Combine Multiple PST Files Manually

Updated on May 15, 2024 by Armaan

In this post, we learn manual ways to combine multiple PST files and what is the need to combine many PST files into One.

MS Outlook is a well-known email program that is used all over the globe. There are countless Outlook users, and so many have been utilizing the email program since it was originally published. The well-known email client is currently the top choice for both organizations and consumers.

Numerous people like to keep mail in multiple Outlook profiles. However, managing PST files becomes difficult when there are multiple PST files sitting around. As a result, in this post, we will explain the process of combining numerous Outlook PST files. Our goal will be to combine the files and consolidate all of the material into a single document.

But we also need to combine PST files without affecting or deleting the data in the PST files. Additional efforts will be made in the future for rapid file access, easier file maintenance, lowering the risk of file damage, fast PST migration, backup, and archiving, and other benefits.

Keep reading In this article, you will learn about the reasons and methods for Combining and Add Multiple PST files.

Why Is It Necessary to Combine Outlook PST Files?

Before we go into the ways of combining PST files, let's just talk about why it's vital to merge PSTs in the first place. Everybody has different reasons for wanting to combine PST files, but there are a few frequent reasons why a user would desire to do so. So, in this section, we will discuss the scenarios in which combining PST files is the ideal answer. Read the below thoughts:

  • While integrating your former accounts, you may need to merge the PST file.
  • Whenever creating backups, combining PST files is the best solution.
  • If you want to combine your social, personal, and professional accounts, merging is the ideal option.
  • Want to migrate to another service, such as Exchange, merging might be beneficial.
  • If you are going to be getting files from a workgroup, a friend or relative, an organization, or any other group of individuals, merging is the simplest way to manage all of that material in a single PST.

Manual Ways to Combine Multiple PST files

It is important to combine several Outlook PST documents into a single file in order to allow users to exchange account information or manage numerous accounts in a unified way. Let us go over the two parts of manually merging several PST files into one file in this section. Next, in detail, they lead you through the execution of each step.

You may also manually create a new Outlook PST file and then merge numerous PST files within it. As a result, several Outlook PST files may be combined into a single file without the use of any additional programs. The above mentioned two parts are described as follows:

Part 1: Creating a New PST File

  1. Firstly, launch the Outlook application.
  2. Afterwards, press the Home tab, choose New Items, and then click on More Items, and afterwards select Outlook Data File.
    Manual Steps to Combine Multiple PST Files
  3. Choose the location where you want to store the file, give it a title, and then press OK.
  4. Lastly, you have created a new PST file. It means you have passed the Part 1 process.

Sometimes, you have to verify an essential email within the email in your Outlook, but it isn't opening and then throws an error. In that case, you'll feel at a loss. If you've got Regain Outlook PST Repair software, you can fix the PST file and complete the work quickly. This software will allow you to convert the files into various formats.

Part 2: Import the Data from Outlook to a Newer PST File.

In this part, we will import/ transfer the existing data from a former PST file to a new PST file that has been created previously in part 1. Read the steps as follows:

  • Run Outlook and navigate to the File menu.
  • Select Open & Export and then press Import/Export from the menu.
    Step by step guide to Combine PST Files manually
  • Hit Next after selecting Import from another application or file.
    Free and Easy way to Combine PST Files manually
  • Following choosing the Outlook Data File which is known as PST file, click Next.
    Free methods to merger multiple pst files
  • Tap Next after selecting the PST data file to import. Choose one of the alternatives provided in this stage based on your requirements (just like the image below).
    Combine PST Files step by step guide
  • Choose the folders to import into the new PST data file. In the case of a partial folder selection, don't forget to put a checkbox on the sub-folders.
  • Finally, click Finish.

The import from an old Outlook PST data file is successful, but Part 2 must be repeated to finish the conversion from numerous PST data files. The data is imported from a single document in the preceding example, but the iteration number of Part 2 will depend on the number of PST data files from which you desire to import data into a single Outlook PST file.

As a result, combining numerous PST files is a time-consuming and labor-intensive operation that might fail due to human error. This merger will take some time to complete successfully.

Regain PST Merger tool to Combine multiple PST files

As the manual process has a lot of criticality and most users feel reluctant to perform it, you can use the Regain PST Merger software for an instant solution. It is an ideal option to combine many PST files into a singular PST file. It offers a simplistic GUI layout that anybody can use. The simple steps of using this tool to merge PST files are as follows:

  • Firstly, download and execute the "Regain Outlook PST Merger" software on your device.
  • Upload your PST files by clicking the "Add PST file" button.
    Use Regain PST Merger tool to Combine PST Files
  • After the import of PST files, the program displays a preview of all mailbox items.
    Display preview of merge PST folders
  • For PST file combining, select the destination location and press the Next option.