The Complete Solution for Dealing with an Oversized Outlook PST File

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All Outlook users are well-versed in PST file format; moreover, PST is popular among all email users, and PST is the most suitable file format to save email data. Users can easily access the data by adding the PST file to any Outlook account. But, over the years, PST files have become oversized, and users face many Outlook errors as well as degradation in Outlook’s performance. If you are also one who is suffering because of an oversized PST File and want to fix and repair oversized Outlook PST, then this write-up is the one-stop solution for you.

Let’s Know About PST and Its Limit:

  • PST (Personal Storage Table) is one of Outlook’s data Storage files.
  • Users can easily add PST files with any Outlook account and access the emails.
  • PST files are of two types: ANSI and UNICODE. Outlook 2002 and earlier versions used ANSI PST file which has a maximum size limit of 2 GB.
  • In Outlook 2003 and 2007, the maximum storage was 20 GB and for later versions, the maximum PST file size recommended by Microsoft is 50 GB.

What Issues Users Can Face with the Oversized PST File?

There are multiple issues associated with the oversized PST files and overall it degrades the performance of Outlook. Moreover, there are some other issues due to oversized PST files:

  • Oversized PST files are always prone to corruption. If PST gets corrupted, then you will face difficulty in accessing PST files.
  • A lot of errors are the result of oversized PST files like Outlook error 0x00040820.
  • Users also get errors in background Synchronization.
  • You will face an issue in accessing the PST file, and you will see the following statement: “xyz.pst cannot be accessed – 0x80040116” (here, XYZ is PST’s name).

Some Manual Workarounds to Fix and Repair Oversized Outlook PST:

1. Compact the PST File

  • Open the Outlook application.
  • Click on File>>Account Settings.
  • Under the Account Settings, select the Account Settings…
  • Now, out of the many tabs available, select the Data Files.
  • Here, you must choose the PST file that you want to compress and click on Settings. Effective Method to Repair an Oversized Outlook PST File

Now, you will have the Compact Now button, go with it.

2. Use the Mailbox Cleanup Tool

  • As previously done, open the Outlook and click on the File.
  • Now, under the Info tab, select the Tools.
  • Select the first option of “Mailbox Cleanup“… Steps to Fix Oversized PST Files in Outlook
  • Now, you can choose the duration and the size to filter out the items.
  • Empty items as per the need.

3. Displace the Attachments to Reduce the Size

We all know that attachments play an important role however, they also consume a lot of data. So, it is a wise option to save the email attachment somewhere else.

  • Open Outlook and click on the filter which is just below the Search bar.
  • Now, make the selection for the Size criteria.
  • Select the “Largest Size” emails to get them in descending order.
  • Here, you can save them in a different location using the “Save All Attachments” option. Method to Repair Large PST Files
  • After that, you can delete the attachments from emails and reduce the overall mailbox size.

Things to Know Before Using the Manual Ways:

Above, we have explained a few manual methods to manage PST file size, but these methods are primarily preventive, not resolving. Also,

  • Being manual in nature they seek a lot of time as well as technicalities.
  • If your PST file has got corrupted, then no manual method can repair and manage the size. However, using the Scanpst.exe utility you can repair minor incidents of PST files but not severe corruption issues. Also, it doesn’t work for the large-sized PST files.
  • The manual method doesn’t guarantee the successful resolution of this issue.

See How Professionals Fix and Repair Oversized Outlook PST?

PST files store very important and crucial email data; hence, no professional wants to mess with the manual ways. Every professional wants an errorless and efficient solution; therefore, a professional third-party tool is the recommended solution. For the same, the Regain Outlook PST Recovery Tool is a picture-perfect solution. Let’s see what it offers:

  • It can repair any PST file despite the severity of corruption.
  • There is no size limitation; it can Fix and Repair Oversized Outlook PST of any size.
  • Users can easily save recovered PST files to multiple file formats like MSG, EML, MBOX, and EMLX. Moreover, users can also save into PST file format within a small-sized PST format.
  • This utility can easily add multiple PST files and process them.
  • Regain Outlook PST Recovery Tool is compatible with all versions of Windows OS.
  • Moreover, users can export PST to Office 365, Exchange Server, and Gmail-like cloud platforms.
  • This professional utility comes with a very easy-to-understand GUI. Any non-technical user can quickly complete the process on their own.
  • Users can also try its free demo version before purchasing the license as this utility is verified and tested.

Free Download100% Secure Buy NowPrice: $39

Step-by-Step Process to Manage the Oversized PST File:

  • Firstly, install and open the Regain Outlook PST Recovery Tool.
  • Now, add the PST file that you want to fix and manage. Regain Outlook PST Recovery tool to fix oversize PST files
  • The tool will now scan the PST file and preview the PST file items after recovering. Scan PST file
  • Here, you can easily check the recovered items that were inaccessible before.
  • Now, select the destination path for the target where you want to save the resultant PST file.Repair an Oversized Outlook PST File
  • Here, you must choose the PST file format as the resultant. Also, you can set the size for the new PSTs. However, there are other file formats too, like EML, MSG, MBOX, et cetera.
  • Finally, click on Convert Now, and the process of saving the recovered PST file items will start.Successfully Repair Large PST file size

Final Words:

Over the years PST file size becomes large and they become oversized which leads to corruption in most cases. This write-up covers some manual workarounds to manage the PST size, but if you have oversized PST files that are corrupted too, then you need a professional tool for the same. Regain Outlook PST Recovery is an advanced tool that can easily fix and repair oversized Outlook PST files. With this tool, users also get free technical support as well as a free trial version of the software.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Ques1. What is the recommended size of the UNICODE PST file after which there is a chance of corruption?
Ans. Microsoft has recommended a size limit of 50 GB for the UNICODE PST file. If a PST file crosses this size limit then it is prone to corruption.

Ques2. Can I use the Scanpst.exe utility to repair and fix oversized PST files?
Ans. You can try the Scanpst.exe utility, but it doesn’t work with severe corruption issues. Also, it fails to add the large/oversized PST files.

Ques3. If I use the “Save All Attachments” option to move the attachments, will these attachments automatically be deleted from the emails?
Ans. No, they will not automatically delete. You have to delete them individually.

Ques4. How does this PST Split feature work?
Ans. You have to select the size for the resultant/new PST files and enter it next to the PST Split option. The software will automatically split the new PST file on reaching the recommended size.

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