Regain PocoMail to Outlook – Key Features

PocoMail to pst converter features
Regain PocoMail to Outlook PST Conversion

Retains All the Items of an Email

The Regain PocoMail to Outlook Converter software retains entire items of an email such as Subject, Cc, Date, From, To, Bcc, and etc and not give the chance to be worried about data loss. The software can easily maintain the elements of Metadata & provide accurate conversion results every time.

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Export Pocomail Emails to EMLX

PocoMail to Outlook software has enough capability to export the emails of PocoMail to .emlx format, that users can easily open it in Mac OS X series mail clients such as; Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, etc. once users completes the conversion in Windows systems, they can save converted EMLX files in Mac OS, with the use of pen drive/any external drive without any trouble.

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Export Pocomail Emails to EML

With the use of this PocoMail to Outlook tool, users has the opportunity to convert PocoMail messages to .eml format without losing even a single bit of info. This software is highly developed with advance function that quickly & simply export PocoMail emails to EML format effortlessly which can be supported by different email applications such as Live Mail, Berkeley, Vista Mail, eM Client, Outlook Express, Thunderbird etc.

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Safely Converts PocoMail Files to Outlook

PocoMail to Outlook Converter software provides conversion speed that users might never see before. This advanced software manages to converts PocoMail files to Outlook file format in no time without causing any data loss. The software allows users to securely export highly-encrypted, damaged, and password protected files to Outlook PST file format.

Pocomail Mailbox to Outlook PST Conversion

Moves PocoMail Files Directly To Office 365 Account

PocoMail to Outlook PST Converter software can perform a risk-free conversion of Pocomail files to Office 365 account directly. From the available options displayed on the screen, the user has to fill the right credentials of their accounts such as username, email address and password and log in.

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Transfers PocoMail Files To an Exchange Server Account

The PocoMail converter can transfer PocoMail files to an Exchange Server account directly without performing too many steps. The users can easily transfer the selected PocoMail files to their Exchange Server account without corrupting the files.

Export MBOX file to Outlook PST format

Imports Selective Files from PocoMail

PocoMail to Outlook software control the conversion of PocoMail files to Outlook file format using the 'Selective File' feature. It also has file filter feature that allows users to only move or convert the files between two dates by excluding the unwanted data of PocoMail files.

Preview of converted mbox file

Migrates Multiple PocoMail Files in Bulk

If users need to migrate multiple MBX files to Outlook PST file format in bulk at once. Use this proficient Regain PocoMail to Outlook tool to add multiple files & export into Outlook PST format using its ‘batch conversion feature’. It allows users to carry out a risk-free conversion of single/multiple .mbx files in one click.

Export MBOX file to Outlook PST format

Preview All Mailboxes

This tool allows each/every users to view preview of all mail by clicking on a folder in a tree-structured format in preview section. The software is specially shows preview so that users can check the availability of selected .mbx file in details and then export it into Outlook PST file later.

Preview of converted mbox file

View and Save Process Log File

This software is capable of maintaining a log report related to the Pocomail data migration procedure. This report includes all the actions carried out by the software for task completion. Users can open, view, and save this report in HTML & CSV format for using it anytime later.

Regain PocoMail to PST Converter ScreenShots

Regain PocoMail to PST Converter screenshots
PocoMail to pst converter screenshots
PocoMail to pst tool screenshots
Convert PocoMail to Outlook PST Screenshots
Regain PocoMail to PST tool screenshots
PocoMail Emails Converter Tool - Product Video

FAQs – Regain PocoMail to Outlook PST Converter

Is locating PocoMail files easy?

The Regain PocoMail to Outlook Converter tool has the ability to automatically detect the location of the database from your computer syatem.

Does this tool convert all attachments available in PocoMail?

Yes, of course, with this Regain PocoMail to Outlook software you can easily convert all your emails along with attachments present in PocoMail.

Will this tool convert Multiple Profiles from PocoMail to Outlook PST?

Yes, The Regain PocoMail to Outlook tool issues an advanced feature "Select Multiple Identities" that allows you to transfer batch profiles.

Can it be risky to import large files into Outlook?

No, there are no limits on file size; users can easily convert their PocoMail files with any size to Outlook.

Do I need to have PocoMail installed on my computer for conversion?

No, the Regain PocoMail to Outlook Converter tool will convert PocoMail to MS Outlook in the presence as well as absence of the PocoMail Client as email client is not required for the conversion process.

Does this tool compatible with Windows OS 10.0?

Yes, Regain PocoMail to Outlook tool supports Windows 10 and all the below versions as well.

Do I need any technical help for this tool?

No, you can freely use this software. It doesn’t need any technical expertise for conversion.

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