How to Backup Google Workspace – Effective Methods

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Summary: Are you scared about your data getting lost or damaged at Google Workspace? Well, you don’t need to worry about this issue any longer. You can now backup your Google Workspace data. In this article, we will be discussing about some manual and professional solutions in this regard.

Google Workspace has emerged has a great platform to work at. It offers amazing features that helps to protect your data from multiple issues. In fact, it assures that you will not suffer from any data loss or damage. However, one needs to remember that Google Workspace is a cloud based platform and it is definitely prone to multiple threats such as malware and Trojan attack. These threats cannot be avoided and hence can damage your data. But there is still a solution to this issue. You can now backup your Google Workspace data with the help of multiple solutions. There are many benefits of backing up your Gmail data. Let us discuss about them one by one.

Benefits of backing up your Google Workspace

In addition to protecting your data, creating a backup of Google Workspace helps you out in multiple ways. Here are some of it’s benefits.

  • It helps to restore information if in case your account is temporarily suspended.
  • It helps to export the data to multiple file formats and email clients.
  • Even if your primary storage is inaccessible, you can access your data with the help of a backup.
  • It is a great way to ensure that you don’t miss out on any files.
  • It helps you to sort and organize information.

Methods to get a backup of Google Workspace

Here are multiple methods to get a backup of Google Workspace. Let us discuss them one by one.

Google Takeout

This is an inbuilt tool that helps to download all the archived data. All you need to download the files from Google Drive, Gmail and Google Workspace and then save them in a customizable format on your local drive. However, this isn’t a very good solution to backup the data because it simply copies the existing data and you will be still required to store your data somewhere else.

On-premise Google Workspace backup

The on-premise Google Workspace backup feature is yet another tool that helps to backup your data on Google. This tool allows you to store data wherever you want. It creates a customized copy for you on your local drive. But, there is a limitation attached to this method. Users cannot save the entire data of the Google Workspace on this platform. It has to be saved in parts and this can create confusion among the users.

Regain Gmail Backup solution: A professional solution

We have discussed some of the basic tools that help to backup the data. However, these methods have a lot of limitations. In the first place, they don’t allow you get a complete backup of their data and in the second place, they are complicated for beginners to practice. In such a situation, one can think of relying on some professional solution. Regain Gmail Backup Tool is a great solution to backup your Google Workspace data. It allows you to backup multiple mailboxes simultaneously.

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Features of the tool

There are many features of the tool that you want be conversant with. Let us explore some of them.

  • Users can add several mailboxes for backup.
  • There isn’t any restriction on the mailbox size.
  • You can backup your data and save that in multiple file formats such as PDF, HTML, MSG, EML, OST and PST.
  • It helps to move your data to email clients such as Gmail to Yahoo Mail, Gmail to Office 365 etc.
  • It comes with an easy interface for beginners.
  • It helps to save your data in a single PST file irrespective of it’s size.
  • It is compatible with all the versions of Windows OS.

Steps to backup your data with this tool

Here are the steps that you need to follow for backing up your data with the help of this tool.

  1. Install and open Regain Gmail Backup tool. Regain Gmail Backup tool
  2. Provide username and password to login to your account.
  3. Select the folders that you want to backup and click on Next. step 3
  4. Choose the file format and click on Next. step 4
  5. The software will begin backing up your data

Things to consider before choosing your solution

Here are some of the factors that you must consider before deciding your solution.

  • Ability to backup the entire data such as Drive, Files and Calendar events.
  • Schedule backups and choose the way in which they run.
  • Ability to restore data.
  • Ability to encrypt the backup.
  • An easy interface to manage your backup.


We have comprehensively covered multiple solutions that the users can rely on to backup their Google Workspace data. These ways are very easy for the users and give assured results. However, if you look forward to relying on the best method, then of course you should go ahead with this one. So, we hope that you won’t worry much about your data as you have multiple solutions in hand for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques1. I have tried to back up using Google Takeout but after a few attempts it is not allowing me to use Google Takeout; any suggestion?
Ans. Google Takeout has a limitation of attempts. Usually, it provides 2-3 attempts for 24 hours. Also, if for any reason the backup is stuck then you have to start again.

Ques2. Can I backup my Gmail emails in PDF file format along with having a full back up in PST file format?
Ans. Users get multiple file formats to save the Google Workspace emails. PST, PDF, MSG, and EML are some of the common. You can simply take a backup in PST as well as PDF file format, respectively.

Ques3. What will be the hierarchy of the email data in the resultant PST file format?
Ans. The software keeps the data integrity preserved. You will get the same folder hierarchy and data structure as in the mailbox.

Ques4. Can I get a trial of this utility before purchasing this Google Workspace Backup Solution license?
Ans. Yes, you can have a free trial of this Google Workspace email backup tool. Simply install and run the software. The demo version allows processing the thirty items per folder, and after applying the activation key, there is no such restriction.

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