Fix 'Microsoft Outlook Not Responding' Error

Updated on April 16, 2024 by Nasir Khan

Microsoft Outlook is without a debate among the most flexible email client programs in the marketplace currently. MS Outlook has been in existence for quite some period. MS Outlook, like Windows 10 and other Windows programs, has received frequent upgrades from Microsoft.

Microsoft has undoubtedly improved the user experience with each upgraded edition. However, "Outlook Not Responding" is an error warning that not many of us have to deal with on a regular basis. You may have asked who is to blame for Outlook not working or having trouble. In this article, you will get the reasons and solutions to this problem.

Numerous Primary Factors of "Outlook Not Responding" Problem.

Microsoft Outlook has stopped working

Microsoft Outlook is a type of application known as an "email client." These are configurable email features that are inserted on your PC to transmit and receive email messages. In contrast, "Webmail" only enables customers to view emails using web browsers.

Microsoft Outlook is undoubtedly one of the most adaptable "email client" technologies available today, which may explain why enterprises across the globe rely on it to handle their mail. In other words, whenever they occur, they are typically annoying and, in most cases, cause you to stop in your tracks.

The "Outlook not responding" error is one of the most prevalent issues that users encounter. This warning is frequently displayed whenever Windows is unable to connect with an application running in the background. In consideration of this, we've compiled a list of probable causes for Microsoft Outlook to fail to respond for you below.

  • You haven't established the most recent updates.
  • Outside material, including photos in an email message, is being loaded by Outlook.
  • Outlook is being hampered by a recently installed add-in.
  • Your mailboxes are excessively huge.
  • The AppData folder has been switched to a network location.
  • You must fix your Office applications.
  • The data and user files in Outlook have been corrupted or destroyed.
  • The virus protection software is either outdated or unsuitable with Outlook.

Manual Ways to Fix "Microsoft Outlook Not Responding" Errors

There are several manual ways to fix the error. Keep reading and just follow the below methods. You will definitely get the additional solutions.

1. Outlook must be forced to close

Whenever Outlook does not react and fails to shut down, you must utilize the Task Manager to shut it down. Read the instructions below to force-quit Outlook using Task Manager.

By hitting CTRL+SHIFT+ESC around the same time, you may access the Task Manager.

Manual Steps to Fix ‘Microsoft Outlook Not Responding’ Error

Select Microsoft Outlook from the drop-down menu on the Process menu.

Microsoft Outlook has stopped working issue

To force-quit Outlook, right-click it and next select End Task in the new window that appears.

2. Switch Off the Antivirus Program

The antivirus program is intended to safeguard your computer against any threats. Several technologies are available to scan every outgoing and incoming email on your system in order to discover issues. This may occasionally cause issues with Outlook's usual operation. Furthermore, your antivirus software may mark particular add-ins as suspicious and even block them, leading to MS Outlook's stopping or crashing.

Go to the Control Panel and disable your antivirus. Restart Outlook and double-check your work.If all works well, you realize where the issue is. To continue using the antivirus program with Outlook without problems, add Outlook and all of its add-ins (those you believe) to the antivirus program's list of trusted apps.

3. Remove corrupted add-ins.

Actually, there are two ways to disable add-ins in Outlook. The first is that you can disable it via the Outlook add-ins management center, and the second is that you can activate it directly via the Windows Control Panel.

Steps to disable using the Outlook add-ins management center

Launch Outlook, then put "Com" in the "Tell me what you want to accomplish" search feature at the upper right corner of Outlook, followed by "COM Add-ins."

fix Outlook Not Responding error

Deselect any problematic or unnecessary add-ins in the drop-down box, then press "OK" and re-launch Outlook for the modifications to take full effect.

free tips to repair 'Microsoft Outlook has stopped working' popup error

Steps to disable add-ins using the Windows Control Panel

If you delete the add-in files from both Outlook and Windows, this is a more powerful technique than uninstalling Outlook add-ins and deleting the files from Outlook. Add-ins may be simply deleted from the Windows Control Panel by utilizing the Uninstall Program function.

Leave the Outlook programme.

Launch the Control Panel by typing Control Panel into the Windows search bar.

fix MS Outlook errors

Press on programs and features, followed by "Remove programs."

Microsoft Outlook has stopped working

Search for the malfunctioning add-name, pick it up, and remove it.

4. Make the Outlook data file less in size

Outlook saves all information in Personal Storage Tables formatted (.PST) files. However, whenever used with Exchange inboxes, the data is also saved as OST files (.ost). If your Outlook PST or OST files get too large, they are vulnerable to damage and harm.

Simple Manual Process to fix 'Microsoft Outlook has stopped working' message

To lower the number of Outlook data files, clear out your Outlook inbox as well as other directories, archive old emails, and empty the Deleted Items directory. Furthermore, you may utilize the Outlook Compact tool to reduce and minimize the volume of data files.

Professional Solution: By Using Regain Outlook PST Repair

If you fail to get the solution after applying all the above methods, then there might be an issue with your Outlook PST files. It may be damaged. Now you just need to repair PST files. You can do it manually. There are some manual ways to repair pst file.

But it needs a lot of technical experience. While you can easily use an extensive tool like Regain Outlook Repair, it is great and easy-to-use software with which you can repair your corrupted or inaccessible PST files with just a few simple clicks. Besides, using this software, you have the opportunity to convert PST files into various formats.