How to Convert PST Data to MBOX Files?

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In this days, there are many email and email handling software that offer users to work with any email client, if we talk about them, it is impossible not to have heard of Outlook – it is one of the most popular and especially preferred email clients for Windows . And Outlook is the best email client for businesses, corporate, organizations, individuals who manage more than 1000 emails a day. Although MS Outlook is also a version for the Mac platform, it is not very popular among Mac users.

Reasons Why You Need to Convert PST to MBOX

Let’s focus on the most common reasons why many users want to convert Outlook PST files to MBOX file format that is supported by various email clients including Thunderbird, Spice Bird, Eudora, Apple Mail, etc. Here we have mentioned a few reasons below, so after reading all these reasons, you will know very well why users need MS Outlook to MBOX conversion.

  • In the long run, MS Outlook proves to be very expensive for many general users, as it becomes necessary for users to purchase a licensed version of MS Office after a certain period of time. You can download MS Outlook and sign up during the trial period to evaluate the product, but after that you will need to purchase a license for it. Therefore many users wants shift from MS Outlook to MBOX supported email client for free. Desktop email clients, which are available both open source and online for free, are preferred by single users.
  • PST files in MS Outlook can be corrupted and inaccessible. When we talk about Microsoft products, we do not find any native method of resolving file loss or corruption issues in it and PST only works on Outlook. Thus, if the file is corrupted once, then in this situation we may be stuck for a long time.
  • Outlook users must have Windows OS enabled, and MBOX files can be accessed on any OS. For example, Windows, MacOS, Linux, etc.

Now definitely you are clear that why and when users might need the conversion of Outlook PST file to MBOX file format, and I hope you also came to know the main differentiation between the two file formats. Now we come to the next topic how can you convert a PST file to MBOX?

You will find many manual as well as third party tools online to carry out the conversion of Outlook PST to MBOX (Mozilla Thunderbird) file. But, for reliable and safe conversion we recommend using Regain PST to MBOX Converter, an all in one solution to handle all kinds of issues or needs related to Outlook PST data file.

This tool is specially designed with advance algorithm that efficiently scans and converts your Outlook PST file. also the software is very competent as it allows you to switch PST to MBOX and you can transfer all of the mail data into other email clients like Spicebird, Thunderbird, etc. into MBOX format. Now, here we will show you the working procedure of this Regain PST to MBOX Converter, by following which you will be able to convert Outlook PST to MBOX file format without facing any technical issues.

Following are Steps to Convert Outlook Emails to MBOX format:-

PST to MBOX Converter tool

  • Here, browse and select the file that you wish to convert and click “Open,“

Select Outlook PST File for Conversion

  • After the conversion completes, you will see the file folders. Click any folder to preview its email / item.

Show Preview of Emails before PST to MBOX Conversion

  • Now, select the destination location where you want to save the MBOX file. Click “Save Now” option to complete the process,
  • Here you can also merge your entire converted folders items in a single MBOX file, if you wish

Select the destination location to save converted MBOX file

  • Finally, you will get a notification on your screen displaying “saving” process has been completed.

Successfully Convert PST file to MBOX format

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