Ways to Migrate Google Drive Data to Another account

Updated on September 13, 2023 by Armaan

Summary: Switching data from one device to another is not easy at all. But however, if your data is saved on a cloud-based platform such as a Google Drive, then you can think of migrating its data to another account. You will come across some easy methods to execute this exercise. We will also discuss a professional tool that can instantly transfer all your data from one device to another.


Google Drive is a cloud-based storage platform which is supported by Google for all the Gmail users. With this facility, it has become technically possible to access, edit and share data on a real time basis. There is no need to transfer the files from one device to another. Google Drive has become an irreplaceable part and parcel of our lives. From documents, PDFs to images, videos and emails, Google Drive saves it all. But as Gmail users, we all know that Google Drive can save data upto 15 GB and not more than that. In that case, we need to buy some additional storage.

But if you are not willing to spend your money, then here we introduce yet another solution. You can simply migrate your data from Google Drive linked with one account to another. Don’t be bothered by the bulk of the data that you would need to handle. In this article, we will discuss some easy methods to migrate Google Drive data to another account. But before that, let us explore some reasons that can force you to migrate data from Google Drive connected to one account to another.

Reasons for migrating Google Drive data to a different account

As we have already mentioned, paucity of storage is one of the greatest reasons for migrating data to another account. But sometimes, even before storage is exhausted, users may tend to migrate their data. Here are some of the common reasons which may necessitate the users to migrate data.

  • Change in employment.
  • Migration from professional to personal account or vice-versa.
  • Lack of operation in the current account.
  • Moving files from a shared account to a new account.

Now that we know the reasons behind migrating data, let us understand the common methods that can be relied on to migrate the Google Drive data to another account.

3 Verified Methods to migrate data from one Google Drive to another

There are many methods to migrate data from one Google Drive to another. Let us read about them one by one:

1st Method: Direct Download and Upload Method

This is one of the most basic approaches that can be relied on to transfer the entire data from one Drive to another. Here are the steps that you can follow:

  • 1. Log in to your Google account with the help of the Gmail address.
  • 2. Go to Google Drive and pick the files that you wish to migrate to another Drive.
  • 3. Click on the ‘+’ sign towards the right-hand side of the window to add a new folder.
  • 4. Right-click on the files to download them.
  • Direct Download and Upload method for Google Drive Migration
  • 5. Save them in the new folder created.
  • 6. Download this entire folder to your local drive. Log in to another Drive using a different Gmail account. Click on ‘Upload’ to upload the downloaded file.

2nd Method: Move Data from one Google Drive to another

This is another easy method to transfer your data. Follow the steps given below:

  • 1. Log-in to your Gmail account.
  • 2. Select the files that you wish to migrate.
  • 3. Next, right-click on the documents and select Share, a new window will display.
  • Step by step manual guide to transfer emails from One Google Drive to another account
  • 4. Enter the account credentials such as email address and password to another Gmail account. Select Advanced Settings. Ensure that the access permission update is configured to 'To Owner' and then click on the Send icon.
  • Manual Tips to Migrate Google Drive data
  • 5. This will transfer your data to another Drive.

3rd Method: Use Google Takeout Feature

Google Takeout feature is a unique feature that allows the users to retrieve the archived files. However, it has to be carefully executed to make sure that the structure of the data is not distorted at all. Given below are the steps required for this process:

  • 1. Go to Google Takeout and then pick the files that you wish to transfer to another account.
  • Google Takeout method for moving Google Drive Data
  • 2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and then click on Next Step.
  • 3. Click on Add to Drive from the drop-down menu.
  • Move Data from One Google Drive to another drive using Google Takeout feature
  • 4. Click on Create Export. This will save the files in a zip format to the local drive.
  • Safe and Secure Google drive migration
  • 5. Once the files are saved to the local drive, Sign in to Google Drive with a different account and upload the downloaded files.

Limitations of Manual Methods

The methods that have been described above are very helpful to achieve the desired results. But they are not without limitations. Here are some of the limitations that are associated with these methods:

  • They are complicated.
  • They are time-consuming.
  • Beginners do not find them feasible.
  • They demand more knowledge.

Therefore, let us discover some automated solution that will help to migrate the data from one Drive to another.

Regain Email Backup Tool: A Professional Way to Migrate Google Drive data

Regain Email Backup Tool is one of the finest automatic solutions that helps to migrate data from one Google Drive to another in a hassle-free manner. This tool is known for syncing the email folders on a real time basis and saving that to the local drive of the device. This creates a backup of the data and transfers the entire data without any manual effort. The best part about this tool is that it protects the integrity of the data. In fact, it works well with 30 email clients. Here are some of the amazing features of this tool.

Features of Regain Email Backup Tool

  • Supports 30+ email clients.
  • Migrates any email account mailbox to IMAP server.
  • Backs up data from multiple cloud-based drives to formats such as PST, MBOX and EML.
  • Stores data from GoDaddy email, Hostgator and Bluehost.
  • Syncs with cloud-based services such as AOL, Aruba, Asia.com, Gmail, Cloud, Office 365, Europe.com.

Steps to backup data with Regain Email Backup Tool

  • 1. Download and launch Regain Email Backup Tool.
  • Regain Email Backup Tool
  • 2. Select “Email Services”. Enter the Login details to the Selected Email Account.
  • Enter Login Details
  • 3. A preview of all available Mailbox folders appears.
  • Show Available folders
  • 4. Specify the Saving File format and click on Next.
  • Select File Format
  • 5. This initiates the Gmail email backup.
  • Start Backup Process
  • 6. Once the backup is complete, the software displays that the backup process has been completed.
  • Migrate Google Drive Data to another account


With this, one may conclude that migrating data from one Google Drive to another is simple. All that you need to know is the correct method. Even if any of the manual methods are not working for you, then also you can simply rely on the Regain Email Backup tool as a one stop solution.