Regain Eudora to Outlook – Key Features

Eudora to pst converter features
Regain Eudora Mailbox to Outlook Conversion

Migrates Eudora Emails to Outlook Format

The Regain Eudora to Outlook is a feature rich utility that makes it easy for user to migrate Eudora emails to Outlook file format without any misplacing, alteration of any kind to the emails properties, hierarchy etc. this tool perform risk – free conversion of Eudora files & export all users data safely to all Outlook version within short time.

Eudora to PST Conversion

Moves Numerous Files in One Go

The Regain Eudora to Outlook Converter software supports batch conversion of Eudora files to Outlook PST format. This software permits users to select single or multiple Eudora (.mbox) files & convert it in one go. Users are allowed to pick desired file format from available options and carry out safe file conversion without any data loss and security issues. The software saves a lot of user’s time and efforts.

Eudora mailbox to Outlook PST Conversion

Transfers Emails Including Attachments

The advanced Regain Eudora to Outlook PST Converter tool allows users to transfer Eudora Emails along with attachments to Outlook PST format. During the conversion process, user can easily export Eudora attachments, PDF, images, and etc to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 importable PST in a reliable and efficient manner without file size limitation.

Eudora Mailbox files to Outlook PST Conversion

Convert Selective Files

In this Regain Eudora to Outlook Converter tool, users can select the 'Selective File' option to only convert selected files instead of entire Eudora files data. With this option, users either convert only required selected data or entire data to Outlook file format. Users can also filter their Eudora files based on date, time range to convert data between specified ranges only.

Export Eudora Mailbox to Outlook Conversion

Migrates Eudora Data Directly To Office 365

To migrate entire selected Eudora files directly to Office 365 account, users can choose ‘Office 365’ option after conversion gets successfully completed. When users select this option, the software asks to fill some credentials information such as username, email address, password, and account type. If users want reliable and accurate conversion then it is mandatory for them to fill all credentials information correctly.

Eudora to Office 365 Migration

Transfers Eudora Mails To a Live Exchange Server Account

Sometime users need to transfer their Eudora Mails directly to a Live Exchange Server account. This Regain Eudora to Outlook PST Converter tool has an advanced feature that makes the entire scenario of transferring Eudora emails to Exchange server account in just couple of minutes by entering correct account details.

Export Eudora Mailbox files to Outlook PST format

Split Outlook file by size

There is an option to 'split big files' in Regain Eudora to Outlook tool. After the conversion it is up to the users whether they want to split the resulting file or continue with the same size. With this feature users get the advantage of saving a large output PST file to several smaller PST files, which helps in managing the files well.

Preview of converted Eudora mailbox files

Maintains Data Integrity

The Regain Eudora to Outlook PST Converter software maintains all the attributes associated with each file such as To, Cc, Header, Bcc, etc during conversion of Eudora Mail to PST file format. Apart from this, it also keeps the folder structure and original formatting of data intact with unchanged data.

Regain Eudora to PST Converter ScreenShots

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Eudora to pst tool screenshots
Migrate Eudora emails to pst format screenshots
Regain Eudora to pst tool screenshots
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FAQs – Regain Eudora to Outlook PST Converter

Can I convert emails with attachments from Eudora to Windows Outlook?

Yes, the Regain Eudora to Outlook Converter tool allows you to view and successfully convert all your emails with attachments to Outlook file format.

Can I move my individual Eudora file to Outlook PST?

Yes, of course you can download Regain Eudora to Outlook Converter software to move your selective files using the ‘Export Selected File’ feature.

Does this tool merge multiple Eudora file into single Outlook PST?

Yes, This Regain Eudora to Outlook Converter software merge multiple Eudora Files into single Outlook PST File.

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