmail emails. Allow this by clicking on "Allow". You can then select which archive to import.
  • 4. You will be back to the import wizard. Select "From PST File(s)..." in the menu. In a new Window, search and select the desired PST folder. The selected file will then be listed under the choice of the two options. Confirm with "Next."
  • Step 4
  • 5. Now, you can choose to import by placing check marks in the checkboxes or removing them. Confirm your selection with "Migrate" when you have made the selection. The transfer process will begin. You will then see the status of the migration in a window.
  • Step 5
  • 6. After the migration, If the previously selected PST folder is listed in your Gmail account, your PST file is imported into Gmail.
  • Step 6

Automated tool for Migrating Outlook emails to Gmail

The above two processes are completely manual, and there is a huge chance of fault while performing these methods. Besides, there is not any default process to perform this. In this situation, third-party software has great importance.

Generally, there is no direct way by which you can directly import PST to Gmail. By using this Regain PST Converter tool, you can directly migrate your PST files to Gmail account. It takes few simple steps to complete the migration process.

Steps to Import PST to Gmail using Regain Software

  • 1. First, download and install the Regain PST Converter software on your pc or Desktop or whatever you are using.
  • 2. Then navigate to and select a PST file for scanning.
  • 3. Take a preview of all the scanned mailbox files.
  • 4. After that, Click "Cloud Migration" button and Select "Gmail."
  • 5. A pop-up window will appear, Enter 'Login Credentials of your Gmail
  • Regain PST to Gmail Migration
  • 6. Now, Import the PST file into Gmail

Software Features:

  • Allows adding and converting multiple Outlook PST files of any size into EML, MSG, MBOX, HTML, PDF, VCF, EMLX, and TGZ file format.
  • Allows migrating PST to Office 365 and Live Exchange mailboxes, Gmail, Amazon Work email, etc.
  • Effectively recovers corrupted PST files and deleted items of PST files.
  • Displays a preview of added PST file data along with the meta properties.
  • Allows selecting specific folders/subfolders, filtering unwanted emails and empty folders of PST files to make the process smooth.
  • Comes with Split feature to set up a size for resultant PST files.


In the end, importing a PST file to Gmail can be essential for accessing Outlook emails and contacts on the cloud-based Gmail platform. The process can be accomplished manually, using Google Workspace Migration for Microsoft Outlook or with the help of any other third-party Regain Outlook PST Converter tool. Whatever you choose, successfully importing your PST file to Gmail can help you increase your productivity, allow you to access your data with your mobile phone, and have many other benefits.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: I want to import my PST file data to Gmail, but my PST files are not opening with Outlook and seem corrupted. Is there any way to deal with this?

Ans: If you have a corrupted PST file, then any manual method will not come in handy. In this scenario, a professional tool, Regain PST Converter, will help you out. It repairs the corrupted/inaccessible PST files and imports them to Gmail in a few clicks.

Q2: Should I keep IMAP status enabled or disabled while manually connecting Gmail and Outlook to get Outlook emails in Gmail?

Ans: Must keep your IMAP status enabled for the synchronization to the other application. To enable IMAP in Gmail, go to see all settings >> Forwarding and POP/IMAP and enable it.

Q3: Are there any limitations with the PST file’s number and size while importing to Gmail using this professional tool?

Ans: With this professional utility, there is no such limitation with the number of PST files and size of the PST file. You can add multiple PST files of any size and import them concurrently.

Q4: I am not much technical; will I get any technical assistance if I purchase this professional utility from Regain Software?

Ans: To provide a cakewalk process, this professional tool from Regain Software comes with a very simple and user-friendly GUI. If you still need any technical support, our technical support executives are available round-the-clock. You can contact us through live chat, by writing to support@regainsoftware, or by submitting a query on the Contact Us page.