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Tool for Importing WLM files to Outlook

If you are a Windows Live Mail (WLM) user and wish to switch to Outlook for more beneficial facilities, then converting the EML files into PST is the easiest way. However, there are some manual ways of doing it, but there is a chance of data loss in them.

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    But don’t worry. The Regain software is always prepared to assist you. For this purpose, we have launched the Regain Windows Live Mail to Outlook converter software. Its extensive technology and features can convert your WLM’s.eml formatted files into.pst within a single click.

  • Instantly Export Windows Live Mail emails to Outlook
  • Export mailbox including with all available folders
  • Selectively Export Windows Live Mail emails
  • Allow Preview of emails before conversion
  • Maintain all folders hierarchy and email formatting
  • Allow to Convert Emails into PST and MSG format
  • Easy to use with user friendly interface
Windows Live Mail to Outlook box

How to Import Windows Live Mail to Outlook

It is a rapid and convenient program that allows you to export EML mailbox data into a new PST file that can be saved anywhere on your PC. Let’s see more key features of this software.

How do you use the Regain Windows Live Mail to Outlook converter software?
  1. To start, you need to install the software on your device. The installation process is so simple that it is the same as some basic installation processes.
  2. After opening the software, you can see the user-friendly interface of the software in the image given as follows.
  3. Then toggle your mouse icon over the "browse" icon and simply click on that to choose the EML files that you need to convert for your device.
  4. Afterwards, hit the add button and you will get a preview of the loaded EML files.
  5. Choose your desired format, PST or whatever else, and click the save button.
  6. Then the conversion will begin, and within a little while, all the converted files will be saved on your device.

Key Features of Windows Live Mail to Outlook Software

Convert single/ multiple mailboxes at a time.

This powerful program allows you to export or convert both single and multiple Windows Live Mail EML files. You have the opportunity to convert .eml files in bulk with this program, and the tool will save all of the files in PST format without any changes. It means that before and after the conversion, emails will stay the same, just the format (the file extension) will be changed.

Preview facility

You can see a preview of the files (single or multiple mailboxes, whatever you are converting) before converting them. which is rare in most of the applications. In the preview, users have the option to inspect the file contents as well as attachments such as emails, remarks, contacts, drafts, calendars, events, and other things. This feature is more beneficial because it prevents the user from exporting unnecessary files and attachments.

Safe and Secure Conversion

It is a capable application for converting EML files to PST files in a secure and efficient manner. It stores EML files in PST format without causing security breaches and keeps the data structure intact. This utility saves all file characteristics and information in a secure way that prevents data loss.

Entire Conversion feature

If in your Windows Live Mail, you have many emails with attachments and you are worried about whether you will get the attachments after the conversion or not, Certainly, you receive all of your attachments in their original form. This WLM to Outlook software has an entire conversion feature that can convert every single thing attached to the email.

Save the output in Unicode format

After the conversion procedure, you may save the PST file output in Unicode format to prevent unpleasant integrity issues and inaccessibility issues caused by ANSI PSI format size constraints of 2 GB. It safeguards and secures your data.

Smart and extensive user-interface

The Windows Live Mail to Outlook converter program has a user-friendly and simplified visual user interface that is suitable for both non-technical and technical users. It is simple to convert an EML file to a PST file. This program does not require any professional knowledge or skills to use.

No file size limitations

An EML file of any size can be added for conversion to PST format. The .eml to .pst conversion utility has no restrictions on the file size capacity. Because of the high file size, this tool has no influence on its operation.

Supports all versions of Windows and Outlook

It doesn’t matter if you are using the latest or oldest edition of the Windows Operating System. This software is compatible with all versions (from Windows 98 to the current) and never lags for the reasons of older versions. Besides, it also supports all Outlook versions (from Outlook 2003 to 2019 or later).

Windows Live Mail to Outlook Migration tool

Software Specifications

System Requirements

  • Processor - Pentium Class
  • OS (Operating System): Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and Windows XP Professional.
  • Memory - 512 MB
  • Hard disk space: 50 MB of free space is required.

Version Supports:

  • Supported MS Outlook editions are 2019, 2016, 2013 (32 bit and 64 bit versions), 2010/2007/2003/2002/2000.
  • Supported email clients: Apple Mail (EMLX), Mozilla Thunderbird (EML), Windows Live Mail (EML), Microsoft Outlook Express (EML).

Installation / Uninstallation

Installation / Uninstallation EULA

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Software Features

Trial Version

Full Version

Export mailbox from Windows Live Mail to Outlook
Allow multiple Saving format (PST and MSG files)
Maintain Folder Hierarchy and Email formatting
Free Technical Support
Saving Capabilities Save 15 items/Folder Unlimited

Windows Live Mail to Outlook - Product Video

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FAQs - Regain Windows Live Mail to Outlook Converter

Can I open the PST files after conversion if I don’t have Outlook installed on my device?

Actually, for EML file conversion using this software, it is necessary to install Outlook on your device. However, after conversion, you won’t have any way to open the PST files. Therefore, in this situation, you can’t open PST files.

How many emails can you convert using the demo version of Windows Live Mail to Outlook Converter?

In the mailbox, for each folder, you can convert 15 emails. After that, if you want to continue, you need to buy the software from our official site.

Does this software provide additional updates on a regular basis?

Yes, but to use the update benefits, you need to buy the full versions. In this software, there is an update section from which you can perform an update if it is available.

Is the Windows Live Mail to Outlook converter software safe to use?

Definitely. It is totally safe and secure. There is no possibility of data loss or any kind of corruption.

I have received the Outlook Session creation error in this software. What does it mean and how to fix it?

Actually, on your device, you haven't set up the Outlook program, which is the reason for this error message. Because after conversion, there is no medium on your device that can open a PST file.

Can I convert large sizes of EML files using Windows Live Mail to Outlook Converter software?

Yes. Actually, there aren't any size limitations on this software (only for the full version). Therefore, it doesn't matter how large your EML file is, you will get the perfect conversion. No compensation in quality.

Is there any facility in this software that can open PST files?

No, this software does not have those kinds of facilities. You must have Outlook or any other email client that supports the PST format installed on your device to view the converted PST files.

Actually, I often need to convert multiple EML files at a time. Is it possible with this software?

Absolutely possible. This software has a batch conversion facility that can convert multiple files at a time with just a few clicks and in a hassle-free way.

Is it necessary to have Outlook installed on your device to complete the conversion?

Yes, it must be done. Otherwise, you might get some error messages (like an Outlook session creation error). And it is confirmed that you won't be able to view the converted PST files (if they convert anyhow).

I don't have any technical expertise. Can I use the Windows Live Mail to Outlook Converter software?

Yes, of course. This software is designed with an easy-to-use interface that needs only basic actions. You can convert EML files with just one click. Therefore, the usage of this software is a matter of a few clicks, not any critical and manual technical knowledge. Testimonials:

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