Learn How to export eml files to pst file

Export EML files to PST

If you are seeking to know how to export EML files to PST, then let me first inform you that it is actually possible and there are various methods available online. Generally, users need to export their EML files for various purposes. That’s why it is natural that a single specific method fails to work for other users.

In this article, we will learn about both EML and PST files, why users need to export EML files to PST, and lastly, some ways to perform the export. Keep reading; more informative things are waiting for you.

What is EML and what are its uses?

An EML file is a single email message file that contains the data included in a single email. This file includes the email text, author details, recipient details, messaging date, and so on. These files are modest in size since they contain only one email message.

EML messages include plain text that can be read with any text editing program, such as Notepad. EML files are supported by several email applications, including Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, and more.

What is PST, and what are its uses?

PST stands for Personal Storage Table. Usually, PST is the most popular file format for MS Outlook. As a result, rather than EML, users know a lot of details about PST files. A PST file is an Outlook data file that saves the whole mailbox contents to a local disk. It often works like a backup file for your Outlook mailbox that aids in the restoration of your essential data.

In addition to emails, a PST file holds contact details and events. In fact, a PST file may store data equivalent to hundreds of EML files. As a result, converting EML files to PST format is a valid justification.But there may be other additional explanations too, so let us investigate them too.

Why does a user need to export EML files to Outlook PST?

If you use Outlook, you will probably recommend PST files rather than EML ones. A PST file has many more features and functionality than an.eml file. As a result, it is evident that you need to convert your EML file to more appropriate Outlook PST files. Some more reasons are as follows:

It is true to say that EML files are easily corruptible. They are more prone to corruption than any other file format. As a result, converting them into Outlook data files (PST) is an effective technique to secure vital data from damage.
An email client that supports the EML file format is required to open EML files. PST files, on the other hand, may be opened by any version of Microsoft Outlook.
EML files are used to save a single email. It requires a lot of space to save a whole inbox as EML files. A PST file, on the other hand, stores the full inbox of emails with attachments in a small amount of space.

How to Export EML Files to Outlook PST -Step by Step Guide.

As usual, there are both manual and automated solutions. You can use any of the solutions to whatever you like best by reading them as follows:

Process 1: Using MS Outlook Express, exports EML files.

Outlook Express may be used to export EML files to PST files for Outlook. You need to just drag and drop the EML files into Outlook Express. Isn't it so simple? Yes, it will set up the EML files in Outlook Express. Presently, proceed with the instructions outlined below.

1. Start the process by opening Microsoft Outlook on your device.

2. Choose the Open and Export option from the File tab.

3. Select Import/Export from the drop-down menu.

Steps to expor eml files to pst file

4. Afterwards, choose Import Internal Mail and Addresses and then Outlook Express.

step two

5. To export EML files to Outlook, press the Next option and then the Finish icon.

Process 2: Use the Regain EML to PST converter software.

Actually, the basic thing is that you need to export your EML files into Outlook PST format. So, if you go through various manual processes, you have to download and install multiple email clients, and there are many other issues you need to face. But at the end of the process, it is not guaranteed that you will be 100% satisfied with the manual process.

Afterwards, considering all of the things, we feel that using third-party software is better for any user. The Regain EML to PST converter is a professional piece of software that can convert EML files into PST or any other (your desired) format within a single bit of time.

Let’s go through the steps of how the software works.

1. Firstly, you need to download and install the software on your device.

2. Press the "Browse" option and pick the EML files you wish to convert.

Select EML file for exporting

3. After that, you will get a preview of all the scanned EML files. Next,

Show preview of convertible mailboxes

4. Then select the desired file format (such as PST or MSG), and choose a specific location where you need to save the converted files.

Select saving file format

After completing the conversion process, the files will then be stored on your system.