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If you are looking for a ways to move their emails from Gmail to Yahoo Mail,  you are at right place. Since Yahoo has made certain changes in its interface and the 1 TB storage spaces it provides.

Introduction: Gmail is the most popular free email service by Google used worldwide having users in billions across the globe. It is one of the best examples of cloud services as it offers free storage of data up to 15 GB. Gmail users can send and receive emails along with attachments, for more data storage users can store the data in Google drive and share the link over the email. It offers numerous features that make users to use it over other email clients such as:

  • It Can be accessed from any device as long as there is an Internet connection.
  • Ability to search the specific messages.
  • Automatically organizes messages into a conversational thread.
  • Have spam-filtering capabilities to keep spam, phishing, malware out of Inbox. Spam messages are automatically sent to Spam folder and gets automatically deleted after 30 days.
  • The Confidential mode delimits your recipients to forward, copy, print, and download your email message. You can add an optional expiration time and set a passcode.
  • Allows scheduling the email to be sent tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon or at desired date and time.

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Why do User Transfer emails from Gmail account to Yahoo Mail

  • More people on Gmail mean more cyber-attacks leading to a rise in cyber-crime which causes a facade on the web.
  • Yahoo offers less cyber-attack events with the latest features & services.
  • The free storage space offered by Yahoo Mail is 1 TB as compared to 15 GB offered by Gmail.
  • In Gmail, there is always an increase in the malware intrusions & spammers which force users to move to other webmail services.
  • Organizations keep moving from one platform to another as per their needs.

2 Verified Manual Ways to Move emails from Gmail to Yahoo Mail

Method 1: Configure Gmail account in Yahoo Mail Account

If you want to move your emails from Gmail account to Yahoo account, perform the below steps:

  1. Click on Options > Mail Accounts > Add.Move Emails from Gmail to Yahoo Mail
  2. Enter the email account.
  3. Navigate to Settings > Forwarding and POP/IMAP.
  4. Select Enable POP for all mail.

Once your Gmail account is added in Yahoo, Yahoo Mail will start moving all your email messages from Gmail.

Method 2: Transfer Emails using Gmail Forward Feature

Gmail Forwarding gives users the ability to move email messages from the Gmail inbox to external accounts. The Forward tab sends the message to a different email address, which could be your Yahoo account. If you want to regularly forward Gmail messages to the Yahoo account, you can have Gmail transfer your mail automatically.

  1. Log in to your Gmail account.
  2. Click  (Gear icon) in the upper right corner of the browser window.
  3. Click See all Settings from the pop-up menu to load the Settings page.Export Gmail mailbox to Yahoo Mail using Gmail Forward features
  4. Click the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab.Click the “Add a Forwarding Address” button.Steps to Transfer Gmail emails to Yahoo mail
  5. In the dialog box that appears type the Yahoo email address into the text box and click “Next.”Gmail to Yahoo Mail Converter
  6. A confirmation screen appears. Click “Proceed.”Manual Steps
  7. Click OK after you receive a confirmation code on your yahoo mail ID.Free manual steps to export gmail to Yahoo Mail
  8. Gmail sends an email to the Yahoo account.Log in to the Yahoo account using a separate browser window. Read the message from Gmail and copy the confirmation code.
  9. Switch back to the Gmail window and paste the confirmation code into the “Verify” text box.Manual Step 7
  10. Click “Verify.” Gmail adds the Yahoo account to your list of forwarding addresses.
  11. Mark “Forward a copy of incoming mail to” option, select the ID to transfer Gmail to Yahoo mail.Step 8
  12. Click Keep Gmail’s copy in the Inbox to keep a copy of emails in your inbox.Step 9
  13. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen to finish the process.Step 10

Limitations of Manual Method

  • The manual method is time-consuming.
  • Difficult for non-technical users or users with no background technical knowledge.
  • Leads to mismanagement of mailbox and is not always effective.

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Professional Solution:

If you are looking an answer for “How to move emails from Gmail to Yahoo account”, then here we suggest using a third-party professional Gmail Backup software to backup Gmail account to your local PC. The self-descriptive graphical user interface of the Gmail Backup software eases Gmail backup process even for non-technical background users.

Free Download100% Secure Buy NowPrice: $39

Salient Features:

  • Backs up Gmail emails and Google Drive data without any data loss.
  • Supports adding large-sized and multiple Gmail mailboxes simultaneously.
  • Saves Gmail mailboxes in PST, EML, MBOX, PDF, HTML file formats.
  • Displays preview of added Gmail mailbox folders before initiating backup.
  • Selective Gmail folders backup.
  • Retains Gmail meta properties and folder hierarchy.
  • Pause and Resume options to pause the Gmail backup process and resume where you left off.
  • Displays Live Log report for the entire Gmail backup process to track the complete process.
  • Compatible with all Windows operating systems.
  • Available as a free demo version.
  • Lifetime free technical support on purchase.
  • Safe and secure utility to download and install on your system, does not save your personal Gmail account passwords.

Just 5 Steps and you are done with Gmail mailbox backup on your system

  1. Download, install and launch Regain Gmail backup Software.
  2. Enter the login credentials (email address and password) of the Gmail mailbox.
  3. Software displays preview of all available mailbox folder, check/uncheck folders/subfolders to backup.
  4. Select Email format as a backup option and then click Next.
  5. The Gmail email backup process initiates and displays a live log report. Click Finish.


This article discusses the need for moving Gmail emails to Yahoo account and the manual method to do the same. Since the manual method is complex and has some other limitations, it is highly recommended to use a third-party professional Gmail Backup software. To check the capabilities before deciding to purchase, the Gmail Backup software comes with a free to download demo version.

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