Outlook for Mac Not Syncing With Exchange Server

Updated on October 31, 2022 by Deepika Singh

Outlook for Mac connects to Exchange on a Mac system. It allows for offline work in Exchange context. Synchronization is performed among the server and client applications so that if a modification is made on either the server or the client side, the change is reflected on other edge as well.

This synchronization procedure can be impacted partially or completely at times. As a result, mailboxes will not be updated on both the server and client sides, necessitating the need to resolve Outlook for Mac not syncing with Exchange Server. Keep reading and you will get the reasons and additional fixes for this error.

Possible Causes of "Outlook for Mac Isn't Syncing with Exchange Server" Issue

  • Outlook for Mac is operating in an offline state.
  • There seems to be no connectivity to the Exchange Server.
  • Outlook for Mac configurations that have been incorrectly setup.
  • Updates for Outlook for Mac are missing.
  • Outlook database corruption.

Resolve "Outlook for Mac Not Syncing with Exchange Server" problem

As you've read the reasons listed above, you've probably realized that there are a variety of factors that can lead to the error. Just like that, there are various solutions according to the causes. Some of possible solutions are described as follows:

MS Outlook should be updated on your Mac device

If you are experiencing issues such as Outlook for Mac not connecting to Exchange, the program may be lacking important updates. To update the program, perform the following steps:

  • 1. Start Outlook and navigate to the Help option and then the "Check for Updates" option.
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  • 2. Choose "Automatically" in the Ms Auto Update window that appears. Also, under the Check for Updates tab, pick an appropriate choice.
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  • 3. To download and install the most recent updates, select the "Check for Updates" option.

Check whether Outlook is in offline mode or not

If you get the Outlook for Mac not connecting to Exchange server issue, then ensure that Outlook isn't really working in offline mode. This is the most fundamental test you can make before exploring any other strategy.

Outlook for Mac Not Syncing with Exchange Server

For that, first access the Outlook menu and check to see whether working offline is allowed. If it's enabled, press it to turn it off.

Recheck and ensure that Outlook for Mac is really connected to Exchange Server

The fundamental reason for the Outlook sync troubles is that Outlook for Mac frequently fails to sync to the Exchange server. In order to execute synchronization, Outlook for Mac requires a steady connection to Exchange Server. To validate this connection, perform the following steps:

  • 1. Run Outlook and choose Accounts from the Tools menu.
  • Outlook for Mac Not Syncing with Exchange Server
  • 2. Inside the left sidebar, look for the Exchange account. If the account's indicator symbol is orange, there is an issue with the exchange connection. You can re-establish the connection by contacting your Exchange server administrator.
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Clear cache data

This strategy is useful when one or more Exchange folders are not synchronized with Outlook, but the rest of the Exchange folders are synchronized with Outlook. Here's how to solve it.

  • 1. Firstly, confirm that Outlook for Mac and Exchange Server are connected.
  • 2. Right-click on the Exchange directory that isn't syncing and choose the Properties feature.
  • 3. Next, go to the General menu and select the Empty Cache button.
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  • 4. Confirm to see if the folder is synced and if new objects are being added to it.

Recreate Outlook for Mac file

Whether there is an error with the Outlook for Mac database, you may notice that Outlook for Mac is not synchronizing with Exchange Server. This approach is only applicable to Outlook for Mac 2011. Because updates are conducted automatically in recent Outlook for Mac editions, you cannot manually fix the Outlook database.

  • 1. Quit Outlook for Mac and other Microsoft Office programs.
  • 2. Track down and launch the Microsoft Database Utility. It is installed in the Applications/Microsoft Office 2011/Office directory by default.
  • 3. Start the utility and provide the identification of database to be rebuilt. Then press the Rebuild button.

Use Professional software to assist you

If the above solution didn’t make any fixes, then it will be easiest and most effective for you to convert the Outlook for Mac OLM files into PST files to get back your necessary files. For this purpose, you can use the Regain OLM to PST Converter software.

It is the best approach for effortlessly converting Mac Outlook OLM files to PST format. You may export OLM files with all attachments, such as images, documents, and media files, using the program. One of the most important features of this program is that it guarantees the privacy of your email information and provides a 100 percent guarantee of data protection.

The process of converting OLM files into PST using the software is given as follows:

  • 1. Install and run the "Regain OLM Converter" application on your device.
  • 2. Navigate to and pick an OLM file for converting.
  • Regain OLM Converter for resolving issue like Outlook for Mac Not Syncing with Exchange Server
  • 3. In the preview, go through all of the scanned mailbox items.
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  • 4. Choose the appropriate location and format.
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  • 5. Lastly, click on the "Save Now" button to save the converted file.