Convert MBOX Files To EMLX

Updated on April 05, 2024 by Deepika Singh

Several users are searching for a solution to convert their MBOX files to EMLX file format. If you are also one of them, you can take reliefs to breathe because you have reached the right platform. On this page, you will come to know about the easy and perfect solution to convert MBOX files to EMLX file format. Before proceeding towards the conversion solution, let us briefly discuss EMLX file format and MBOX file format.

EMLX is a type of file format used by multiple users. This file format is compatible with all Apple mail and Mac mail programs for Mac operating system. These are plain text files that store a single email message.

MBOX is a simple message box in which all messages are linked together and are stored as plain text in a single file. MBOX is a file format that is supported by multiple email clients such as Thunderbird, Spice bird, Mulberry, OperaMail, ClawsMail, Evolution, Mozilla Mail, etc.

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Some basic difference between MBOX and EML/EMLX files

  • MBOX stores emails in a single file, so that if you lose your MBOX file or it is corrupted due to any reasons then you lost all the email messages.
  • EML file format save their email messages in separate EML file. EMLX is a similar format to EML, with the exception that it is created and used on Mac OS.
  • Apple created and applied it for its Mail app.
  • As a result, if user wants to save each message in its own file, EML/EMLX will be recommended over MBOX. This is especially true for Mac OS users.

Manual Method to Convert MBOX to EMLX format:-

  1. Open Mail Application on your Mac System
  2. Select or choose your desired emails which you want to save in EML/EMLX format
  3. Move this email message inside any folder on your Mac Machine by using drag and drop (outside of Mail app).
  4. After that email message will be saved as an EML file by default.

But you can convert one email message at one time by using this method. For batch conversion, this method will not work. So In this situation you need a third party solution that will help you to convert multiple MBOX files to EMLX file format.

Why users convert mailbox from MBOX to EMLX?

  1. Fed up of storing multiple files in single file
  2. MBOX format lacks the facility of storing draft, events, calendar etc.
  3. EMLX file format is preferred as valid file extension
  4. EMLX is a multipurpose file format
  5. Better performance
  6. Mail App stopped using MBOX with the beginning of OS X 10.4 and since then EMLX files has come into existence

How to convert MBOX to EMLX files?

There are many users who look for free manual method for conversion of their mailbox but there is no manual method because the results of the Manual method are not reliable as there are chances of data loss and data corruption. So we recommend you to use an affordable third-party tool, i.e., Regain MBOX to PST converter, which can easily convert MBOX files to any format and provide accurate results. This tool has an easy user interface that does not require any technical knowledge.

So, to convert your MBOX mailbox using Regain MBOX to PST Converter, you have to follow a few steps given below.

  1. Install Regain MBOX Converter on your system.
  2. Run the application >> Click on Browse to select the files.
    How to Convert MBOX Files To EMLX
  3. Select a file or folder which needs to be exported to EMLX file format. File of any size can be added for conversion.
    Step by step guide to export MBOX files to EMLX file
  4. You can take Preview of the file to recheck the file
  5. After adding the files or folder select EMLX file option from saving option.
    Free simple and easy methods to convert MBOX to EMLX file
  6. Select any location for saving the converted files.
  7. The conversion process will be started. Your MBOX files will be migrated to EMLX file format in few moments.
    Regain MBOX Converter tool easily convert MBOX data files to EMLX files

Software Features:

  • Developed with easy user interface and advanced algorithm
  • Multiple formats for converting MBOX file i.e. PST, EML, MSG, EMLX, HTML
  • Export MBOX Files to Office 365, Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Exchange server
  • Supports more than 20+ email client which support MBOX file format
  • EMLX file can be stored at any location
  • Tool is compatible with Windows 10 and all lower version
  • Converts the data without any loss and maintain hierarchy of data
  • Use Free Trial Version (Save 30 Emails per folder at free of cost)

Final Conclusion:

In the above page solution to export MBOX file to EMLX file format is discussed with step by step process. You can easily rely on Regain MBOX to PST converter which will give you reliable results. If you have any doubt related to the tool you can use the demo version of the tool which is similar to paid version of the tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. I am using Regain MBOX Converter tool, does this tool allow me to convert MBOX files to EMLX format including all attachments?

Ans. Yes, you can. It is embedded with a feature to convert Mbox files with all attachments. This tool professionally exports Mbox files data to any other email format without any data loss or corruption.

Q 2. Is there any file size limit to export MBOX files to Apple Mail or MAC Mail?

Ans. No, there is no file size limit. You can also export multiple Mbox files as well.

Q 3. What is the best solution to access MBOX files in Apple Mail?

Ans. Lots of methods and tools are available but I strongly recommend you to use Regain MBOX Converter tool. This tool converts your mbox files to EMLX format and then imports these EMLX files into Apple Mail. This way you can access MBOX files in Apple Mail without any data loss.