Export Windows Live Mail Emails to Outlook on another Computer

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Now Microsoft stop providing supports to Windows Live Mail email client as it was discontinued in 2012. Therefore many users are shifting from windows live mail to other mail clients. Nowadays, the users prefer to use Microsoft Outlook for the personal and professional purpose as it provides many useful features like handling multiple accounts from the single interface, configure Gmail account to Outlook, advanced level of security etc. these are the main reason for which many users have already or are planning to switch to Microsoft Outlook as there is no point in using the Windows Live Mails.

So, if you are looking for a solution to Export Windows Live Mail to Outlook, then you might find this article worth a read.

3 Ways to export Windows Live Mail to Outlook on another Computer:

  • Export Using Windows Live Mail
  • From the Windows Live Mail File Location
  • Regain EML to PST Converter

Method #1 Export Using Windows Live Mail

  1. Open Outlook & Windows Live Mail email client, click on File > Export email > Email messages.
    Export Windows Live Mail to Outlook emails
  2. Now, you see Windows Live Mail Export tab, choose the Microsoft Exchange option as the format and click Next.
    WLM to PST Converter
  3. Here, you will see the Export message, just click OK for confirmation.
    Export Windows Live Mail to PST file
  4. You choose either, the Selected Folders or All Folders that you need to export. And hit OK to proceed.
    Windows Live Mail to PST Converter
  5. From the Export Messages dialog, either selects all folders or selected folders options and click OK to proceed.
    Migrate WLM data to PST format
  6. Now you see the status of the export process, wait for a moment to get it completed.
    Windows Live Mail to PST Converter
  7. Open your Outlook to verify the exported items.

As you now know, you have all the Windows Live Mail items currently exported to Exchange, which you can download easily as a PST file on a storage device according to your choice. You can accomplish this quickly with the Outlook desktop client’s import / export feature.

Note: Let you know in advance that while exporting Windows Live Mail to Outlook, you must make sure that no Outlook instance is running. As this happens, the functionality to export email to MS Exchange is interrupted.


Method #2 From the Windows Live Mail File Location

It is also possible for you to transfer Windows Live Mail files, which are stored in EML file format on your system. If you are looking to export your Windows Live Mail EML files to a new PC, then you have to configure the Outlook desktop client on your new system, after which you can drag and drop your EML files into the newly created folder inside the Outlook client. To do this, you need to follow the instructions steps by steps given below:

  1. Typically, your WLM files will be found on your system at the following location:C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail
  2. At that location you will find many folders containing mailbox information. All you have to do is copy those files to the storage device.
  3. Now you have to plug your storage device into the new system.
  4. Next, open your Outlook client and add new folder (the name is as WLM).
  5. Now, you just need to drag and drop all files to this folder.
    Export Windows Live Mail data to PST file

Method #3 Regain EML to PST Converter

Nowadays, it is common knowledge for everyone, that Windows Live Mail items are stored on the system in EML format. As you have already seen in Method#1, that it has the inbuilt ability to export email to MS Exchange, but is not able to maintain the hierarchy. Moreover, the first manual process requires technical knowledge of both the email clients and this process always has high chances of data loss. If we talk about the second manual process then, you have seen already that it needs to export files and drag & drop the emails into newly formed Outlook folder, which takes lots of time and involve high risk of data loss.

You can follow any of the above method to Export Windows Live Mail Emails to Outlook. But, the procedures of these both methods are very long and time consuming. So, typical users are advised to use professional third-party tools, as it is an easy and rapid solution to move files from EML to PST format. With this tool it is very easy to transfer the emails to another PC, and maintains the original structure, formatting, and properties of the mailbox items with ease.

You just need to download the Regain EML to PST Converter from the websites and try the trial version to export Windows Live Mail Emails to Outlook in hassle free way.


Today, in this article, we have discussed three methods to export Windows Live Mail emails to Outlook on Another Computer and that too in brief. And after the discussion is over we have guessed that the manual method are time-consuming and have high chances of error. But, the third or last method is fully automated and there is no such drawback, as seen in the manual method. Therefore, we would like to highly recommend Regain EML to PST Converter to export emails from Windows Live Mail to Outlook desktop client.

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