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Mozilla created Thunderbird, an open-source (which means free to use or unpaid program) email client that is widely used. Like Outlook, it’s also one of the leading email clients for both individual and organizational usage. Users have the opportunity to exchange valuable messages, attachments, contacts, etc. through it.

But have you ever thought about a Thunderbird email backup? The primary purpose of Thunderbird backup is to protect precious information and create additional hard copies. Sometimes when you are unable to obtain your Thunderbird’s relevant information for any simple fact, it’s absolutely a bad sign for you, we know.

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Therefore, we are recommending and focusing on the fact of backing up all the email data in your Thunderbird. A backup can also save you from losing your valuable email data while you try to migrate to another email client. This post is going to provide the detailed procedure to keep a backup of all your emails from Thunderbird.

What are the advantages of keeping a backup of Thunderbird emails?

  • Backup reduces the volume of the email inbox, making it more responsive to email messages.
  • Whenever the existing mailbox becomes malicious, having saved emails on the storage device can come in handy during an emergency.
  • Thunderbird’s authentication mechanisms are not quite as reliable as those of Outlook, so computer viruses and other types of malware can effortlessly infiltrate it. Keeping a backup decreases the hazard of better overall security and privacy.
  • Despite the fact that Thunderbird is mainly a free to use (open-source) program, there are no regular updates or technical assistance available to assist users and keeping a backup can prevent permanently lost valuable data.

Some of the simplest procedures to backup all the email data in Thunderbird

Converting Thunderbird MBOX files to a different format like PST is the best and easiest solution, we think. However, we have described some more solutions here. Give your kind attention to reading it.

Backup all emails in Thunderbird as a zip file

It is so simple to save Thunderbird emails and text messages as a .zip file. It’s just a matter of a few steps. Follow the instructions underneath to conduct an email backup in zip format.

1. Launch Windows Explorer (the search icon, which is at the up-right side) and type “%Appdata%” into the search field, then press enter.

How to Backup Thunderbird Emails to PC

2. Alternatively, you can use the ‘run command’ (The keyboard shortcut is “Windows+R”) to input “%Appdata%” and then press Ok.

Manual Steps to Backup ThunderBird Mailboxes

3. You will arrive at this “C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming” location after completing the first or second step.

4. Swipe all the way down to locate the Thunderbird folder.

5. Right-click on the Thunderbird folder and then choose the Send > “Compressed (Zipped) folder” option.

Free Manual Tips to Backup Thunderbird emails

6. Sit tight for your Thunderbird document to be duplicated and compressed into a zip-encoded format.

Use a third-party add-on to backup emails

Start Thunderbird and configure the “ImportExportTools NG” add-on.

Simple steps to backup Thunderbird emails

Try to relaunch Thunderbird after installing the extension or add-on

Then right-click on a directory you would like to backup (for example, Inbox) and select Backup.

Afterwards, select “ImportExportTools NG”, then “Export folder”, and lastly, select “EML format”. In this way, all of the emails in the folder or directory will be backed up on a hard drive in EML format.

Manual Process for Saving Emails from Thunderbird

Select a destination for the folders to be saved and afterwards press the “Select Folder” option.

Manual Steps

That’s all this procedure. However, if you need to keep the backup in PST format instead of EML, then you can try out the Regain MBOX to PST converter software.

Keep a backup of individual emails

Individual email messages can also be saved as EML files by utilizing Thunderbird’s decent options. Find the steps as follows:

  • Start Thunderbird and select an email directory that you need to backup, including “Inbox” or some other directory.
  • Then select emails from it. You can use the “shift” button to choose twice or multiple emails and use “ctrl + A” to select all the emails in the folder.
  • And after that, click the right button over it and select “Save as”.
  • Simple Guide for Saving Thunderbird Emails
  • Specify the directory in which you prefer to save Thunderbird email messages and tap “Select Folder.”
  • Thunderbird to Outlook Converter Steps
  • It will store chosen emails in a specified directory in.EML extension, that you may access and view in almost every email client.
  • Free Manual Tips to Backup Thunderbird Mailboxes

Use Outlook to keep a backup of your Thunderbird emails

Step 1. To begin, launch Thunderbird and navigate to the desired mailbox.

Step 2. Then make a list of the email messages that you would like to save in the PST format.

Step 3. Click the right button on it and select “Save As” from the list of options.

Step 4. By tapping the “Select Folder” button, you can choose the folder to which you want to backup emails.

Step 5. Now, start Outlook and make a fresh directory.

Step by step manual guide to backup ThunderBird emails

Step 6. Drag and drop Thunderbird email messages into the Outlook workflow to save them.

Simple and easy Manual tips

Step 7. Navigate to the “File” tab and next choose the “Open & Export” option under the “Import/Export” section.

Backup process for Thunderbird emails

Step 8. Select the “Export to a file” choice and afterwards hit the “Next” button.

Save Thunderbird Backup in multiple formats

Step 9. Select “Outlook Data File” and press the “Next” icon.

Manual steps for saving data from Thunderbird

Step 10. Afterward, choose the directory that restrains the specific emails which you prefer to download or export in PST format.

Best and simple Thunderbird Mailbox Backup method

Step 11. Assign your priorities and then tap “Finish” to download the PST file format.

However, instead of these manual steps, you have the opportunity to utilize the Regain MBOX to PST converter software and can smoothly convert your Thunderbird MBOX files into PST format. If you are thinking of moving to Outlook, then we think it’s going to be the most effective tool for you.

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