Open PST File in Apple Mail

Updated on November 20, 2022 by Savita Sharma

Searching for solution to Open Outlook PST emails into Apple Mail than you have reached at right page. On this page, you will learn about the method of conversion in an easy and simplified way. Before reaching the conversion methods, let us discuss Apple mail and Microsoft Outlook email clients as PST is the file format of Outlook, and Apple mail client saves the file in MBOX format.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft is an integral part of the Microsoft Office suite, which is very popular as a desktop-based email client. On the one hand, it functions as an Email application, but it also includes a calendar, journals, note-taking, task manager, contact manager, web browsing, security features, and much more. Outlook also allows to export-import the PST file by an inbuilt option of Open/Export.

Mac Mail

Mac mail, also known as Apple mail, is the default mail client of Mac OS, iOS. Mac mail saves the file in MBOX file format. Apple mail can be very easily import the MBOX file via the Import option. MBOX is a commonly used file format that multiple email clients support.

Although Many users use Outlook, Mac mail also comes as the first choice for the users when it comes to choosing a futuristic email client. Both the email client is best at their place, but when an outlook user shifts towards the Apple mail client, he has to face many problems because both email clients have different file formats. Outlook saves its file in PST format, and Mac mail saves its file in MBOX format.

Open PST file in Apple Mail by using manual method:-

If you want to transfer or open Outlook Emails in Apple Mail, then use simply these step by step procedure which is given below:-

  • 1. Open MS Outlook on your Mac OS
  • 2. Go to Menu >> File >> Import option to read Outlook emails in Mac Mail
  • 3. To continue, Select radio button for Outlook Data file (.pst or.olm) in next Window and click bottom right arrow.
  • 4. Choose a File Type wizard, Select Outlook for Windows Data file (.pst) and click the bottom arrow to continue
  • 5. Now, find PST file and import file to open Outlook PST file on Mac Mail
  • 6. After the import process has completed successfully, click Done button and PST file will appear in Mac Outlook application.
  • 7. You must now drag the PST data folder to Mac desktop, where all the exported files will be converted to MBOX format.
  • 8. The transformed MBOX file can then be readily imported into Apple Mail.

Why User need to transfer from Outlook emails to Mac Apple mail?

There can be several reasons when a user migrates from Outlook mail client to Mac mail. Some of the reasons are discussed below:

  • 1) High management cost: As we all are aware that Outlook has every advanced feature, it is a paid email application. So due to its daily advancement, its management cost is also rising because the users of Outlook are switching towards Mac mail.
  • 2) Shifting from Windows OS to Mac OS: When a user using a Windows system purchases a new Mac operating system, then he has to run his Outlook files in Apple mail as it is the default mail client of Mac operating system and iOS.
  • 3) Organization Up gradation: When an organization upgrades from Windows operating system to the Mac Operating system, the employees have to access their Outlook data in Mac email clients.
  • 4) Natural Problem: Several natural problems can be faced by any user i.e., corruption of files, account deletion, hard drive crash, etc. This problem also sometimes forces the user to shift from Outlook to Mac Mail.
  • 5) Migration To Another Organization: When a user moves to another organization where the company functions on Mac operating system, then the user needs to export mailbox data to MBOX format, which can easily be accessed in Mac mail.

How to Run/ Open Outlook PST files in Apple Mail?

The best method to use PST file in Mac mail is by using an automated method i.e. using third party Tool. You can also use a manual procedure which is free of cost but complicated. Manual process is not recommended by any one as it is not secure and various other problems which can be faced using manual process are:

  • Require installation of Mac and Outlook both
  • Complicated for Non technical user
  • Time consuming procedure
  • Some attachments might not be used
  • Chances of data loss and corruption

So to get rid of these kinds of problems, we will recommend using of Regain PST to MBOX Converter which follows simple steps and provide results in very less time.

  • 1) Launch PST to MBOX converter software.
  • 2) Hit the Browse button to upload the PST file on the software interface
  • Regain PST to MBOX Converter to open PST file in Apple Mail
  • 3) Select the desired mailbox folder that you want to export.
  • 4) Take preview of the files manually
  • 5) Provide the location under the ‘Save Destination Path’ to save MBOX file
  • Steps to open PST file in Apple Mail
  • 6) Select “MBOX” as Saving Option from the list.
  • 7) Click Convert button and wait for the completion of the conversion.
  • 8) You will get a pop up message of successful conversion
  • 9) Next move the converted files to Mac operating system
  • 10) Now you can use these files in Mac Mail by Importing option in mail application
  • open PST file in Apple Mail


Above discussed, the method of third party tool is recommended method which can be used to open PST file in Apple Mail by any user and reliable results can be taken. You can also use a manual method for conversion, but no one will like to compromise with their data as it is unreliable, and there are chances of data corruption. So, do not compromise with your data and choose the best method (third party tool).