Steps to Generate App Password and Disable Multiple Factor Varification

First: How to generate App Password

Following are the steps to acces Zoho Mail in any other third party tool, Generate OTP in Zoho Mail and Enter into the Application.

To Access Regain Zoho Mail Backup Software , you have to generate One Time Password from Zoho Mail Account. Below is the complete guide for enabling this feature.

Step 1 Sign in to your Zoho Account & Click here to go to Zoho Account Security Settings:

Step 2: Click on Generate New Password

Step 3. Enter name of Application which you want to use, Like:- Regain Zoho Mail Backup

Step 4. Click of Generate button

Step 5. A pop-up shows up to verify user authenticity. Click on Click here option

Step 6. Enter the Zoho mail account password.

Step 7. Click on Generate option again

Step 8. The application password is generated. The Dotted Rectangular box shows the app password. Save this password locally end safely. Click on Close button when finished.

Step 9. Login to the Regain Zoho Mail Backup tool using the app password.

How to Turn Off Multi Factor Verification for Zoho Mail Account

Follow steps to Disable 2 Step Verification / Multi Factor Authorization in Zoho Mail

Login to Zoho Account Security page:

Now click on the Delete icon for the enabled verification factor.

Click on Continue to delete the MFA verification.