Proven Strategies To Free Up Space In Your Gmail Account

Updated on Jan 25, 2024 by Henry Bray

In this article, we learn why we are getting error 'Gmail is Out of Space issue' and knows the methods to fix or resolve this problem. Here we explain in details, how to resolve Gmail is Out of Space issue.

Gmail has now become everybody's necessary email client for storing any vital information, such as documents, photos, attachments, URLs, and so on. Gmail has exceeded its storage limit due to the vast quantity of data it contains.

Generally, Google offers its users 15 GB of storage, which is split between Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Drive. Now it is up to the users to decide how to utilize the space. Whenever the storage exceeds its limit, you get an error message from Gmail that says Gmail is out of space, and then you can’t send or receive any emails.

It’s not necessary that you get the legal space error only from Gmail. When the 15 GB of default storage reaches its limit, there is a possibility that you will also get errors from Google Drive and Photos whenever you try to use them.

However, in this article, you will get knowledge about the Gmail error "Out of Space" and some useful methods to resolve it. Keep reading

Do you know how to check the storage space?

To control your Gmail space, you must first check the storage space distribution, as storage is shared across Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Drive. To investigate the Gmail storage problem, read as follows:

  • 1. First, copy and paste the link into your browser:
  • 2. Then you will be able to see the total storage and which program is using how much storage.
  • Simple Steps to Free Up Space in Your Gmail Account

You can now determine which service is consuming the most of the storage space. As a result, you may simply free up storage from that service.

Understanding The Causes Of Gmail Storage Issues And How To Fix Them

Google altered its storage policies for Google Photos just several days earlier, and new data will now take up the same 15 GB of space intended for all apps. Gmail will now be affected as well, and there will be storage concerns as well as the previously noted error.

However, several users have reported the Gmail error "Out of Space" Actually, by deleting some unwanted emails, this error can be easily resolved. Some effective methods to solve this error are as follows:

Method 1: Unwanted emails, files, and attachments should be deleted

The simplest way to free up space in your Gmail account is to remove old messages, photographs, and attachments. If you use Gmail on the mobile app, Google Photos may have auto-synced all of your photographs and clips.

So, in order to free up space, delete any superfluous photographs or movies from Google Photos. Before you delete your images, make a backup of them. Open Google Drive on your computer to check the files mentioned and delete unnecessary files individually.

Remove the biggest or oldest email files in Gmail as well. To find huge and ancient files, enter "Larger than: 5m," "Older than: 1y" in the search field, and then delete such documents.

When you've removed all of the unneeded files, go to the "Trash" folder and permanently remove all of the documents to resolve the issue.

Method 2: Use the Google Takeout function to archive Gmail emails

To free up additional storage in Gmail storage, users may utilize the built-in Google Takeout tool to archive Gmail emails to a specified file type and store them on the system disk directory. Several steps required for this process are listed as follows.

  • 1. Go to Google Takeout and sign in with your Gmail account
  • 2. Next, press the Deselect all button to remove the backup choices that were previously selected.
  • Understanding and Managing Your Gmail Storage Limit
  • 3. Tick the "Mail" box and then press the Next button.
  • How to Clean Up Your Gmail Inbox and Create More Storage Space
  • 4. Select the backup periodicity.
  • Efficient Email Management: Clearing Space in Your Gmail Account
  • 5. Proceed by selecting the preferred file format and capacity for the backup emails. After that, choose "Create export."
  • Steps to Optimize and Free Up Space
  • 6. The export procedure will begin. You must wait for the conclusion, which may take some time based on the quantity of emails in your Gmail account.
  • Simple Ways to Clear Space in Your Gmail Inbox
  • 7. When the export is finished, the data is available to be downloaded to the device disk. From the Downloads folder, press the Download link to download the data and store it in the specified system disk directory.
  • What to Do When Your Gmail is Out of Space

This method is completely manual as well as critical. However, it is effective to take a backup of your Gmail, but it has some limitations. While you can easily use third-party software like the Regain Gmail Backup software to easily keep a backup of your desired emails.

Actually, the Regain Gmail Backup Software has the capability of backing up email folders to your personal computer. This application is compatible with over 30 email clients. It is not necessary to have any technical knowledge to preserve an email backup.

An alternative solution by using Regain Software

  • 1. First, download and install Regain Gmail Backup utility on your device.
  • Regain Gmail Backup tool home screen
  • 2. Input "Account Login Information" to obtain a preview of all accessible folders.
  • Steps to Deal with a Full Gmail Inbox
  • 3. Lastly, to store email data on your computer, choose 'Saving format' and then click 'Next'.
  • Gmail Storage Solutions: Clearing Space and Maximizing Efficiency
  • 4. Backup process will be initially completed. Then, to exit the process, press Finish.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Ques1: Is not 'Google One' a better option for me as I am facing a Gmail is out of space issue?

Ans: If you need more storage, you can go for the Google One subscription, which will put extra stress on your pocket. But, if you want to manage the Gmail data and also don’t want to spend more, then taking backup from time to time is a wise decision.

Ques2: If I back up Gmail emails using Google Takeout, will my emails be deleted from Gmail?

Ans: If you use Google Takeout to backup, it will only backup the preferred items selected for backup. It will not delete the email items from the Gmail server and will only backup.If you want to free up space, then you can delete it onyour own.

Ques3: I want to use the Regain Gmail Backup Tool for timely backup of Gmail emails. Can I use it multiple times?

Ans: Yes, you can use the software to back up Gmail emails repeatedly. It can be used for timely backup over the period.

Ques4: What are the other benefits of Gmail email backup other than resolving the Gmail storage issue?

Ans: Backup always favors the users in unwanted situations like accidental deletion of emails. In regaining the inaccessible email, data backup comes as a boon. Moreover, with the backup, you can also manage the Gmail storage by freeing up the space.