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In Outlook, you are trying to read an important email from your office. But unexpectedly, Outlook closes at once. However, while you try to access or attempt any actions on Outlook, every time it closes without any notice. We know it’s a very annoying situation. Are you thinking about what to do after facing this issue? Don’t worry, we will discuss the possible methods to fix the Microsoft Outlook Closes Unexpectedly error. Stay tuned!

Probable reasons behind the unexpected closure of MS Outlook

Outlook isn’t a cheaply designed program at all. Thousands of developers and experts are working to make it better for users. Therefore, most of the time, Outlook unexpectedly closes because of system or hardware-related issues. As follows, we have added a few more factors to the unexpected closure of MS Outlook. You must read it before you get rid of the issue.

  1. Mainly due to support or compatibility issues, Outlook crashes.
  2. The existing Outlook version is too outdated.
  3. Suspicious add-ins may be installed on your Outlook.
  4. Due to the virus or malware attack on your device,
  5. Your Outlook profile may get corrupted.
  6. The Outlook Data File (PST or OST) may be damaged or become corrupted.

Top 5 simple solutions to fix if Microsoft Outlook unexpectedly closes:

1st Solution: Pursue your device’s compatibility

If you are using Outlook for the first time on your device and get unexpectedly closed in all actions, then you must check your device’s compatibility. We think your device has legal configurations. That’s why Outlook can’t smoothly run on your device and frequently closes without any notice. Try to add more required hardware equipment.

What to do if Microsoft Outlook Closes Unexpectedly

Have you installed Office 365 without knowing its system requirements? See the above screenshot. If your device has enough configurations, you may get the unexpected closure of Outlook for some other reasons. Therefore, continue to the next fix.

2nd Solution: Upgrading Outlook to the most recent version is recommended

Many users neglect the term “updating Outlook,” and for a long time they didn’t perform any updates to their Outlook. Even they are careless about turning on the “Auto-update” option. As a consequence, Outlook’s performance gets slowed day by day, and unexpectedly it closes while attempting any action.

Overall, you must perform an update. Don’t know how to update your Outlook application? See the steps as follows:

  1. Firstly, run your Outlook and, from the “File” tab, reach to the “Account” section.Update Office 365
  2. Below the “Product information” section, find the “Update” option and press the “Update Now” button.

Afterwards, the updating procedure will start, and it will take some time to complete the update. Whenever it finishes, you will notice an alert that says, “You are up to date.”

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3rd Solution: Remove the suspicious add-ins

Sometimes users unknowingly install harmful add-ins on Outlook, and as a result, Outlook closes unexpectedly. In such situations, users must run their Outlook in “safe mode.” If it works fine, then the issue is with the add-ins. Removing a recently installed untrusted add-in is the instant solution.

  • From the “File” tab, choose the “options” choice and press on the “add-ins” button.Remove the suspicious add-ins
  • A new wizard will appear. Here, at the bottom of the window, press the “Go” button.
  • Afterwards, another pop-up will appear. From here, choose the add-ins that were recently installed or untrusted and press on the “remove” button.reasons behind the unexpected closure of MS Outlook

In this way, you can remove suspicious add-ins from Outlook. Now just check if the error still exists or not. If it exists, proceed to the next solution.

4th Solution: Recreate the corrupt Outlook profile

Your Outlook may unexpectedly close due to the corruption of your profile. Any badly configured Outlook profile is the best instance of this error. However, we always recommend that, without repairing the corrupted or misconfigured profile, it is more beneficial to create a new profile.

  • On your device, access the “Control Panel” and from there find and double-click on the “Mail” button.Recreate the corrupt Outlook profile
  • Then a new wizard will appear. From there, single-press on the “Show profiles” button.Microsoft Outlook Closes Unexpectedly
  • A pop-up will be displayed. Press the “add” button, provide a profile name, and press “Ok.”Microsoft Outlook Closes Unexpectedly
  • Then the “Add new account” window will appear. Here, provide the necessary login credentials and finish creating your profile.Manual Steps

Ultimately, try to start Outlook with the recently created new profile and check if the MS Outlook closes unexpectedly error has been solved.

5th Solution: Try to repair the MS Office

For several unknown reasons, sometimes MS Office configuration gets corrupted and starts showing errors like: unexpected closure of Outlook. Therefore, it’s efficient to just perform a simple “repair” and analyze if the error is fixed or not.

  • Firstly, access the control panel from your device and reach the “programs and features” MS Office
  • From there, find your installed MS Office (Office 2010, 2016, or any other version).Step 2
  • Right-click on your installed Office and double-click the “change” choice.Step 3
  • Then Windows will ask your permission to make changes to the program. Allow it.

Afterwards, Windows will scan for probable errors (both offline and online), and as soon as it finds any error, it will repair it. But remember that this process can take a few moments. So, don’t close it until the process is complete.

Quick solution

Many times, Outlook data files (PST) get corrupted and start throwing unwanted errors, like when Microsoft Outlook closes unexpectedly. Therefore, as a quick solution, we would recommend using the Regain Outlook PST Repair utility. It’s a professional PST repair tool that automatically detects issues with your PST and instantly fixes them as well.

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Software Features

  • Instantly repair all types of Outlook errors
  • Efficient to recover permanently deleted Outlook emails
  • Allow to convert PST file to many other email formats like EML, MBOX, HTML etc.
  • Import PST files to Cloud platform such as Office 365, Gmail, Yahoo Mail and many more
  • This tool available with free version, allow user to save 30 items per folder at free of cost


In this blog, we explain all possible manual solutions to fix Outlook errors as MS Outlook Closes Unexpectedly. Our main object to write this article is to fix the issue manually, If the above-given method did not help you then I suggest you, go for Regain Outlook PST Recovery tool. This tool repairs your pst file in just a few clicks, it does not require any special skill to use this tool. First, go with the manual methods then try the professional tool.

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