Learn Steps for OST to PST Conversion

OST to PST Conversion

Microsoft Outlook is an email program that is commonly used by businesses and individuals for collaboration. The majority of customers set up their accounts with MS Exchange Server, which operates in synchronization and stores data in the .ost file format.

Do you know about the OST? The full abbreviation of it is "Offline Storage Table." The OST file stores data on a hard disk that is in offline mode. Whenever a user logs in with an IMAP account, data is synced and downloaded to the device in OST file format. It aids in keeping the data in the inbox up-to-date with fresh emails, reports, meeting requests, and so on.

Then, if a user opens an account with IMAP settings, it can also function as a web server-based application, storing and syncing data in (.ost) format. On the other hand, a PST file (Personal Storage Table) stores data for online use in Outlook.

By the way, there are a variety of circumstances in which these OST files become unavailable. To manage the problem, the user must convert the OST file to another file type, such as PST. As a result, data may be simply accessed when offline. In this article, we will talk about the reasons and solutions for OST to PST Conversion.

Reasons why users prefer OST file to Outlook PST Conversion

1. The Microsoft Exchange server may experience an unwanted or unpredicted crash, system error, malware assault, and other issues. As a consequence of these kinds of failures, you may be incapable of accessing the MS Exchange server. These issues can sometimes become quite bad and hard to address.

2. The lost information can be retrieved by converting OST to PST, even if the device suffers an inadvertent removal of the mailboxes on the Exchange Server.

3. Data transfer is also aided by the OST to PST conversion. Whenever a user has to relocate from one location to another, it is simple to migrate PST data from one location to another.

Besides, there are many more reasons, and these have no limits. However, there may be a need for your office to convert the OST file into PST for any security purpose or other. Again, if you have important data in an OST file and you want to keep a backup of that, then converting it into PST can be a good idea.

Most suitable and best solution for OST to PST conversion

There are both manual and third-party solutions to perform the conversion. But before starting the automated solution with professional tool, you can try out the manual process just once. Both solutions are as follows:

Let’s discuss the manual solution.

If you wish to manually convert your OST files into PST format, then it is essential that your PC be set up with Microsoft Outlook and linked to the MS Exchange server. If these two things are okay with you, then read the steps as follows:

1. Begin the process by launching Microsoft Outlook on your computer.

Steps for OST file conversion

2. Then, go to the File tab and choose the Open and Export choice.

Step two

3. Then tap on the "Open & export” option and after that go to the “Import/Export” option.

Step three

4. When you click on the import/export option, a dialog box will appear, in which you may pick "Export to a file" and then click "Next" to begin.

Step four

5. To proceed with the operation, click on the Outlook data file (.pst) and then "Next."

Step five

6. Choose the folder to export from by choosing the files to export and then clicking Next.

Step six

7. To export the files, press "Allow duplicates to be produced" and then "Finish" the software.

Step seven

8. Whenever you finish the procedure, a pop-up box will appear asking you to provide an optional passcode. When you press OK, the Outlook Profile will be stored in PST file format in the location you specified.

Step eight

Limitations of manual process:

  • It is essential that your Outlook be linked to the Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • There is a chance that data will be lost or corrupted.
  • It is essential for you to have some technical experience to perform the manual process.
  • An Outlook account must be configured on the computer, which sometimes becomes hard to manage.

Let’s discuss about Professional Regain OST Converter tool

You can always use professional software, as there are a huge number of applications available online. In the huge field of software, the Regain OST to PST Converter tool is one of them. It is designed specifically to troubleshoot inaccessible or damaged OST files and convert OST files to workable Outlook PST format.

Following are the steps for OST to PST Conversion:

1. Begin by downloading and installing the program on your computer or laptop.

2. Choose OST files by clicking the "Add File" or "Add Folder" button.

step one

3. When you click the "Start Scan" button, the scan will begin, and after it is completed, you will see a preview of all the detected objects.

step two

4. Next, press the "Export" option, and select the location coordinates and format as PST.

step three

5. Hit the "Save Now" icon to save the converted file on your device.