Microsoft Outlook Account Settings Out of Date. How to Fix it?

Updated on May 30, 2023 by Nasir Khan

MS Outlook automatically merges its database with the connection server and displays the new info to its users. However, when you start the Microsoft Outlook application, you may see a pop-up stating, "Your Outlook account preferences are out of date." The same messages may also be found at the Action Center. When you open the message, you will be given two choices: Repair or Dismiss the account.

Once you select the Fix Account choice, Windows will begin analyzing and resolving the warning issue. After you've resolved the problem, you can open MS Outlook and continue working on it. However, if the problem is not fixed after utilizing the Fix Account option, you will need to investigate further and wait for the results.

4 Manual Methods to Fix the 'Microsoft Outlook Account Settings Are Out of Date' issue

Actually, several reasons can result in the issue, and according to the reasons, there are multiple solutions or methods to fix them. Keep reading, and you will learn the appropriate methods to fix the issue.

Method 1: Utilize the "Fix Account" button

Let us just begin with the most basic approach. This method has been confirmed to work for many people and may also work for you.

Press on the following notification whenever it appears just above your taskbar:

Your Outlook Account Settings are Out of Date

The previous action would have launched your mail program. There are two buttons to choose from: Fix Account and Dismiss. Select the Fix Account option.

That's all. Now you must wait for the problem to be resolved. The mail client would then shut down. Restart it and see if the problem occurs again.

Method 2: Get rid of the Outlook Profile Folder

The information in the Outlook Profile Directory is frequently damaged, resulting in the message "Outlook account settings are out of date." You may resolve this issue by cleaning out the profile folder. Follow the instructions outlined below as well:

  • 1. Right-click on the Windows button in the upper left corner of your taskbar and select "File Explorer." Otherwise, you may launch File Explorer by pressing Win+E, a keyboard shortcut.
  • 2. Copy and paste "%APPDATA%MicrosoftProtect" into the address bar at the upper edge and hit Enter.
  • 3. It will open your MS Outlook profile directory.
  • 4. Make a backup of your profile directory by copying and pasting it to another destination, like the desktop or documents folder.
  • How to Fix Outlook Account Settings Out of Date issue
  • 5. Remove the Protect folder after the backup has been completed.
  • 6. Restart your computer, then reopen Outlook.

Method 3: Use your Microsoft Account to sign in

Whether you are checking in using your native Windows account, you should try signing in with your Microsoft account. This has resolved the problem for several people.

  • 1. By hitting the keys "WIN" and "I" together, you may open the Windows Settings program. Then, select the Accounts tab.
  • Steps to Fix Microsoft Outlook Account Settings Out of Date
  • 2. Inside the right window screen, you should now see the following: Alternatively, hit the link and sign in with a Microsoft account.
  • next manual steps to fix error
  • 3. The Microsoft login screen will now appear. Sign in using your Microsoft login details.
  • 4. Windows Security would then prompt you to enter a security code. Enter a pin, verify it, and then press the OK icon.
  • 5. That's all. You are now logged in to Windows using your Microsoft account rather than your native account. You may edit your Microsoft account by tapping on the hyperlink "Manage my Microsoft account".

Now there is a possibility that you can get the additional fixes.

Method 4: Modify the Time Synchronization Server

Switching the time synchronization server often resolves the "Your Outlook account settings are out of date" alert. To accomplish the exact same thing, read the directions as follows:

  • 1. The Control Panel may be accessed using the Run dialog box or the Windows Start menu search feature.
  • Step by step guide to Fix Out of Date issue Microsoft Outlook
  • 2. Whenever the control panel appears, click the link for Clock and Region.
  • 3. You must now select the Date and Time option.
  • Follow steps to fix error
  • 4. Afterwards, choose the Internet Time tab and then the Change settings option.
  • Resolve Out of Date issue in MS Outlook
  • 5. Select a different time server from the dropdown menu option in the Internet Time Settings box. When you're finished, press the "Update Now" button. Whenever the update is finished, press the OK button at the bottom.
  • 6. After pressing the OK button in the previous stage, you will be returned to that same date and time box. Press the Apply button, and afterwards, the OK icon.

In this way, we have changed the time server. This can lead to possible fixes.

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