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Summary: MS Outlook has become one of the most effective email clients to maintain professional relationships. But what if your profile gets damaged? Won’t it hamper your professional relationship? Definitely, it would. That is why here we discuss the common ways to repair corrupt MS Outlook profiles. We will also provide professional solutions that would be very easy for the beginners at least.

MS Outlook is one of the best interfaces that helps to connect with professionals easily. This email client has ended up becoming the first choice of every professional. Its advanced features make it easy for the users to connect to each other without any issue. Each user gets his own profile to operate from. This profile is nothing but a collection of settings and configuration in relation to an account. But this profile is prone to damage and corruption. Here are the symptoms of corrupt profiles.

When does a Outlook profile become corrupt?

You must realize that if your MS Outlook profile is displaying the following symptoms, it has become corrupt.

  • MS Outlook crashes frequently.
  • You receive error messages while sending and receiving emails.
  • It is not possible to open MS Outlook data files and folders.
  • You cannot add or remove email accounts.
  • Your contacts and calendar entries are missing.

These symptoms usually take place when MS Outlook has been shut down abruptly. In fact, incomplete installation of MS Outlook can also be a reason due to which users face such issues. Incomplete configuration of the profile is another reason due to which this issue takes place.

If you ignore these symptoms and continue to operate your damaged profile then it would be posing a lot of hardship. You will end up losing your entire data stored in the mailbox. In fact, there is also a possibility that your data is unauthorized accessed by a third party. Therefore, it becomes important to repair the damaged MS Outlook profile immediately.

Methods to fix corrupt MS Outlook profiles

Here are multiple methods to fix your corrupt and damaged MS Outlook profile. Some of them are as follows:

Method for all Outlook Versions

There are two methods that will work for all the versions.

1st Method: Using Control Panel

  1. Go to Start. Open Control Panel.
  2. Click Mail.
  3. Click on Show Profiles.
  4. A dialog box displaying all your profiles will appear. Repair Corrupt Outlook Profile Using Control Panel
  5. Click on Remove to remove the corrupt profile. Now repeat the same steps and click on Add to add a new profile.

Method for MS Outlook 2007

  1. Open MS Outlook. Choose Account Settings. Repair Outlook 2007 profile using Control Panel
  2. The Account Settings window appears. Select on Email and choose the MS Outlook profile that is corrupt. Click on Repair. Repair Outlook 2007 profile using Control Panel - Step 2
  3. Follow the instructions of the wizard and click on Finish when it gets done.
  4. Restart MS Outlook to sync all the changes.

2nd Method: Using Inbox Repair Tool

The Inbox Repair Tool also known as the Scanpst.exe is an inbuilt repair tool of MS Outlook. It helps to repair the damaged and corrupt PST files. Here are the steps to repair these files so that MS Outlook profile functions well.

  1. Go to Start and type ‘scanpst.exe’ in the Search field. Repair Outlook Profile Using Inbox Repair Tool
  2. Browse to select your default .pst file.
  3. Click on Start. The tool will automatically repair the damaged files. Step 3

Method for MS Outlook 2010, 2013 and 2016

  1. Open MS Outlook. Click on File. Repair Outlook 2010, 2013 and 2016 Profile Using Inbox Repair Tool
  2. Click on Account Settings and then click choose Account Settings. Step 2
  3. Go to the Email button and then choose your MS Outlook profile. Select Repair. Step 3
  4. Enter your login details. Click on Next. Step 4
  5. Wait for the repair to take place. Step 5
  6. Click on Finish to end the process. Step 6

Professional Tool: Regain Outlook PST recovery tool

We have discussed many methods to repair the damaged MS Outlook profile. However, if the files are excessively damaged then only a professional solution can be useful to repair the file. Regain Outlook PST Recovery tool can be a great solution to repair the PST files and hence repair the damaged profile.

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This tool helps in the following functions:

  • It helps to repair the PST files irrespective of the size and the number.
  • It helps to restore permanently deleted files and excessively damaged files.
  • It even helps to decrypt password protected files.
  • It maintains the integrity of the data.
  • It helps to retain the structure of the data.
  • It goes along with all operating systems.


With this, one can be in the position to conclude that the best way to repair the damaged PST files and repair the damaged profile can be to restore the data with the help of a professional solution. It is easy and does not require any expert assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques1. I am using Outlook 2013; what steps should I follow to repair Outlook profile manually?
Ans. After launching Outlook, click on the file tab, then Account Settings >> Account Settings. Here, just make a selection for the email for the Outlook profile. Finally, click on the Repair.

Ques2. What to do after trying all the manual workarounds; still getting Outlook profile corrupted?
Ans. If manual workarounds are not able to resolve the Outlook profile, then you must go for the Outlook PST Recovery Tool developed by Regain Software. Corrupted PST files are a major cause of improper Outlook performance and Outlook profile damage.

Ques3. In our organization, we are using various Windows OS, and we have a lot of PST files that have to be repaired. With which Windows OS is it compatible?
Ans. Doesn’t matter what Windows OS you are using; Regain Outlook PST Repair Tool is compatible with all Windows OS. Simply install it, repair the PST file, and resolve the Outlook corruption issue.

Ques4. I am not much technical; will I be able to run this utility in a manner to repair the Outlook PST?
Ans. The GUI of this utility is very user-friendly, and any user can easily use it; no technical expertise is required. If you still need assistance, then feel free to contact us. Our support executives are 24×7 available to assist you.

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