Change Password in MS Outlook

Updated on November 20, 2022 by Savita Sharma

Are you having trouble figuring what to do to reset your password in Outlook? Most of the time, changing passwords is a standard and essential task to ensure that you're safe online. It's considered to be an electronic lock. But the password you select must be secure. Your digital actions are completely dependent on it.

You can make use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail and more. All over the world, passwords are an essential thing. But, it's to protect us from harm. Because a password protects your online data and files. However, if the password is revealed to anyone, we'll encounter a great challenge.

If you're a frequent use in MS Outlook and use it for communicating business transactions, then updating your account passwords in MS Outlook regularly is essential. it decreases the possibility of hacking your account. However, the process of changing password in MS Outlook is different from Facebook as well as any other network. It is more important. In this article, you will find information regarding the process for changing passwords.

Why User Need to make changes in Password in MS Outlook?

In most cases, whether typically, in Outlook or elsewhere there is a password feature that was created to protect our personal information. However, frequent use of the facility increases the chance of hacking into accounts. In addition, if you've not changed your password on your account for a long period of time the chances that your personal data could be stolen.

However, in everyday online life, a variety of situations are encountered when changing your password is required for you. There are a few reasons:

  • If you suspect that someone is gaining access to your personal information or account password.
  • When you discover suspicious activities on your email account, make sure that they haven't been recorded, you should immediately report them.
  • If your email service provider (for this subject, Outlook) sent you an URL to reset your password or an email to your inbox or mailbox.
  • You've forgotten your password.

Manual Steps to Change Passwords in Outlook

Generally speaking, your Outlook password is usually the same as the password for your Microsoft login password. The support center of Microsoft, we've discovered several legitimate methods to alter the password for Outlook. The steps are:

  • 1. First, sign in to your Microsoft or Outlook account and then, at the top right corner, press on Settings and choose Options.
  • Steps to Change Password in MS Outlook
  • 2. After that, click on "Account Details" to manage your account.
  • Easy and manual tips to Change MS Outlook Password
  • 3. When the settings are open, click on the "Security and Privacy" option.
  • 4. Then press "Change your password."
  • 5. After pressing that, you need to input your current password, new password, and retype the new password.
  • 6.¬†Lastly, press on the save button and in this way, you can save your Microsoft account password as well as your Outlook password.
  • It doesn't matter if you are on your desktop or mobile. Device versions like Android or iOS also don't matter. The above process is for both devices. Just remember the basics.

Steps to Change/ Update the password in Outlook 2016/ 2019

If you are using Outlook on your desktop PC, not in any browser or otherwise, then follow the steps to change passwords in an easy way.

  • 1. Firstly, run the Outlook application from your desktop, PC, or laptop.
  • 2. Then navigate to the File tab and choose the "Account Settings".
  • 3. Whenever the account settings open, just click on the Email tab.
  • 4. Navigate to the Email tab and go ahead. After that, just select your email account. It doesn't matter which email address you have configured with your Outlook.
  • 5. Now press on the "Change" button.
  • Way to Update MS Outlook Password Manually
  • 6. In the change settings, input your new password (you need to provide your current password). Make sure you have followed the instructions to make a secure password.
  • 7. Press Next and the text run will begin. After that, close it.
  • Tips to Modify MS Outlook Password
  • 8. Lastly, your password may be changed.

Is your Outlook PST file corrupted?

You shouldn't be too shocked to find this subject in this article, This post covered changing password in Outlook. It is normal to have some mistakes made within your Outlook. Most of the common issues are due to PST file corruption. Many users are seeking ways to repair their Outlook file corruption. Because manual methods are crucial, it's common to implement an automated procedure.

Sometimes, you have to verify an important email within the email in your Outlook but it isn't opening and then throws an error. In that case, you'll feel at a loss. If you've got Regain Outlook PST Repair software and you are able to fix the PST file and complete the work in a short time. This software will allow you to can convert the files into a variety of formats.

Simple Steps to Convert or Repair PST files using Regain Outlook PST Repair.

  • Firstly, download and install the Regain Outlook PST Repair software on your device.
  • Then browse and add the PST files that you need to convert or repair.
  • After completing the scan, see the preview to avoid any confusion.
  • Select your desired format and the specific location.
  • Finally, click on the save button to save the file.

The Advantages of Using Regain Outlook PST Repair Software

Actually, if you are facing a PST file corruption problem, then at the same time you can get the facilities to convert files from PST to other formats and vice-versa. Some of the eye-catching benefits are listed below:

  • It has the ability to repair corrupted or inaccessible PST files, as well as convert.pst files to multiple formats.
  • It has simple to use features and an extensive interface.
  • This software has a preview facility.
  • It uses file's original structure to repair or convert files.