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Summary: With the number of email clients increasing, users often explore different options to find the one that best suits their needs and preferences. Gmail and Thunderbird have ended up becoming the most common choices for the users. However, between these two options, users often choose Gmail as it comes with many advanced features. So if you are also looking forward to switching from Mozilla Thunderbird to Gmail, then here is your guide.

Users often want to switch from Mozilla Thunderbird to Gmail due to a variety of reasons. For instance, some are shifting their workplace or maybe they are impressed by the advanced features of Gmail. Gmail offers multiple features such as enhanced storage and ability to access your content from anywhere at any time. It is with the help of Gmail that allows users to store their emails on cloud. With so many advanced features, the dependence on Gmail has been increasing easily. There are other reasons as well due to which users prefer to shift to Gmail. Let us explore these reasons one by one and then discuss the methods that will help users to migrate to Gmail.

Reasons for migrating from Mozilla Thunderbird to Gmail

Here are some of the reasons for migrating from Mozilla Thunderbird to Gmail.

  • Gmail offers better portability.
  • It stores the information comprehensively and exclusively.
  • Your data from Gmail can be accessed from anywhere at any time.
  • It offers extended storage on the cloud as well and this increases the accessibility.
  • Enhanced security.
  • Gmail is compatible with every operating system.
  • It consolidates your account and provides the ease of access

Methods to transfer Mozilla Thunderbird to Gmail

There are many methods to migrate from Mozilla Thunderbird to Gmail. Let us discuss them one by one.

Method one

Step1: Enable POP/IMAP in Gmail

  1. Sign in to your Gmail account.
  2. Click on Settings. Manual Steps to Migrate Mozilla Thunderbird to Gmail
  3. Select View all Options. Step 2
  4. Select the ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP’ menu item.
  5. Enable the IMAP option and click on Save Changes.

Step2: Set up Gmail account on Thunderbird

  1. Launch Mozilla Thunderbird email client.
  2. Go to Tools. Navigate to the Account Settings option. Set up Gmail account with Mozilla Thunderbird
  3. Click on Account Action to register as a new user. step 3
  4. Enter your credentials including username and password.step 4
  5. Click on Done.

Step 3: Move Mozilla Thunderbird emails to Gmail

  1. Open Mozilla Thunderbird and right-click on the message that you want to shift to Gmail.
  2. Click on Copy and select the address that you want to paste this email to. Move Mozilla Thunderbird emails to Gmail
  3. Select the destination folder and click on OK.

Method two: Import and Export

  1. Access ThunderBird and tap on Address Book (or Alt+2). Using Import Export feature to transfer Thunderbird mailbox to Gmail
  2. Click on the three dots beside the option Personal Address Book and hit Export. step 2
  3. Choose the destination with CSV format. step 3
  4. Open your Gmail account and from the apps section, click on Contacts. step 4
  5. Click on Import contacts. step 5
  6. Browse on files and select the required one.Click on Open. step 6
  7. Click on Import to get your files to Gmail.

Limitations of manual methods

The methods that we have explained above are very time consuming and lengthy. In fact, it may not be appropriate and feasible for a beginner to follow these methods. A single mistake can prevent them from completing the steps. That is why we will now discuss about some automatic solutions to solve this issue

Regain MBOX Converter: The finest solution for every tool

The Regain MBOX converter tool is the best solution that can help you to convert the MBOX files accessible in Mozilla Thunderbird to any file format which is supported by Gmail. It is compatible with every client and operating system. It is very easy to use for beginners. The tool is loaded with an algorithm that gives the best results.

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Following are the steps to Import Thunderbird to Gmail using Regain Software

  1. Install and open the MBOX converter tool in your system. Export Thunderbird mailbox to Gmail using Regain MBOX Converter tool
  2. Click on the Open option from the ribbon bar and Add MBOX files. step 2
  3. Now click on Cloud Migration and choose Gmail from the ribbon bar. step 3
  4. Enter Gmail credentials in which you want to import Thunderbird emails.
  5. Now, the software will start importing all your added MBOX files into your Gmail mailbox.

This blog has exclusively explained the process to import Mozilla Thunderbird emails to Gmail. We have discussed a number of solutions including an automatic one. Even if users are finding it difficult to follow other methods, then also they can use the automatic one to make their work easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques1. After enabling IMAP, what steps are to be followed to set up a Gmail account with Mozilla Thunderbird?
Ans. After enabling IMAP, launch Thunderbird >> Tools >> Account Settings >> Account Action >> New User >> Now enter the email address and password, and your Gmail account will be set up with Mozilla Thunderbird. But, after this, importing is still a long way.

Ques2. Is there any limitation to the size of the size of MBOX file (Thunderbird created) in adding and importing to Gmail with this MBOX Converter Tool by Regain?
Ans. No, there is no such restriction on the number and size of the MBOX file. You can simply add and import Thunderbird to Gmail in a speedy manner.

Ques3. Will there be any changes in the mailbox folder’s originality in terms of structure and hierarchy?
Ans. This utility runs on the read-only mode; hence, it properly maintains the folder hierarchy and preserves the folder hierarchy.

Ques4. Can I also migrate/ move the Thunderbird MBOX file to Outlook, as I have to import some MBOX files to Gmail and Outlook, too?
Ans. Yes. With this multifunctional utility, you can import MBOX to Gmail as well as convert MBOX to PST. You can simply add the resultant PST file to Outlook and access Thunderbird emails to Outlook.

Ques5. What are the reasons of importing emails from Mozilla Thunderbird to Gmail?
Ans. Gmail offers a better portability, security, and compatibility as compared to any other option. It even offers an extended storage for the users.

Ques6. Can you sync Thunderbird with Gmail?

Ans. Thunderbird can be configured to work seamlessly with Google’s Gmail service. Messages are synchronized between your local version of Thunderbird and the web-based Gmail.

Ques7. How do I automatically forward emails from Thunderbird to Gmail?

Ans. In the Thunderbird application, click on Tools > Account Settings. In Account Settings, go to Account Action > Add Mail Account. Enter your credentials like Name, Gmail ID, and password and click to Continue. It will take a few seconds and once it is completed, click on Done.

Ques8. How do I move emails in Thunderbird?
Ans. All you need to do is to hold the Ctrl key and then click on each message to be moved. When all these messages have been selected, right-click on these messages and click on move from the menu.

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