Outlook for Mac Not Syncing With Exchange Server

Updated on February 15, 2024 by Deepika Singh

The Outlook email client is one of the stable email clients that offers multiple facilities and advantages to users. This email client from Microsoft comes in many forms, including Outlook application, Outlook for Web, and Outlook with Office 365 subscription. Outlook for Mac is also an important aspect of the Outlook series, and Mac users must be addressed. However, Outlook is a stable email client, but it still faces some errors, and Outlook not Syncing with the Exchange Server is a common thing.

Many Mac users deal with the same regularly. So, in this blog, we will discuss the ways to resolve the problem of Outlook for Mac not Syncing with Exchange Server and describe the reason behind this error.

Why is Outlook for Mac not Synchronizing with the Exchange Server?

There is no absolute reason for this issue, but several reasons exist for this sync issue. Some of the common ones are below:

  • There is no connectivity with the Exchange Server.
  • Your Outlook Mac is running in offline mode.
  • You forgot to update Outlook for Mac.
  • A corrupted Outlook database can be a problem.

How Do I Sync Outlook on Mac with Exchange Server?

The issue Outlook for Mac is not Syncing with Exchange Server can be resolved using the methods mentioned below. Try these workarounds to check if they fix the issue.

1- Verify the Online Mode

It is the basic crosscheck to verify the connectivity with the server.

  • 1. Go to the Outlook menu.
  • 2. Verify if the Work Offline is selected.
  • Troubleshooting Guide: Outlook for Mac Not Syncing With Exchange Server
  • 3. If work offline is selected, deselect it.
  • 4. Now check that the synchronization problem is resolved.

2 - Clear Outlook Cache

This workaround can also help you with synchronization problems.

  • 1. Firstly, you must ensure a connection between Outlook and Exchange Server on the Mac system.
  • 2. Now click on the specific exchange folder, which is not synchronizing. (Here, select properties).
  • 3. Now, go to the general tab.
  • 4. Click the option to empty cache.
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3 – Must update the Outlook app on your Mac

An outdated Outlook version is one of the reasons for this error. Follow the below steps to update your Outlook application.

  • 1. Click the 'command + space' on your Mac, type Outlook, and press return.
  • 2. Now go to the top menu bar and click on Help.
  • 3. Select 'Check for Updates' from the drop-down menu.
  • Step-by-Step Fix for Outlook for Mac Not Connecting to Exchange Server
  • 4. Now click Microsoft Outlook for the update.

4 - Rebuild the Outlook Profile for Mac:

This method helps you fix your Outlook profile if it is corrupted. To set the synchronization issue with the Exchange server, follow the steps to rebuild the Outlook file for Mac.

  • 1. Firstly, close all the running Outlook-related processes on the Mac computer.
  • 2. It is recommended to take a backup of the available Outlook folder in the C drive.
  • 3. Click on the Outlook application + Alt key to start the Microsoft Database Utility app.
  • 4. Now, select the Outlook Profile you want to recreate and click Rebuild.
  • 5. Wait until the process completes.

Now, you can check if Outlook is synchronized with the Exchange Server.

5. Give a Chance to Outlook Reindexing

  • 1. Firstly, close all the running applications.
  • 2. Now, you have to click on the Outlook icon on the launcher.
  • 3. You will now see the Outlook indexing tool.
  • 4. Here, go with the Outlook Reindex option.
  • 5. Now, you have to run these commands respectively: sudo mdutil -E / and sudo mdutil -i on /.

What's next if the issue isn't resolved after trying manual workarounds?

In this situation, converting the Mac archive File OLM to PST is recommended for backup purposes. Also, if you have a Windows system, you can simply add it to Outlook, which can be accessed. If you have decided to convert OLM to PST, here is a professional solution for you that most professionals use. The tool is Regain OLM to PST Converter. Let's learn, what does it offer:


Some of its highlighted features are:

  • You can add multiple OLM files and convert them to PST file format.
  • Users can also set the size for the resultant PST files.
  • It exports all data like Inbox, Tasks, Contacts, Notes and Calendars.
  • There is no restriction on the added file size; the tool effectively works on all.
  • It offers multiple saving file formats like MBOX, EML, MSG, RTF, EMLX, etc.
  • Regain OLM to PST Converter can also migrate OLM data to Office 365, OLM to Gmail and Exchange Server.
  • It comes with a simple GUI; hence, any non-tech can easily use it.
  • Regain Software offers software for Mac OS as well as Windows OS.

See How Easy It Is to Convert OLM to PST:

  • 1. Install and launch Regain OLM Converter tool.
  • Regain OLM Converter for resolving issue like Outlook for Mac Not Syncing with Exchange Server
  • 2. Now add the OLM files( Mac Outlook Data Files).
  • Step-by-Step Fix for Outlook for Mac Not Connecting to Exchange Server
  • 3. The tool will now scan the file and preview the data. You can easily see your data.
  • Step 3
  • 4. Next, you have to select the PST format out of many available options; however, you can choose as per the need of the task. You can also set the resultant .pst size using the Split PST option. Also, browse the destination path.
  • Step 4
  • 5. Finally, click on the Save Data and OLM to PST conversion will start.
  • Step 5

Let's sum Up:

If your Outlook isn't connecting to the Exchange Server on Mac, ensure you are working online. Also, check that your internet connection is strong enough to access the Exchange server. Moreover, try all the above-explained workarounds, but if there is no success, think of converting Outlook Mac emails to PST. Try the demo version of Regain OLM to PST Converter and explore its features.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Ques1 - How do I force Outlook to resync?

Ans. Reopening the Outlook app is one of the most effective ways to force Outlook to resync on a Mac. However, other workarounds mentioned above are also effective.

Ques2 - Why does Outlook synchronizing take so long?

Ans: There can be some reasons for Outlook synchronizing taking so long, like a low internet connection, incorrect account settings, viruses or malware, etc.

Ques3. What is the difference b/w the free and paid versions of this software?

Ans: The free version is just a restricted version of the paid version. It allows processing only 30 items per folder, while there is no such limitation with the paid version. Both are the same in working.

Ques4. How can I crosscheck if the issue is with the Exchange Server itself?

Ans: You can check it by using Outlook for the web. Also, you can search on the Internet. If there is some issue with the Exchange, you will see information about it. However, there are very few chances of this.