Maximizing Efficiency: Import Google Takeout to a New Gmail Account

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There are a lot of queries to import Google Takeout to a new Gmail Account, and users from all over the globe search for it. Google Takeout is a facility provided by Google to download (backup) Gmail items. It facilitates users to save the data in .zip and .tgz file formats; Gmail emails get back up in the. mbox file format. If you have used Google Takeout and now want to import Google Takeout to a new Gmail account or you simply want to move into a new Gmail account, then this blog is dedicated to you. Keep reading…

Have a Look at the Google Takeout:

  • Email item type gets saved in a different type of file format according to it. The calendar gets saved in the ICS, contacts get saved in the vCard file format, and emails will be in the MBOX.
  • However, the data will get compressed and saved in .zip or .tgz file format.
  • Google Takeout provides a way to archive Google products. We can also use this for other Google products like Google Photos, Maps, Google Keeps, and Classic sites apart from Gmail.

Are You wondering about the steps to import Google Takeout to new Gmail?

If you have already used Google Takeout for the Gmail backup, then you can skip this portion of the blog and scroll down. But, still, it will facilitate you to check all the steps, and if you haven’t used it, then it will guide you with the Google Takeout.

  • Open the Google Takeout or open your Gmail >> Manage Your Google Account >> Data & Privacy.
  • Now, click on Download your data, and it will take you to the Google Takeout.
  • Make a click on the deselect all and check only the Mail.
  • Select the file type and frequency and set a file size for the resultant file above, which will split. Click on Create Export.
  • After the creation of the export, you will get a download link on your Gmail. However, you also get options to Add to Google Drive/ Dropbox/ Microsoft OneDrive/ Box.

Must be Aware of the Facts Before Using the Google Takeout:

  • An error is very frequent with Google Takeout: ‘Google Takeout Process Failed’. If you encounter this issue, then you have to restart again.
  • If you want to download specific data/ items, then you will not be able to filter out.
  • Users should be aware that this process is very time-consuming and also comes with restrictions on attempts.
  • If, for any reason, the process interrupts, then you have to start from the very beginning.

Do You Have Google Takeout and Want to Import to Another Gmail Account?

We know that Google Takeout provides emails in the MBOX file format; hence, we will learn a method to import Google Takeout to a new Gmail Account using Thunderbird. Follow the below steps:

Manual Method:

  • Log in to the Gmail Account.
  • Go to the Settings >> Account and Import option.Google Takeout to New Gmail Account
  • Here, click on the Import Mail and Contacts option. Easily Transfer Google Takeout to a New Gmail Account
  • Now, enter the email address ( details of Thunderbird Profile).
  • Make a selection for the data that will be imported.
  • Click on the start and the import process will start. Migrating Your Google Takeout Data to a Different Gmail Account: A Complete Tutorial

Must Know These Facts Before Moving Ahead:

  • If you want a fast and effective method, then with this utility, you have to compromise.
  • If you have multiple accounts, then you have to process them one by one.
  • There is no option for the specific selection or filtering out.
  • Technical expertise is a must thing. If you are not technically sound, then don’t do this task as an experiment. It will be a risk with your data.

Is There any Easy and Effective Way to Import Google Takeout to a new Gmail Account?

Yes, an easy and effective professional handling of data is available. Regain Software has developed an advanced tool to import MBOX files to a Gmail account. This utility comes with multiple user-oriented features and provides a fast importing process. Moreover, many professionals recommend it for MBOX-related tasks. Some of its highlighted features are:

  • Users can add multiple MBOX files without any size restriction.
  • The software can also convert and save the MBOX file data to PST, EML, EMLX, RTF, and MSG-like file formats.
  • Along with importing MBOX to Gmail, users can also import MBOX to Office 365, Yahoo Mail, and Exchange Server.
  • It works for all kinds of MBOX files despite the fact from where it was created. More than 20 email clients create MBOX files, and this utility works with all MBOX files.
  • This utility is compatible with all versions of Windows OS.
  • Users also get free technical support with this utility. If you need any kind of support, then you can 24*7 contact the technical support team.

Free Download100% Secure Buy NowPrice: $29

Steps to Professionally Import MBOX Files to Gmail Account:

  • Install and open the Regain MBOX Converter Tool.
  • Now, click on the ADD MBOX File Folder button. With this, you can add multiple MBOX files present within a folder.Steps to Importing Google Takeout to a Different Gmail Account
  • Add the MBOX files and you will get a preview of the MBOX file. The Definitive Guide to Transferring Google Takeout to a New Gmail Account
  • Now, from the Ribbon bar, select the Cloud Migration. Transfer Google Takeout Data to a new Gmail
  • Select Gmail as the target and enter the Gmail login credentials to make a connection with Gmail.
  • Proceed accordingly and your MBOX file data will be imported to the new Gmail account.

Wrapping Up:

If you want to import Google Takeout to a new Gmail Account, then apart from the manual steps, we have a professional tool developed by Regain Software. As we know, Gmail emails get saved in the MBOX file format using Google Takeout. This utility has multiple advanced features and also offers a free demo version. Using the free demo version, you can easily import MBOX files to your Gmail Account.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Can I make a selection of a specific email using the Account and Import Facility of Gmail to import to the New Gmail Account?

Ans. If you use Gmail’s Account and Import facility, you don’t get any option for the specific selection of the emails. You can’t filter out the emails.

Q2. Does Google Takeout come with an incremental takeout facility?

Ans. No, Google Takeout is not boosted with the incremental export facility. If, for any reason, your Google Takeout process stops, then you have to start it from the very beginning.

Q3. With Regain’s software, can I save Google Takeout data to Outlook PST file format and import it to Gmail?

Ans. You can also convert Google Takeout data to PST file format. Users can simply choose the task and execute it with the MBOX files. Also, it is a very speedy and effective way to handle the Google Takeout data.

Q4. I have multiple MBOX files of various sizes; can I process all MBOX files with a single software license?

Ans. You can import or convert multiple MBOX files with a single license. Users can efficiently process multiple MBOX files without any restriction on the size.

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