Outlook Incoming Emails Disappear - How to Fix?

Updated on Juy 17, 2023 by Henry Bray

Microsoft Outlook is one of the best email communication platforms, with a great number of users today. As we all know, every well-known thing always has its remedy, just like users face some errors while using MS Outlook. One of the errors is that "Outlook Incoming Emails Disappear." In this article, you will learn about it.

What happens if the error "Outlook Incoming Emails Disappear" occurs?

Generally, it has no symptoms. If you are a regular user of Microsoft Outlook, then it can happen that one day you open your Outlook mailbox and some of your incoming emails are missing. It is completely surprising. However, it doesn’t show any dialog box that indicates the error.

Usually, this sudden missing of emails is known as the "Outlook Incoming Emails Disappear" error. It is natural that you will get afraid of doing anything in that situation due to the fear of permanently losing data. Don’t worry, keep reading. You will find the quick fixes in this article.

Why Do Emails Disappear All of a Sudden in Outlook?

Your mail could be disappearing from your inbox for a variety of reasons. Some are recoverable, while others are not. Now let us look at some of the probable explanations:

1. Emails were mistakenly removed

Assume you have Outlook setup on your mobile device and it is also synchronized. Unaware of this sync, you are deleting emails while they are being removed from your inbox as well as your mobile device.

2. The filtering setting was incorrectly defined

If you used the incorrect filters, you could be incapable of checking emails that are a couple of days old, opened, unread, missing attachments, and so on.

3. Problems with setup settings

Maybe there's a fault with your account's POP or IMAP settings. You may encounter this problem if you make a mistake while customizing them.

4. The Outlook account has been stolen

This problem might also occur if your Outlook account is hijacked or exploited by someone. Attempt to change your password. Try to check the other security features and take urgent action against them. If you fail to fix it, then communicate with the support team.

Resolve Outlook Incoming Emails Disappearing Problem

As previously explained, there are several reasons why Outlook incoming emails may disappear. To address this issue, we will go through a couple of best manual and automated options. Now let us have a look at them:

Analyze the filters carefully

Filters can often be a key cause of email disappearances. So, experiment with changing the filter options. To alter the filter settings, follow the procedure below:

  • 1. Begin by launching Outlook and selecting the View menu.
  • 2. Press the View Settings option in the present View section.
  • 3. Pick the Filter option in the new Advanced View Settings dialogue box.
  • 4. Navigate to the More Options tab in the new Filter input field.
  • How to fix Outlook Incoming Emails Disappear
  • 5. Check to see if any of the filter boxes in this category are checked; if so, uncheck all of them and click Okay.

Analyze the Deleted Items Folder

If you can't locate a few emails in your Outlook mailbox, it's likely that you deleted them by mistake. These emails that you remove from your mailbox are not immediately deleted. Those emails are instead kept in the Deleted Items folder. To restore lost items, navigate to the Deleted Items folder and retrieve emails from there.

Use the Advanced Search feature

When you can't detect several emails that were previously in your mailbox, use Outlook's Advanced Find tool to look for them. To do just that, follow the procedures outlined below:

  • 1. Navigate to the Inbox tab in Outlook.
  • 2. Tap on the search box in the top area to open the search tools menu.
  • 3. Broaden the search tools drop-down menu and choose "Advanced Find."
  • Manual Tips to Repair Outlook Incoming Emails Disappear
  • 4. Next, in the appropriate fields, input the information of the emails you wish to look for. There are three options, and you may choose the one that best fits your needs.

Use Regain Outlook Recovery tool to Fix PST file

Usually, Microsoft Outlook saves its data files in the .pst format. There are many possibilities that result in your Outlook PST files corruption or damage. If somehow it happens to you, then there is a huge chance that you will lose your email data.

When it occurs suddenly, you will not get any symptoms, and wherever you open your Outlook, you may see that several emails are missing from your mailbox.

There are many ways to repair PST files (manual or automated). As usual, the manual process has few criticalities. You can use the Regain Outlook PST Repair Software to easily fix inaccessible Outlook PST files.

Fix Outlook Incoming Emails Disappear error by using Regain Outlook PST Recovery tool

However, using the software, you will get the opportunity to not only repair PST files but also get the facility of PST file conversion. So, you can easily check your Outlook emails in other email clients and this will be a backup. It's easy interface will absolutely help you repair the PST files in a standard way.