Move Windows Live Mail to Outlook

Move Windows Live Mail emails to Outlook

Microsoft's Windows Live Mail is a free email client (like an open source software) whose service is now disconnected. Actually, it is the replacement for Windows Mail (Windows Vista), which was the replacement for Outlook Express (Windows XP and Windows 98). Windows Live Mail runs on Windows 7, Windows 8, and 10.

Windows Live Mail is no longer supported because it was removed from the market in 2012. Despite the fact that Microsoft listed an innovative email client (Windows Mail) in the Windows 10 release, many users proceeded to use Windows Live Mail for a variety of reasons.

However, many users have already switched to Microsoft Outlook or are planning to do so because there is no reason to keep it in addition to MS Outlook. Besides, there are a huge number of facilities that attract regular email client users.

But you can’t directly switch to Outlook if you are still using Windows Live Mail. There are multiple methods to perform the movement, and as usual, you will get both manual and automated solutions in this article. Keep reading

Appropriate Methods to Move Emails from Windows Live Mail to Outlook PST

Because Microsoft has discontinued the service for WLM (Windows Live Mail), it is necessary for users to switch to another email client like Outlook if they are still using it. It is needed due to the reason for securing your data.

However, if you don’t have any vital email data on WLM, then you can easily switch to another email client. But it becomes critical when you really have important data. In this situation, you need to keep reading the article because here you will find the methods to move your emails from Windows Live Mail to Outlook.

Move data from the Windows Live Mail file location.

It is also entirely feasible to use a storage device to move WLM data that is stored on your system in ELM format. If you want to move your Windows Live Mail EML files to a new computer, you can drag and drop your EML files to the newly created folder inside the Outlook client after configuring the Outlook desktop client on your new device. To accomplish this, implement the actions outlined below:

  • WLM files are typically found on your device in the locations listed (C: Users [Username] AppDataLocalMicrosoftWindows Live Mail).
  • Numerous folders that include mailbox information will be present in the location.
  • Make a copy of these files and save them to a storage device.
  • Lastly, connect your storage device to the new device.
  • Start the Outlook client and create a new folder (the name is WLM).
  • steps to move Windows Live Mail to PST file
  • Simply drag and drop all files into this root directory.

Export the data using Windows Live Mail.

Windows Live Mail offers the ability to export WLM mail items straight to MS Exchange or in MS WLM format. The precise processes for exporting data to MS Exchange are explained below.

1. Firstly, start the Windows Live Mail email program and go to the "File" tab, then "Export email" and afterwards "Email messages".

Step two

2. Select "Microsoft Exchange" and press "Next."

Step three

3. The following export notice will appear; click OK to continue.

Step four

4. Select Outlook from the Profile Name's drop-down menu, then click OK.

Step five

5. To continue, pick all folders or selected folders from the Export Messages window and press OK.

Step six

6. A new dialog box appears, displaying the status of the export operation.

Step seven

7. Finally, you will receive a new notification verifying the export process's proper completion.

8. Then, launch Outlook to double-check the export.

After completing the above steps, all of your WLM mail items will be exported to Microsoft Exchange. Afterwards, you may quickly download these emails as a PST file on your device's local drive. This is easily achieved using the Outlook desktop client's Import/Export capability.

However, keep in mind that no active Outlook instances should be operating while exporting Windows Live Mail to Outlook. It has been discovered that running WLM concurrently with Outlook interferes with WLM's ability to export email data to MS Exchange.

Professional software

Generally, there is not any direct way to move emails from WLM to Outlook. If you go through the manual process, then you need to somehow export the Windows Live Mail files into PST format and import the PST file into Outlook. This is the only way. Even if you are using a tool, it will do the same thing for you.

But the difference is that if you go with manual methods, you have to perform it yourself. Alternatively, a professional tool will automatically perform the conversion and provide extra and beneficial facilities. Therefore, we think a third-party solution is best for users as there is no chance of data loss.

For EML to PST conversion, we recommend you use the Regain Windows Live Mail to PST converter software due to its extensive quality. It is a very capable program for the secure and speedy conversion of EML files into PST file format. It stores EML files in PST format without causing data loss and keeps the data structure intact.