How to get Outlook contacts back from a backup file?

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Summary: MS Outlook has become a very important email client that has got its own advantages. It stores all our information but what if one day you lose all of them due to a technical defect? It is always necessary to keep a backup of your data. Here you will learn how to get your MS Outlook contacts back from your backup file. We will also discuss a professional tool that can extract all of this information in ease.

MS Outlook has become one of the best email clients that allows the user to share information on a real time basis. From emails to attachments consisting of images, documents, journals, calendars, contacts and tasks, MS Outlook stores everything in the form of OST and PST files. But what if these files are damaged or attacked by a virus? You would definitely not be able to access the data such as contacts and hence would end up losing it. In such a situation, there is a need to constantly backup your files so that even if you are not able to access the original files containing contacts, you always have the option to extract them from the backup.

Three Verified Methods to access Outlook Contacts from backup files

There are many methods to access the contacts from the backup files. Let us discuss them one by one.

Method 1: Using Import/Export option

Here are the steps to access the backup files in the following way:

  1. Launch MS Outlook. Go to File. Recover Outlook Contacts from Backup Using Import/Export option
  2. Click on Open & Export. A drop-down menu appears.
  3. Click on Import/Export. Step 3
  4. Click on Import from other programme or file and then click on Next. Step 4
  5. Select the Outlook Data File (.pst). Click on Next. Step 5
  6. Click on Browse to navigate the location of the backup files that contain contacts. Select the PST file. Step 6
  7. Check the box, Do not import duplicates. In this way the data that matched the existing file is not imported. Click Next. Step 7
  8. Select the folder (here you can select Contacts folder) to import from and check the box if you want to include subfolders. Check the box, Import items into the same folder. Select your email account. Step 8
  9. Click on Next and OK to finish the process. Step 9
  10. This successfully imports the contacts from the PST files to MS Outlook.

Method 2: Backup MS Outlook contacts to CSV

Comma Separated Value file format is an efficient way of saving numbered contacts. It can be a great way to save contacts in MS Outlook. Here are the steps that the users need to follow:

  1. Launch MS Outlook and login.
  2. Click on File. Manual Steps to Backup MS Outlook contacts to CSV
  3. Click on Open & Export. Step 3
  4. Click on Import/Export. Now, click on Next.
  5. Click on Export to a File option in the Import and Export Wizard. Click on Next. Step 5
  6. Choose the Comma Separated Values on the next page. Click on Next again. Step 6
  7. Choose Contacts from the next window. Click on Next again.
  8. Insert the Contacts file name in the text field. Click on Next. This will export your contacts.
  9. Open Microsoft Excel and access the CSV Contacts file. If it opens easily, the transfer was successful.
  10. Then, backup the Outlook contacts in CSV file format on your cloud storage or another device.

Regain Outlook PST Recovery: A professional solution for backing up contacts

We understand that the methods that have been discussed above are very helpful for extracting files from backup. But at the same time, we need to consider a possibility wherein the PST files containing the backup are damaged or corrupted. In such a situation, there is a need to adopt a professional solution that recovers the data from the backup files instantly. Regain Outlook PST Recovery tool is one such solution.

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Regain Outlook PST Recovery tool is one such tool that will help to recover the data from the files instantly. In fact, it helps to retrieve the permanently deleted files as well. It seamlessly recovers the data without any risk of data loss. It comes with a simple interface which is great for beginners. There is no need to undertake a manual process as it automatically recovers the data.

Therefore, one can now conclude that the backup files are as important as the original files. Users need to constantly extract data from the backup files if the original ones are corrupt. Of course we have provided a list of manual methods for this purpose. But even if you are not willing to undertake so much amount of pressure then Regain Outlook PST recovery tool is the best solution to all your problems.

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