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There is a plethora of email providers available to users today. Depending on your needs, you can use either a paid or free service to handle your email. While Gmail and Mozilla Thunderbird are available without a subscription, Gmail offers more features. The majority of users end up switching to Google Mail. If you are looking for a full proof method to import Thunderbird emails to Gmail, you are at right place. Lets start…

There are many advantages of using Gmail. You can save large or little amounts of data in the cloud, do advanced searches, and access your files from any device. In no time, your emails and attachments will be available on any device you want to use. More solutions for managing your mail in an easy and efficient way are available. When you go from Thunderbird to Gmail, your messages will be safer, easier to find, and more searchable.

Why do Users Migrating from Thunderbird to Gmail?

Both email clients share the MBOX format. You can’t just drag and drop messages from Mozilla Thunderbird, either, nor can you copy and paste them. When the POP settings are in place, the initial system can view the information exclusively. As a web-based service, however, Gmail affords you unparalleled portability.

Migrating to Gmail from Thunderbird and access all of your email inboxes from any computer, smartphone, or tablet anytime, anywhere. And this is the main advantage of hardware-based systems over software. Several customers need the ability to send and receive messages while on the go. Numerous workers would be unable to do their jobs without such tools. When using cloud storage, there is no ongoing data management expense. Users who export Thunderbird are no longer limited to using it on their desktop computers.

Few Benefits of Using Gmail over Thunderbird

  • The security and privacy of your Thunderbird emails have improved
  • Gmail works on every major operating system, including Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, and even Blackberry’s OS
  • To consolidate your Yahoo! and/or Microsoft Live! email accounts, you can add them here.

Verified method to Import Thunderbird emails to Gmail

Here we explain the step by step manual process to export Thunderbird emails to Gmail. This method is divided into 3 steps, you just need to follow the instruction

Step1: Enable POP/IMAP in Gmail

  • Sign into your Gmail account.
  • Click on Settings icon in the top right (next to your profile picture). Manual Steps to Import Thunderbird emails to Gmail
  • Select “View all options” to access the menu of configurations. Step 2
  • Select the ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP’ menu item. Step 3
  • Now enable the IMAP option and click on the Save Changes option.

Step2: Set up Gmail account on Mozilla Thunderbird

  • Launch Thunderbird email client.
  • Navigate to the Account Settings option under Tools. Set up Gmail account in Thunderbird
  • Use the “Account Action” button to register a new user. Step 2
  • Enter the username and password for your Gmail account. Step 3
  • When finished (it should just take a few seconds), click the “Done” button.

Step3: Move Thunderbird emails to Gmail account

After completing the 2nd step, Now you can access your Google inbox and other folders in Thunderbird email client as shown in the below image. Take these steps:-

  • Open Thunderbird and make a right-click on the message you want to move into Gmail. Moving Thunderbird emails to Gmail account
  • Now go to Copy to option and select your Gmail address to receive a copy.
  • To move your Thunderbird data, select the appropriate folder and click it.

Limitation of Manual Method

It’s clear that manual method is time-consuming and complicated as well. Only a technical person can do thisIf you’re a beginner, this is not the best option. Using an expert-level automated tool is the best, quickest, and most dependable option.

  • Time consuming and complex
  • Shows messages without the names of their senders.
  • Provided folder won’t be copied over either.
  • Conversation View, which organizes emails by subject, will not be accessible via this user interface.
  • Require some technical skill

An Automated tool to import Thunderbird mailbox to Gmail

As mentioned above, users can easily do the same using an expert-level automated tool such as Regain MBOX Converter tool.

The tool holds the best MBOX converter tool title as it is compatible with multiple email clients that generate MBOX files. With this tool, you can easily move your MBOX files into Gmail, Office 365, Yahoo mail, AWS, and so on. Also, if required, you can convert your Thunderbird files into PST, EML, MSG, HTML, and other popular file formats. Our professionals have coded the tool with an advanced algorithm that offers it a user-oriented GUI and makes it an effortless tool for everyone. Let me describe it process, so it’ll be easy for you to evaluate the tool for free and decide which method to choose.

Free Download100% Secure Buy NowPrice: $29

Following are the step to Import Thunderbird to Gmail using Regain Software

  • Step1: Install and Open the MBOX converter tool in your system.
  • Step2: Click on the Open option from the ribbon bar and Add MBOX files.
  • Step3: Now click on Cloud Migration and choose Gmail from the ribbon bar.
  • Step4: Enter Gmail credentials in which you want to import Thunderbird emails.
  • Step5: Now, the software will start importing all your added MBOX files into your Gmail mailbox.

As you can see, the software completely eliminates the trouble and risk of data loss during the Thunderbird to Gmail migration.


Gmail has the most active users, and due to Thunderbird’s lack of features and not meeting modern-day standards, users are frequently moving to Gmail. I personally also recommend using Gmail; it has a wide range of features. If you also want to import Thunderbird to Gmail, I’ll suggest using the Regain MBOX converter tool. Use free version of this tool before making any purchase.

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