How to Backup AOL Emails to Hard Drive

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This article discusses the best ways to export AOL email to a hard drive and why it’s important for users to do so. We also explain why moving your mailbox data to your system is a good idea. It will show you why you need to export your AOL email to your hard drive or an external hard drive. So, read the whole blog to find out everything you need to know about the subject.


What is AOL Mail? That’s the first thing you should know before you learn how to download AOL emails to your computer. AOL Mail is the email service that American Online, or AOL, offers. It gives you a fast email service with all the features you could want. Verizon has now bought AOL.

Even though there are benefits, you should still download your AOL emails. Because making a copy of your mailboxes is a smart way to keep your data safe from viruses and accidental data loss. There are also other reasons to save data from your mailbox. We’ll talk about them in the next part.

What is the Benefit to get backup of AOL Email

Every user has a different reason for saving AOL emails. You might download emails as a backup of your mailbox data or just to have a copy of your emails offline. But there are a few reasons that are almost always the same. Here are some of the most common reasons why you might need to back up your AOL emails to an external hard drive.

  • Regular backup keeps data safe from accidental data loss. So, if you accidentally delete a file or mess up a file. You can get your mailbox back to how it was before.
  • You can keep enough space in your mailbox if you download your AOL emails, which is another reason to do so. After you’ve made a backup, you can delete emails from your mailbox.
  • You can also keep other people from reading your important emails. Putting your emails on your computer is safer than putting them on a server.
  • You can also check your AOL email without being connected to the Internet. It gives you the option to access your mailbox even when you’re not online.

Because of these things, you need to save AOL email to your desktop. Now it’s time to talk about how to export email folders from AOL.

Two Manual Methods to Backup AOL Emails to Hard Drive

Method 1: Download your messages from AOL and save them as a PDF

  1. Before doing anything more, you’ll need to provide your valid AOL login details.
  2. Second, open the message and select More to begin your AOL emails backup process.Save AOL emails as pdf
  3. Third, choose Print Message from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select the preview of the message in the new window that appears.step 4
  5. Select Save as PDF, and then click Save to save your AOL mail to your computer.step 5
  6. Then, click the Save option after deciding where on your hard drive you want to store your AOL emails.step 6
  7. Finally, navigate to the specified location to access your AOL mail.

Method 2: Use View Message source to Download Email from AOL to Your Computer

  • Login to AOL by providing a Username and Password.View Message source to Download Email from AOL to Your Computer
  • To save your AOL messages to your computer or hard drive to read the rest of this message, open it and select More.step 2
  • A new window will appear when you select View Message Source from the drop-down menu.step 3
  • To store the message in a specific folder, use Ctrl + S.
  • After that, head to that spot, rename the file (keeping the EML extension) and open it.step 5

Please take note that the file will not be saved in the email’s subject name This could lead to some misleading when checking email.

Why are manual methods not a recommended solution?

There is no doubt that manual methods work, but there are several drawbacks and limitations to them. Below are some of the drawbacks manual methods have.

  1. You have to process the AOL emails one by one; there is no option to backup a whole AOL mailbox.
  2. Using the manual method, you have to repeat the same process repeatedly to process every email on the AOL mailbox. Hence, a long and repeated task; is not recommended for professionals.
  3. Manually a single misstep can make you lose all your AOL emails, and if your emails are business related, I’ll not suggest this method to you.
  4. There is no filter, remove the duplicate, and scheduling option available in both manual options.
  5. Manually this will save your data to only a single platform, and there are possibilities that you don’t want data in that particular format.

So now the question is, what is the alternative to backup important AOL emails without any risk of data loss?

Not an alternative, but a must-used tool. Regain AOL backup software is the name that several AOL users use to backup their data with advanced options.

Why Regain AOL Backup tool is a must-used solution to backup AOL emails?

I agree that there are other third-party tools available in the market, but Regain AOL Mail backup tool offers several popular file formats that other tools don’t. The tool allows to backup AOL emails in PDF, PST, EML, MSG, and file formats.

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If you’re a bit techy, you might know that all these file formats are offline accessible and are considered best to manage a mailbox. So don’t waste your time; get a free version of Regain AOL backup tool and protect your emails now. The tool is laced with a convenient GUI and offers several advanced features to make the backup process desired and effortless.


In businesses, data is a crucial asset and keeping it safe is none other than your responsibility. Regain AOL backup tool is a must-have utility to backup AOL emails to a hard drive in popular and reliable file formats. The tools are considered the safest utility for businesspersons and individuals.

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